“MING COURT 1987 of A Reverse Version…??”


A few days ago I sat down over coffee with some Dayak political members from a number of parties. The talk of course centres around one person who is seen as a Saviour of the Iban and dayaks ? Is he Jabu,Masing,Mawan or even Manyin.. ? Obviously not but his outbursts and statements in Malaysiakini and Malaysiakini TV has indeed sparked a revival. Beginda Minda, IN THE CENTRE OF THE STORM COMING is a close ally of James and a former publicity chief of Baleh division in which it is the President’s division. He has indeed stirred the hornets nests and made leaders from UMNO and PBB uneasy. “Siapa Dia..? Who is He..?

This Malaysiakini report http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/92695 extracted even had the CM Pehin,” Taib had reportedly said at a State BN meeting later that he felt like he was being stabbed right in the heart while he was sleeping. The remarks, it has been said, was directed at Masing. When we wrote the “Puppet and the Puppet Masters” article we did not expect it to have any significant value on the political landscape. IHowever,it has spread like WILDFIRE and it has caught the imagination of the local political scenario and one would put it as,”What kills a skunk is the publicity it gives itself.”

What was said in the Puppet and Puppet Masters were,’From the ground it seems that most Dayaks are looking at Beginda’s outburst with not only CURIOSITY but another MING COURT 1987 OF A REVERSE VERSION where the Dayaks are playing the puppet game on the surface but striking it hard quietly as they advance from their rural base.

A political analyst/writer said BN is still in DENIAL MODE and even said that Tsunami 308 will not occur in Sarawak. Just then an sms from a BN YB and Political Secretary said,”No need to wori Bro.What revival is this? Hasn’t there been numerous revival which led to the formation of PBDS before? It’s just another attempt by disgruntled and frustrated PERSONALITIES TO WIN POWER. Bear in mind that any group that uses race as their battle cry will never succeed. It has been proven by PAJAR and PBDS before.Many have short memory.   

There has been talks about the revival of “dayakism‘  and the in this article “Alliance to rid Three dayak leaders” by the blog brokenshield provides an interesting read. I was told in so many words by the persons involved that to keep it to myself. In good time all will be revealed he said and it seems the article is now published. Great!! These words which are usually used by Politicians,” I am only telling you, please tell no one for your ears only..hahaha sounds familiar right!!” 

Just then Beginda called audie61at 14.38pm saying that his former President is right that the did not expel yours truly as he follows the Party Rakyat Sarawak constitution. He was informed that that the PRS SG was quoted as saying it in a local tabloid.”The constitution only empowered the President to remove principle office bearers without notice but he could not do the same to other members in other circumstances.”

The other statement which has caught the imagination of the political circle is “THE HIDDEN HAND” in which we covered on November 3rd titled” Potential Dayak FlashPan”. Wilfred Nisson the PRS SG said when he was asked Beginda was Masing’s “right hand man” Nissom replied “That is certainly not correct and I dare say that Beginda is much closer to someone else compared to Masing. However he did not explain who that “SOMEONE ELSE” is.

One would say it in a simple analogy,”Would a thief tell you that he is going to steal from you..?” The BN dayak leaders will have to watch this tide rising and they need to be prepared or they will all be WASHED OUT AND AWAY. The November 15th Sibu Dinner will be an indicator of how far the dayak sentiments has progressed. I will not be the first nor the last to say to BN,” CHANGE OR BE CHANGED” REINVENT OR BE REPLACED” 

Just as we are about to post this article audie61 an Umno insider text me,”The real battle starts now.” ‘We must be prepared” He also said not to take things for granted that Sarawak will not be affected. The new partners of the dayaks is none other than Anwar’s Pakatan machinery. Anwar will use this newly found ally to his advantage and also to maintain his momentum to wrestle the Federal Government which remains his TOP PERSONAL AGENDA.

We say,”It was 48 constituencies then in 1987 and it was close 28 to 20 and now there are 71 seats. A political columnist said,”The strategic focus for Pakatan is to wrestle Sarawak and all the rests will follow suit.” Will it happen..? That we have to leave it to the VOTERS and the people to THINK what is good for them.You and me can also say to each other,” I TOLD YOU SO..!!” 

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15 thoughts on ““MING COURT 1987 of A Reverse Version…??”

  1. Jomelia ak Hillary says:

    Let them be washed away. Who cares about them?? Too many BN Sarawak YBs too arrogant already lah!! Enough of their attitude. The people will change them!

  2. nor says:

    It’s just another attempt by disgruntled and frustrated PERSONALITIES TO WIN POWER. Bear in mind that any group that uses race as their battle cry will never succeed. It has been proven by PAJAR and PBDS before.Many have short memory.
    U see even this above sms so bloody action and arrogant. let anwar and Pakatan take over and show how a yB should be like.

  3. wee says:

    SUPP will kiss bye bye,PBB how many seats will fall? PRS maybe only one seat remain and SPDP maybe 5 seats gone. Make your calculations. Ready to TAKE OVER.. Send CM and Jabu boys out of sarawak..!!

  4. Sabahan says:

    WaH so many things happening in sarawak? Its getting xciting. Any parties moving away from BN? SAPP in Sabah what about the sarawak parties..???

  5. Bratak Veteran says:

    Ah.. Fed up for so many years with BN & PBB. Now with PR leading the way for change, let us make it change now or never.
    SPDP, PRS are all ready to move the knight. SUPP suasah they are the business partner of the melanau muslim.
    Wnat to be TYT convert, 1. salah who didnt ( wrong why not ). 2 Leo Mikheal Toyad next. Pse get on your mark for the next state election, wipe all the greed cronies. No place in heaven to bring all their fortunes, palak uban and the gang. Hell welcome them..

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