Malaysiakini Staff Happy Deepavali

(In Picture Kaliani PRS BL Vice Youth Chief, Colin Wong PRS BL Youth Chief, Chua PRS BL Assistant Treasurer and former Sri Aman MP Jimmy Donald,PRS Padungan Secretary Rosanna )

On behalf of audie 61 we would like to wish all our Hindu friends and administrative staff in Malaysiakini a very Happy Deepavali.

PRS Batu Lintang would also like to wish all Hindu members and especially to our Indian Bureau Chief Narashima Barathy and Family a blessed occasion.

To all Malaysians and our Hindu visitors wherever you are we wish you ,”HAPPY DEEPAVALI”



PRS President Dato Sri James Masing said “IT”S NOT THE STAND OF THE PARTY” in response to Baginda’s Statement to Malaysiakini yesterday.

Baginda’s statement to Malaysiakini “It is my view that in Sarawak, PRS, a component party inside the state and federal Barisan Nasional has been bullied by what could collectively be called the ‘BN leadership’,”

James said,” I am not aware of what he said until I was told about it when he was interviewed by the local tabloids but he ensured that there will be investigation’s carried out and it is also not his personal view nor the party.”

Furthermore the President of PRS James said,” It is his views and I cannot stop my members from having views of their own BUT there are limits as to what we can say.”

In a telephone call to audie61 Batu Lintang Division Treasurer Simon Chang said to Natasha our news correspondent,” he concurs with the President that there are limits and hopes that an investigation will be carried out soonest. He reiterated that the EXCO of PRS Batu Lintang Stands by the Party in whatever actions the President and the disciplinary committee takes”.Simon added as such,this matter should no be brought up anymore and politicized.

“PRS Hits Headlines on Governors 87th Birthday”

What a day.!!.Phones ringing and a lot of explaining to members. What more is there coming from Parti Rakyat Sarawak on this eventful day ? Just when you think it will not get any worse a Malaysiakini report has this Billy Abit Jol is the sole Barisan Nasional MP to have signed the petition urging the prime minister to prioritise the debate on the Internal Security Act when Parliament reconvenes on Wednesday.

Billy is a five term MP for PRS and also a Vice president of the Party. Someone said,”So soon after his Datukship and is this planned.?” HAS THE HORNBILL SUDDENLY DECIDE TO TAKE FLIGHT? I have been trying to contact his closest aide but the phone is unreachable. For now we leave it to the party to decide what is the next course of action. There must be reasons why YB Billy has signed the petition and there is not use in speculating.

Ipoh Timor MP and DAP stalwart Lim Kit Siang said that,”“I would like to praise Billy Abit for his principles and courageous stand in putting national interest ahead of party interest.” Lim also took a swipe at MCA and Gerakan’s newly elected top leaders for refusing to sign the petition, despite having calling for and passing resolutions on the ISA during their respective annual party meetings earlier this month.

So Billy’s action and Baginda’s written statement to Malaysiakini has indeed been a day to remember for PRS in particular and this must have been a very “AWKWARD DAY” for the PRS President James Masing and PRS Deputy Minister Joseph Entulu in a day where the Governor celebrates his 87th birthday. I’m sure in time the President will come out with the partys stand on these two issues. We shall be waiting for it.


It was a day of “Pomp and Pagentry” when Sarawak celebrated the TYT’s Yang di Pertua Negeri Sarawak Tun Datuk Patinggi Abang Hj.Muhammad Salahuddin 87th Official Birthday. Just past noon suddenly the handphones started going berserk as Malaysiakini carried a report PRS: UMNO is a bully,so is PBB.

Of course when it happens to your own party you will be frantic and say,”Really..!! let me check and let me get back to you.” I don’t want to draw any conclusions”. The top officials were notified and clarifications were necessary. A phone call was also made to Baginda and he said he signed on all the Press releases. An UMNO protem executive member who called audie61 said that,”Damaging statement but lets “double-check” before we point fingers.”

This Malaysiakini statement from Balleh PRS publicity chief Beginda Minda ,”has described Umno at the federal level and Parti Pesaka Bumiputra Bersatu (PBB) in Sarawak as ‘too dominant’ and indeed are ‘bullies’ in their dealings with smaller component parties in the Barisan Nasional.”

Taking a cue from the statement of former MCA president Ong Ka Ting who has expressed similar sentiments,”tendency of one party dominance has an adverse impact on public perception and intra BN relationships.”

“It is my view that in Sarawak, PRS, a component party inside the state and federal Barisan Nasional has been bullied by what could collectively be called the “BN leadership,” he said in a statement to Malaysiakini today

Elaborating, Beginda explained that in the case of Sarawak, the BN system has generated a state level entity where there has been one dominant party, the PBB which is leading the state BN government.PBB president Abdul Taib Mahmud is also state BN chair and chief minister of Sarawak for the past 27 years.

He has long been described as Sarawak’s most powerful personality and is known to be intolerant of dissent within the party’s ranks. 

“Just as there is a public perception of Umno being too dominant at the national level, there is also a similar perception that in Sarawak, the dominant role of  PBB has had an effect on the conduct of smaller parties, such as PRS,” Beginda said.    

