“Unstoppable Dayak Awakening..??”

Ah.. Fed up for so many years with BN & PBB. Now with PR leading the way for change, let us make it change now or never. This comment which was posted in “Ming Court 1987 of Reverse Version” just about sums it up as to what is happening around us. Suddenly the “Bigger Picture” is everyone is talking about ‘Change or be Changed“. The spirit that surrounds the people is evident in the new faces which are taking over the governments in New Zealand,Russia,Thailand,Taiwan and of course the “OBAMA” factor in United States. 

Nearer home in the Land of the Hornbills with the feel good factor as reported in Malaysiakini http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/92818 More than 100 representatives of indigenous communities from throughout Sarawak came together today in Kuching to hand a five-page memorandum to the Sarawak State Assembly.

The Dayak based NGOs represent main groups like Orang Ulu, Bidayuh and Iban whose rights are compromised by logging and plantation activities – over 200 civil suits have been filed for land encroachment. The group remonstrated that their ancestral lands were often taken away with little or no compensation, and in violation of their native customary rights on lands.

I was also notified by sms that an article of the same relevance is worth looking into. This blog has the headlined “Dayak YB supported systematic alienation of Dayak Lands“. The article is written by Seliong Ak.Wau and I have to thank him for sharing it with all of us. Why the”SUDDEN AWAKENING..?”

According to a PRS Bidayuh member he says the ” FEVER ” is really catching on amongst the dayaks. It seems the STORM IN THE TEACUP was all preplanned and Baginda Minda has really open up the “CAN OF WORMS” Now the BN must not be in a DENIAL MODE anymore. The threat is real and it should not be brushed aside. You just look at the banner at this picture and it tells of the dayak “Unhappiness”.

 He further added,”You honestly think the people don’t have better things to do than just to Protests,Carry Placards,Shout abusive words etc etc.” Something drastic needs to be done or BN will have a really difficult time in the coming State elections.


Malaysiakini also reported that,”  Most of their ire was targeted at Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud, for allegedly giving land to logging and plantation companies. They brandished banners, among them read: ‘Taib, Sarawak is not your personal property’, ‘Jangan cerebok tanah kami’(don’t trespass our land) and ‘…don’t give Orang Asal land to logging and plantation companies’.

Just then a political analyst joined in with the PRS member and said,”It’s the EMERGENCE of the STAKEHOLDERS” also all is not well too for your PRS President. What did he mean..? The local tabloids of course carried his concerns that,”James has received complaints brought to him from the ground alleged that members of another BN member party were sending signals they wanted Batang Ai State Seat (N29) He went on to say.”Anang ngacau sama diri” ( do not disturb each other within the BN family)

 My suggestion is that there must be solidarity within BN and therefore members must instead help each other. It seems that the past couple of weeks has not been very encouraging for James. What with the Beginda statement and his uncensored MalaysiakiniTV Bully and Step down call of CM and Jabu. 

Word on the ground apparently is that James is “BEING COLD SHOULDERED” by Pehin Taib. Their relations is at its lowest ebb. We say, CM has bigger agendas to look after BUT he could be having one eye on the November 15th Anwars Sibu trip and the joining of an assemblyman to PKR. Another senior former PBDS member said James must be eating back his words when he referred to a member,” This guy is quite slippery” meaning uncontrollable. Could James be facing the Battle of the Alamo?

For now, the focus will be Saturday the 15th of November where it will be an indicator for Pakatan and BN to gauge their strengths.

20 thoughts on ““Unstoppable Dayak Awakening..??”

  1. tian says:

    Masing is on a confrontational path with Taib and Jabu. What’s happening?

    It seems the STORM IN THE TEACUP was all preplanned and Baginda Minda has really open up the “CAN OF WORMS” Now the BN must not be in a DENIAL MODE anymore
    Do you realise what is the CONSEQUENCE..?

  2. khatijah says:

    Give us a new report card! Sarawak has been too long under the same person. Time for a new KID ON THE BLOCK. U must make the choice!

  3. darren says:

    The file says ‘Too long” dont you agree that the people have everyright to sent a memo to the state assembly. Look beyond this and get ready for an explosion of peoples needs for a new government. BN your time is near…and up

  4. yh says:

    you deserve the govt under Taib. why complain when you all have the opportunities to voice out with your votes.
    gripe and gripe but come election, you vote back the same rogues. so moral of story, just shut up and get on with your lifes.

