‘Puppet’ and the “Puppet Masters”


It’s all fired up. Throughout the whole week the Sarawak State was indeed abuzz with the ‘BEGINDA’s REVEAL ALL” Malaysiakini portal http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/91917 carried out the first statement PRS:UMNO is a bully,so is PBB. Later Beginda hogged more limelight by appearing in Malaysiakini TV ‘Uncensored” talk show.

The talk was of course directed at the BULLY ISSUE,TAIB,JABU, KAPIT,SALCRA and NCR LAND. It seems that this issue is not going to be carried away by more pressing matters like more development funds and other “goodies” camouflaging. The Puppet we say has spoken BUT do we really know who is the “PUPPET MASTER or MASTERS..???” 

We said earlier,”Bully or not there needs to be a STOP somewhere. Some solutions will obviously be found and it is up to BN not to be held up as a HOSTAGE in this political climate. Pakatan will find ways to up the ante and arouse the sentiments of the people in the NEED FOR A CHANGE to wrestle the State from BN.” 


Word on the ground now is that Sibu will be the focal point for Pakatan when Anwar makes a visit on November 15th. Informed sources within the State BN said,”that a independant YB will be joining PKR’ Its  Pakatans kickstart to wrestle the State from the BN as Beginda has opened the can of worms and caught the imagination of the people at large. A political analyst puts it simply,”Wrestle the State and the 30 MPs will follow suit. Will Najib then be the SHORTEST Prime Minister in Malaysian history.?”

Obviously the BN needs to really address the situation before it gets out of hand. Why..? BN must not be in DENIAL MODE anymore and says that the tsunami 308 will not occur in Sarawak. From the ground it seems that most Dayaks are looking at Beginda’s outburst with not only CURIOSITY but another MING COURT 1987 OF A REVERSE VERSION where the Dayaks are playing the puppet game on the surface but striking it hard quietly as they advance from their rural base.

BN intelligence says that there is a need to stop PKR calvary charge with the opening up of more divisions and reinforcing ground force. Even the rivalry between PKR Padungan YB Dominique and DAP Kuching MP Chong which was so evident are believed to have been sorted out says an aide of BN deputy minister from Sarawak.

The state election due to be held in 927 days as http://sarawakheadhunter.blogspot.com/ puts it countdown to a new and better government must not be brushed aside now. Pakatan are making inroads and BN YBs needs to work doubly hard between now and anytime before August 2009 as a political watcher puts it. We will not go into details just yet but it will be all systems go after UMNO March elections.

The window of oppurtunity for all aspiring YBs is to look closely at WHO IS THE BOSS.? It is the people who will vote you in and if you are not performing allow yourself to be DROPPED. Don’t tell me that I’m not in the position to tell the YBs.They do not have the DIVINE RIGHT to represent their constituencies unless they are sincere and willing to work for their constituency. The campaign period starts today 927(due date) and minus.Will the Chief Minister of Sarawak decide otherwise..??

24 thoughts on “‘Puppet’ and the “Puppet Masters”

  1. mandy says:

    Will Najib then be the SHORTEST Prime Minister in Malaysian history.?”

    He might just be and Najib needs to stop Pakatan by all means. Groundswell is already happening. Sibu is where many things happen and its been a long time coming. Change is needed and Najib be prepared for the worse

  2. greg says:

    Has the CM been rattled? Must be as he will be looking over his shoulders. Beginda has got all the dayaks wake up and the momentum is there. Dayaks will use this oppurtunity to see an end to Jabu and Taib.

  3. regina says:

    It will be a big ctrowd and the puppet masters they say will ensure Anwar will be well received by the people in Sibu. Taib is really worried.

  4. John king says:

    No more denials BN. You are on the way out together with Taib and Jabu. Dont say it would not happen. Its happening and Najib is also worried. PKR is the Word now in Sarawak.
    Do we really know who is the “PUPPET MASTER or MASTERS..???” Interesting and do not pretend you dont know WHO..????

  5. hostage88 says:

    Stand up and be counted. Act fast before the our country’s and state coffers is empty.

    Do the Dayaks want to continue voting and be marginalised?

    Do the Dayaks want to continue trusting what is being promised now (only to see all is talk and mind you talking is free)?

    Common, it starts at the Villages, elders must not suck up to the Wakil Rakyat. They are our servants and are there to serve us. When they come a calling, they eat what we eat and in smae enviroment. The Villagers should not dish out their poultry just for them.

    If the Wakil Rakyat wants anything better, ask him to spend!!

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