Prime Minister and national BN chair Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has responded immediately to Ong’s remarks on Oct 18, denying that Umno has bullied others in the BN. Umno information chief Muhammad Muhammad Taib has also asked for proofs of Umno bullying.

Responding to Muhammad Taib’s request, Beginda cited two recent instances of Umno and PBB bullying PRS.

The first was during the 2006 state election when a component BN party was ‘allowed’ to steal a PRS seat
“Neither the state nor federal BN intervened effectively to stop a component party from interfering in the affairs of another. Where was BN when effective action was needed? It was as if the BN was shutting its proverbial “eye” to the intra-BN infighting in Sarawak. By letting the problem fester, it was acting as a bully, not a problem solver,” Beginda pointed out.

The second incident was during the March general election when two of the party’s candidates were rejected without any reason.

Beginda queried why was PBB allowed to choose its candidates to contest on PRS seats.

“Where is the principle that component parties ought to be free to conduct their own affairs and make the selection of candidates themselves? Is this not a case of dominance and bullying?” he asked.

“As a result, PRS was caught in a dilemma. The choices were two: PRS could have rejected the suggested replacements or it could have accepted them. A refusal to accept the replacement candidates could have left the party open to accusations of being disloyal to BN, a grave enough political sin. Such a move would have put PRS leadership in hot soup and perhaps alienate the party from BN.“The impact on PRS was that it was a tremendous “let down”. To paraphrase Dato Seri Ong, the perception was that a partner in Sarawak BN – the PBB – was being “too dominant”.  

Despite these internal BN problems, Sarawak managed to deliver all but one of its 31 parliamentary seats to the BN. The ruling coalition only lost Bandar Kuching to DAP.

PRS is led by Dr James Masing who is the party’s founder president. He is also state land development minister.

PRS has six members of parliament. Its vice-president Joseph Entulu  serves at the federal level as deputy minister for national and rural development. 

Other options, other than BN 

On the current situation within the Sarawak BN, Beginda said it would seem that “we in PRS are still back in a bad school environment where the weaker students are being bullied by the more senior ones.”  

He called for a mechanism in the BN for components parties to be protected from the predation of others, no matter what the excuse.

“Umno and PBB could be strong but that should be so without being dominant up to the level that it could openly ‘interfere’ into the internal affairs of another component party,” said Beginda.

Stressing that the BN leadership must be just, Beginda said the organisational integrity of a component party like PRS must be maintained.

“Its decisions, such as the nomination of candidates, must be respected. Failure to do this could lead to fragmentation at the peripheries and ultimately could spread to the centre,” he warned.

Beginda also emphasised on the need for re-generation, re-vitalization and re-growth within the BN..

“The BN machinery is seen as an ossified body, presently unable to respond effectively to the needs of component parties and that of the country as a whole. The message is that such dominance need to be rectified and ways be found as a means of resuscitating the rest of the BN partners so that the BN machinery could be energized and respond to the people more effectively, “ he said.

Beginda reminded the BN top leadership that the coalition must wake up to current political realities and stop being in a state of denial.

“Before, there was only BN which could provide the  national leadership. After March 2008, it is clear that PRS has other, perhaps better, options,” he added with that friendly ‘warning’   

We question, Who could have initiated all this? Someone is really Fishing in Murky waters. Has this got to do with the imminent State Elections?


“Political Common Sense and Check”

When news broke out yesterday that P Vwaishhnnavi, the six-year-old niece of detained Hindraf leader P Uthayakumar there were conflicting stories. According to Malaysiakini report a spokesman S.Jayathas said,” We were trying to obtain permission from the security guards for Vwaishhnnavi to submit her letter. They said that we were from Hindraf, but we insisted that we were ‘concerned Indians’ who were accompanying Vwaishnnavi,”

Today in this latest Malaysiakini update P Vwaishhnnavi and her mother K Shanti were released late yesterday but opted to spend the night at the Putrajaya police station. So it pays to listen to the right sources. There was anger when I heard it from an Indian friend that,” They also lock up little kids now under ISA“. I said lets check it out first and find out what really happened?

We need to have COMMON SENSE and CHECK before we embark on hate and other unlawful methods.The Police must know what they are doing or else they would not have taken the necessary actions. I said to my very angry friend,”If the Police is wrong we condemn,criticize and take legal means against them.” Kuala Lumpur police chief Muhammad Sabtu Osman clarified that Vwaishhnnavi has not been arrested and is in her mother’s care. It is extremely difficult to talk sense and give reasons when a person is angry and that’s a FACT. Its not the ISA Act after all and its the Societies Act. 

According to Lawyer N Surendran the 10 others arrested are under two weeks remand for police to facilitate the investigations. The 10 are being investigated under Section 48 of the Societies Act for participating in an unlawful organisation.

What then is Section 48 of the Societies Act 1966(Act 335) & regulations.Section 48 “Acting on behalf of or representing an unlawful society.”

