‘Potential Dayak FlashPan’

Fair enough,its an internal matter of PRS but according to a political analyst the Beginda’s outburst is a FLASHPAN. It is all well to take the necessary disciplinary action as this report by Malaysiakini http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/92328 The letter – issued to him by the PRS disciplinary committee – asks Beginda to show cause why he should not be expelled from his party. He has 30 days to reply.

In an immediate reply Beginda told Malaysiakini that he is prepared to be sacked for speaking out against Taib and Jabu over state government policies, especially concerning land which has not benefitted the Dayak community in Sarawak.Furthermore, he said the two leaders had been in office for too long and it was time for them to quit and give way to younger people.

Pehin Taib is looking beyond Beginda’s statement says a senior member of the BN coalition.Have we forgotten Ming Court 1987.? Dayak grouses are nothing new and with a new friend in the horizon”PKR” and “Pakatan” the dayak spirits are again revived. The Dayak YBs in the State BN needs to check and be serious as the tsunami of 308 is an indication where many senior BN Presidents in the peninsular losts their seats. Amongst the notable casualties are Acting Gerakan President and MIC President.

No,no,no it would not happen in Sarawak..! Dayaks will always support the “BN” symbol and there are only those who are frustrated and recalcitrant that will fight against the BN. Times have evolved and they say the DINOSAURS have had their day. Is PKR capitalising on the infighting that is in the BN component party of PRS? Surely,they are as PRS has rural seats and PKR sees it as Potentially EXPLOSIVE like a DORMANT VOLCANO about to erupt. 

Even a political watcher said ,”James following constitution if you know what I mean especially how the PRS crisis happened.?” Why audie 61 Natasha asked and he said,”Somehow James has learnt his lesson and he knows he has to follow the proper procedures.” Is there a sign that James is getting sentimental or soft towards his good and close friend Beginda .?”

According to the local tabloids Masing said Beginda is still very much a member of the party and is not even facing suspension regardless of his shocking tell all interview on Malaysiakini TV uncensored talkshow,as the party has to follow procedures when taking action against its members. Its most unfortunate but I think whatever he had said won’t overturn the apple cart that we (PRS) are still very solid in BN. During the meeting the CM had said that this is a trivial matter leaving PRS to handle,”Masing also said of all the recent remarks and statement Beginda had made against PBB and UMNO,he had certainly “crossed the line’  when he called on Taib to step down as CM of Sarawak.

In the latest report from Malaysiakini it is learnt that the words that Taib used as trivial matter during the BN pre council meeting it was akin to ‘someone trying to stab him the heart while he is sleeping’.Sources said opinions in the BN component parties were divided as “how and why”Beginda was still given the chance. Of course, political opinions are always divided and James as the President of the Party has everyright how and when to summon his “out of line‘ member to face the disciplinary committee. 

If PRS does not follow the Constitution the party will also come in the line of FIRE by the opposition parties. It is a fact that the Supreme council according to the constitution Article V sub clause 4(c) that the President can use this act. To PRS members, why the hurry and why should he overblown the situation? This way PRS will be able to solve their own problems internally and not subject to any more PRESSURES or BULLY.

Article V sub clause 4(c) reads in addition to any rules that may be made by the supreme council under the provisions of htis constitution,the supreme council may make any specific rules governing the admission or expulsion of any members of the party.

James could summoned his supreme council immediately as this is emergency. So we say is this so? Why not leave it to the disciplinary committee instead of pushing it to the supreme council. PRS matters should be solved by the party and its constitution eventhough we know that under Article V111 subclause 17(b) James can summoned his secretary general to call for an emergency meeting to deliberate Beginda’s outburst with a short notice instead of giving 14 days. 

This is also to prevent the opposition from capitalising on Beginda’s issue says a party member. A former PBDS member who knows Beginda well said there are areas which are the potentially earmarked as flashpan. 

  • Beginda has spoken from his heart about the Dayaks grievances and grouses.
  • He has nothing to lose and whatever it takes for him to push his message across.
  • It is also without fear or favour.
  • The timing of his outbursts is however out 
  • His outburst has captured the imagination of the people at large.
  • Dayaks have long complained about being marginalised under the present BN government

The outburst from the PRS member closely aligned to Masing has raised questions as to whether all is not well between Masing and Taib and Jabu. So is there another potential of a revolt to see an end to a LONG ERA?  Beginda has indeed sparked the fire and it remains to see whether the political landscape remains the same or is there more from the “HIDDEN HAND” ………..

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The “Finishing Line”

An emeritus Professor said to audie61,”Tun Mahathir knows what is coming and thats why by all accounts he wanted the UMNO polls to be shifted back to December.” Unfortunately, Abdullah used the Supreme Council to launch a scathing attack at the ‘Powers behind” who are planning to destroy his friends and associates. Was Najib worried? He only needs to wait until March for the party elections to ascend HIS RIGHTFUL THRONE.”

This Malaysiakini report http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/92320 had Deputy Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak today won the Umno president post uncontested by virtue of being the only candidate having the necessary nominations from the party divisions to qualify for the election. So audie61 and the crew says “CONGRATULATIONS to the DPM” but the main story and headlines will be unveiled in March.

The long campaigning period will see a lot of resources being used ,energy and funds. Money politics will be the question of the day and productivity level for some involved in the tussle will drop quite a few notch. So where is the finishing line for some and the proxy fights it seems is in the Deputy’s posts and Youth Posts. Three cornered fights in both the posts..? 

Tun and Abdullah will engage each other and we can see now with Muhyddin,Ali Rustam and Muhd Taib tussling for the posts but they might be a sting in this tail yet. Our reliable source has informed us that we can even see a DIRECT BATTLE between Tun backed Muhyddin against Abdullahs Taib or Ali. The youth wing will see Khairy going all out to ensure that he makes it or else his intended climb in UMNO would never ever materialise again. Abdullah will try to use his time as the Prime Minister to assist his son in law and deputy youth chief. The fireworks and the outburst by Abdullah at the last supreme council meeting will affect how the UMNO battles will chart out.

This tirade by Abdullah,”Yet Mahathir goes around saying he is not given a chance to speak and there are those among you here who support Mahathir’s views publicly. Did I sack you for opposing me and supporting someone who is not even in Umno?” he asked the party leaders.

The FINISHING LINE for Najib and his favoured lineup will be under attack and there will not be any letup. Najib himself will not be spared as he lately he has been attacked. Libelous and slanderous statements and news report has been published about Najib.The fake manifesto which was published in Malaysiakini was an example.

The Altantuya and Eurocopter deal will still hang over Najibs head as long as he has not taken over as PM. Be rests assured that Anwar will attack Najib and try to find faults and try to weaken UMNO. Tun Mahathir is obviously a favourite target of Anwar as he can forgive but I’m sure he cannot forget the Political damage Mahathir has inflicted on his promising career. Najib plus Mahathir is not everyones Cup of Tea and Abdullah will use the time available to see that Tuns powers are really curbed. Many say this is the HEAVYWEIGHT fight of the Year. The Finishing Line will be not for the Faint-Hearted…………

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