So Who is Harping Who Now..??? ~ ref malaysiakini

It seems that the former MCA Presidents Ong Ka Tings political statement and the “Bullying Strategy” has worked out to the last tee on the eighteen hole. From Sabah to Sarawak the BN individuals seems to come out in the Open to be either as “INSTIGATORS”,”PAWNS for HIRE”,”TROJAN HORSES” call what you want. In political terms it means being used as a”trader to achieve the maximum effect for the master

When this Malaysiakini report came out  Sidi Munan, secretary-general of the faction led by assistant minister Larry Sng, told Malaysiakini today the inquiry should preferably be chaired by an independent person to ascertain the truth or otherwise of the matter. The question of the matter is that the CM Pehin has already spoken and he has apparently said,” in so many words..STOP IT!! Was he ANGRY? What is actually happening? “You don’t need to ask me questions like this.”

Sidi even said in this Malaysiakini extract ,” Munan also said he believed Masing was behind what Beginda did and that he (Masing) had over-played his hand in the conspiracy clearly directed at Taib and Jabu.” To me,enough of all this dirty linen being thrown out in the open. The politics we faced today are not of yesteryears where even a small knife at the back will hurt until the person goes into a frenzy. The allegations,counterlies makes PRS look “CHEAP”. If the numbers are there and if the armies are willing to fight it all out even “a mighty storm” would not make the Party shudder let alone run for cover.

 A politcal watcher said,”You know,when all the hoo haa’s were happening and the immediate takeover by Pakatan was at a richter scale of 9 and above what did CM do? Did he make trips after trips to KL? No,no,no he knows where his peoples allegiance are? He could even be relaxing in his HOT BATH puffing his Cuban cigar and reading Sun Tzu’s Art of War. That is the confidence he has and thats why there is also a statement from a Sabahan,” “Sarawak leaders have long been noted to be more shrewd and politically smarter than those in Sabah.  Which is why Dr Mahathir was not able to bully them.” SO PRS members do we need to harp on the subject of bullying and fall into the trap of MCA? Of course not , and we need to make our own STAND..!!  

I do feel for Sidi,” as he was replaced and dismissed by James Masing as Secretary General in 2006′ which led to PRS being torn down in between to two camps. Now its an oppurtunity to fight back and thereby these words in the Malaysiakini extracts,” The wrong-doers must be duly punished,” he said, adding that members of either factions in the party who are innocent must be identified and thereby exoneratedHe added that a thorough probe on Beginda’s accusation must be carried out so that PRS would not be a suspect. Why..? Hasn’t the CM said STOP IT!!

According to a source CM will say his piece in the State Barisan National meeting behind closed doors and he will make sure that his WORDS ARE FOLLOWED. Does these words needs to be said to those unfamiliar to the MING COURT 1987 ,” Remember who said in 1981 that the chief minister was a weak CM?, he asked, adding that there must therefore be investigation ‘before another Ming Court coup rears its ugly head again.’ All is well Sidi and we know how to read the situation says a party member. PRS does not want to be a “TROJAN HORSE”. We have done it once too often.

We only need to tell our YBs and MPs that they must not forget who thier bosses are. Its the PEOPLE and they will vote them out if the legislators forget them. We do not need to tell the BN and Pakatan Assemblyman and Members of Parliament that their salaries and titles are from the people and as such the politiking for positions inside their own parties should not deter them from going to the ground and serve their constituencies. The people now are street smart and the globalised world has made our voters smarter and no more ignorant of the REAL WORLD OF POLITICS.

Why is PRS members coming out in the open.? I say it again “Is the HIDDEN HAND PUSHING HIS LUCK..? Is the agenda more than just pushing the blame to James Masing.? ” Tell me not to post some articles is quite reasonable but not when there are threats of “Don’t MIX with BULLIES“.

 Who are they to dictate who I go round with and What right do they have? To those who thinks that our Batu Lintang division of 1300 members strong are going to just cave in to these threats please ‘WAKE UP” and “BE REALISTIC.” Your armies will know when the COMMANDER and GENERALS performs or not. My late grandfather will say,”DON’T BE JEALOUS AND ENVIOUS OF OTHERS’.”WELCOME TO THE 21st century politics my friends. Build your own armies before you get thrown out and be irrelevant. Read and Studied Closely Sun Tzu’s Art of War lately..???

2 thoughts on “So Who is Harping Who Now..??? ~ ref malaysiakini

  1. hostage88 says:

    Do I smell a rebel here.

    I salute you for than Audie61.

    Imo, important thing is the snake in PRS have to go. I am sure you who who.

    I am apolitical, but i do follow a bit on what is happening in PRS, SPDP and PBDS.

    Peace will come once the snake goes. I am quite surprise LS is still favoured by CM as it is a known fact that he did not trust S S.

    S S is even not in DSAI’s good books.

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