  • (1) any person who in any manner acts on behalf of,or represents, or assists,whether in a professional capacity or otherwise howsoever,any unlawful society,or any person who was an office-bearer thereof as if continues to be an office-bearer thereof,or anybody which was the governing body of the society or of any branch thereof as if it continues to be such governing body,in relation to any matter,shall be guilty of an offence and shall be liable,on conviction,to imprisonment for a term not exceeding five years or to a fine not exceeding fifteen thousand ringgit or both
  • (2) Subsection(1) does not apply to an appeal by an unlawful society under section 18,or to any proceedings in any court in respect of any matter involving such society,or any person who was its office-bearer,or any body which was its governing body or the governing body of any branch thereof. 

I am not trying to be a legal mind in this instance but of course all arrests now especially in this fluid political scenario will be used by political parties to get the extra mileage.According to PKR Legal advisor and Stampin Division Chairman See Chee How he has only this to say in an interview quoting 5 words,” THERE SHOULD BE SOME SENSITIVITY“.

PRS Batu Lintang Wanita Chief Cilla Balla said,”We Must Respect all Laws” and the message is clear “BUT” THERE SHOULD BE COMMON SENSE IN EXECUTING THEM. We say,Everyone is responsible for their acts and we must know our LAWS well before we even venture cross the dreaded RED LINE. The Government will not come down heavy and discharge the laws if we do not break them……… 


In this Malaysiakini report The Umno supreme council meeting slated to take place next Thursday will discuss the calls for the party polls to be brought forward to December, said Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

The PM said that the transition of power will still be in March. If the PM is pressured we wonder whether he will even see through the end of the year. The world economic turmoil is indeed putting a lot of pressure on the embattled PM. This could be used as one of the reasons for the UMNO warlords to pressure the PM to hand the reins earlier than expected to give the markets a much needed relieve and liftup some of the GLOOM. 

The Umno president said that even if the party holds its elections in December, he will still hand over power to the new Umno president only in March “assuming”  Barisan Nasional (BN) remains in control of the government as reported by an internet portal.The party’s general assembly had been postponed to next March to ensure a smooth transition of power, but some senior Umno leaders have been asking recently for the polls to be held in December instead.

Are we expecting some fireworks..? Why is the PM using the words assuming or has he been reported out of context? Is it done to ensure that the PM is politically losing it? All will be answered sooner than you can BLINK your eyes…..


Anwar,”90 Minutes up,It’s Injury Time Now..”

This Malaysiakini report by Beh Lih Yi where Anwar said,” “We are not in a terrible hurry because, particularly in the present economic downturn, we need to engage with government leaders to ensure they take the right measures,”  Yesterday when interviewed by Bloomberg he said,” “I am not saying we have no options left, but I’m saying it’s getting to be much more difficult,”

In this political football match the 90 minutes is up and the score stands at 0-0. What does Anwar do? The assistant referee has just flashed 5 minutes on the board. Im just trying to read between the lines what Prof Dr Ahmad Atory Hussein of Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) who said that  BN leaders should be focusing on the more vital issue of winning back the people’s confidence.  He also said BN should really need to go back and study the whole situation and find the root cause of the problem, then come up with brilliant ideas to really help the coalition woo back voters in the next general election. In a flashback Anwar knows that the next general elections is a no,no,no as BN will have enough time to reengineer back and the economy might just rebound to suit BN.

The 5 minutes or 5 months ahead are crucial times for Anwar and Pakatan to stay relevant. Quoting SAPP Presidents Yong Teck Lee’s favourite phrase,”Window of Oppurtunity” and it will get more difficult as Najib will not relent and submit as easy as Abdullah. Anwar can say,”“To suggest Najib has consolidated his position is an exaggeration. Maybe within Umno but not BN and certainly not with the rakyat.

“This is the first time in history that a Prime Minister-designate is being hounded and haunted by such serious allegations which have gone unanswered.” Does Najib need to be too bothered? He is fighting off the alleged involvement in the Altantuya Shaariibuu murder trial to improprieties in the proposed procurement of helicopters. It seems that the BN goalkeeper has been magnificent and in unstoppable form in stopping all the balls which are goalbound. The only alternative that Anwar has within these five minutes or months is the “REFEREE HANDING A PENALTY “.  ASK yourself “Or Is itWho can that person be? How can he do that? What is the penalty for? It boils down to our earlier posting of WHO? HOW? WHAT?

The rakyat are not too bothered with the political transitional or takeover but more with the current financial crisis. Food needs to be served on the table for their families and they would not even have time to see out the injury time now. The people needs to cut costs, work doubly dillegently to face the mounting economic pressures and do away with the unnecessary costs. The bad times are here and most people will tighten their belts.

Its a fact and the BN and Pakatan MPs needs to find solutions to the problems and assist the people in whatever ways possible. Politiking is the least of the masses of peoples worries. The referee will blow for FULL TIME soon and Malaysia needs to ensure that when the credit crunch hits she will be able to sustain it.The injury time minutes are nearly up.Najib has already appealed to the UMNO faithful that the party needs to appeal to the masses and be responsible to the people at large. Meanwhile Anwar is looking at a dead end road but the economic crisis(penalty kick) some say might just be the medicine for the INJURY TIME WINNER….