  5. Zulbryner says:

    yh, you’re spot on correct. We’re a state of whiners. The Dayaks, especially are kings of whiners. Taib give melamine-tainted milk they would drink and stop whining. Taib buys Dayak votes cheap cheap – RM20.00 only.

    You all, cakap saja, CHANGE CHANGE. Come election, you still vote BN. I know you all. Last election I campaigned for opposition and kalah teruk. Why? Bidayuh give dua muka. When they want free beer, they are nice and tell you what you want to hear. Taib come give RM20.00 and they go vote for BN.

    So if anybody see any storm, it’s false alarm.

  6. ahkie says:

    Sarawak is ruled by a minority within a minority tribe, the Muslim Melanaus, just 1% of Sarawak’s population, and yet they own up to 80% of Sarawak’s wealth, and controlled virtually every top government posts, GLCs, statutory bodies, etc!

    Tha majority who are Ibans, Chinese, Bidayuhs, etc. are given lower posts, which are slowly being replaced by Malays, although they are only 25% of Sarawak’s population.

    Who is reponsible for this imbalance state of affiars? First Taib and his PBB, second the other cowardly BN partners, third, the Iban and other tribes’ politicians like Moggie, Lingggi, Masing, Donald, including the Chinese party, SUPP leaders, etc. who have sold out their own people in return for government positions and appointments to top GLC posts, in short, their pockets!

    Anyway, Sarawakians can’t see this because they are still living in trees and caves, and to them, receiving crumbs from the BN gomen is good enough. Sad, pathetic and ignorant people!

    You deserve who you vote for!

  7. hostage88 says:

    Elections coming soon. Will be brought forward one year earlier. United the dayaks stand. Don’t play to their game. Dont play to Taib intimidation tactics. You have seen it with your own eyes how Jabu and Taib are filty rich. It can be you and me who should be filty rich. But to you and me, that is not the point. We have been robbed for umpteen years.

    Have a vision and topple the state BN and co-operate with PKR. It can happen despite different Political Stand and Idealogy.

  8. luking says:

    Fellow Sarawakian comrades! your furures is in your own hand.If u all don’t change nobody can help u.stand up and wake up,let no one bully us anymore by voting wisely.

  9. Bung Orad says:

    Dayak Base party has been in a mess since the formation of ALLIANCE & BN, mean to disunite the dayak by certains group.
    There is none dayak party that has been in peace as long as the dominant PBB party is still in power. Those dayak in the PBB, is just like a curtain in a big bungalow. To be washed or changed when require.

    So, let us dayak in any party unite now for a change, like the change that has happen in the US.

    My salutaton to Beginda Minda.

  10. Macmillan Jeffery Kumbong says:

    stop talking with all the nonsence BN candidate from SARAWAK especially Datuk Taib.Datuk Jabu,Datuk George Chan (Kanji ) ,,,,these three person are the great spoiler of all the SARAWAKIAN……………………………
    Raja bully kaum bumi di SARAWAK….

    Bye …”Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban”

  11. Macmillan Jeffery Kumbong says:

    Mana RM 150 juta untuk membuat jalanraya dari Bakong ke Lapok……YB Lihan Jok atau Lun Daya bagi dia yang cakap….tak payah cakap ,,kalau ada duit buat sahaja.Jangan membuat rakyat tertunggu sahaja…ingat seluruh rakyat di Baram/Tinjar/Bakong /Beluru/Long Lama…..tukar tiga Bujang Lapok yangb telah Lapok idea mereka ..mereka yang patut di tukar ialah YB Lihan JOk,YB Slyvester Enteri ak Muran@Abdullah dan Jacob Dungau Sagan…..
    Kalau mau pilihanraya baru mau cakap pasal jalanraya/sambung api elektrik.

  12. Kristian kokan says:

    Dayak awakening is nothing but total bullshit
    Dayak is only fighting to have more status as Bumiputra compare to the MALAY which the MALAY will never give
    As the Dayak means to step on other SARAWAKIAN heads to go somewhere, the other SARAWAKIAN will just watch and cheer Dayak on as they go to war
    Since we do not live in a world of equality, just let the Dayak and MALAY kill each other
    Until and unless, Dayak awaken to the fact that Sarawak is for all SARAWAKIAN equally, the so call Dayak awakening Is just a big big BULLSHIT WHICH WILL FIZZLE OUT WHEN THE MALAY INCREASE THE CRUMB A BIT MORE

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