“BN Ponders..PKR Rejoices..??”


Yesterday we wrote about the “Bigger Picture” and everyone is talking about ‘Change or be Changed“. Fair enough,the comments especially in the article “Unstoppable Dayak Awakening” are the opinions of the voters and the readers to this article. In all honesty, the last couple of weeks has seen too many distractions and squabbling which has affected the BN administration.

The Malaysiakini report in which James Masing was reported http://www1.malaysiakini.com/news/92781  warned a state BN component party to lay its hands off the predominantly Iban Batang Ai state seat, which he says belongs to his party. Moreover in the local tabloids today Sidi Munan Parti Rakyat Sarawak SG to Larry Sng’s faction challenges Masing,Nissom to a PUBLIC DEBATE. What is happening to BN.? Even a YB from the Rajang Basin says the DUN August sitting is unusually “tense”. BN Sarawak now seems not to be too”Invisible” and as a PKR member puts it even a superhero has his weaknesses e.g “Superman” with Kryptonite.

Malaysiakini also has this,”There has been talk that Masing’s latest outburst against PBB is in fact directed at Jabu, who is said to have become a political liability to Taib. Could all this be the imminent joining of one of the two assemblyman Gabriel Adit to Party Keadilan Rakyat on November 15th 2008. Is this a major boost to the State PKR? Of course, it is as Gabriel represents the FIRST DAYAK YB IN THE PKR FOLD. Its a major coup and it augurs well to Anwars first calvary charge towards wrestling the State in the next elections due in 2011.

When we said this yesterday,” The spirit that surrounds the people is evident in the new faces which are taking over the governments in New Zealand,Russia,Thailand,Taiwan and of course the “OBAMA” factor in United States. The YB’s in Sarawak State should look at themselves and be truthful as to whether they deserve to be on the list as BN candidates. It is no more a secret that Pakatan will give the BN an easy ride through. The BN YBs have to REEVALUATE,REINVENT or be REPLACED. They cannot wait for the Chief Minister to tell them HOW AND WHAT they should do in their constituencies. They are the peoples representatives and if they are not performing than they do not deserve to be representing that particular constituency.

Is PKR really rejoicing with Gabriel Adits stand? BN has been pondering too long and had repeatedly refused to accept Adit into its fold. These words would come back and haunt BN,””Although we hope that he could be within the BN family, his action of contesting against the BN candidate in the last state elections automatically disqualifies him.” A political analyst said,”What this means is that the other independent YB Engkilili State Assemblyman Dr Johnical Rayong also stands no chance to be with BN. It would be double standards if he joins BN and it will do more harm than good.”

Moreover,a BN component party leader  when asked said this,” If we accept him into BN, it would create friction and animosity among the component parties. So, whatever his decision, I just wish him well.”

An UMNO insider said that the State BN will not be too worried about Anwar’s latest strategic political plan for Sarawak. Sarawak leaders have faced more adversities,worst political crisis apparently refering to Ming Court 1987. Nevertheless BN should be more proactive to the issues raised against the YBs in their individual constituencies. Sarawak State is huge and evey constituency has its own characters and its peoples needs.The Sudden Awakening is indeed a WAKE UP CALL to the BN and the political enemy is slowly raising its tempo in its need to turn the sentiments into ASSURED VOTES for their candidates. Though Sarawak BN has travelled this rocky road many times BUT this time it will face a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT POLITICAL TIDE.

Even the SUPP President George Chan who is a deputy Chief Minister would come head-on in the ceramahs against DAP Lim Guan Eng Penang Chief Minister. There would be a lot of MPs and YBs from both camps BN and Pakatan criss-crossing the 71 constituencies. This would not happen if Najib PM by then decides to call for the 13th GE together with all the State Elections inclusive of Sarawak. We covered this subject earlier in Puppet and Puppet Masters in which it was quoted by a political analyst,”Wrestle the State and the 30 MPs will follow suit. Will Najib then be the SHORTEST Prime Minister in Malaysian history.?” 

PKR rejoices as Adit said,”I can’t make any announcement today because I want the ‘Boss’ to be the first to hear it and said that “all questions would be answered on Saturday. With BN having all the internal squabbling Sidi against Nissom,Masing with a component party leader all is not well for BN. The talk on the ground is are the BN members ready to abandon the State BN and join a new entity. The question is simply will you be there..?? 

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11 thoughts on ““BN Ponders..PKR Rejoices..??”

  1. jane ak.john says:

    PKR will be a good vehicle for Adit. As for masing and the gang just better join soon or the door will be close. Nothing for dayaks left as the Taib cronies have sapu all.

  2. Quincy says:

    Apa lagi Sidi mahu? Just retire lah! Done enough damage lah Sidi. Times up!! No more time for you to break dayak hearts again. You and your boys all the time up to no good. Carry CM’s Balls is it?

  3. Eagle says:

    Don’t worry even if BN sapu everything, when PR capture the state then we will ask them to return what they had robbed that belong to the rakyat.

  4. augustine says:

    why have to wait for another tsunami before joining, now is the right time. we are all fighting for justice and fairness. the PBB have been bullying all the while. wake-up from daydreaming join PK to bury PBB.

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