“Thank you Sabah for Saying Sarawak Politically SMARTER..hehe” ref Malaysiakini

As far back as in the 80’s I have always said that Sabahans are ‘politically miles ahead’ of Sarawak in the world of Marchiavellian Politics.Natasha contacted Cindy and asked her about this Malaysiakini report on Harris-Pairin war heating up in the dailies. The full report http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/92181 

Is it happening in Sabah too? Who is the bigger bully? Pairin or Harris?

The headlines in local dailies in recent days speak for themselves: ‘Amused by our double-standard politicians’, ‘Sapp should contest in Labuan to prove it’, ‘Time right for more Sabahans in federal posts’, ‘Harris’ bully claims have basis’ and ‘Just who bullied who?’, are among the more memorable ones.

Natasha says,Machiavellian politicians are not frightened of crisis. A crisis is an oppurtunity.As Malays would say,”dalam kesempitan ada kesempatan”(there is an oppurtunity in a crisis) Of course there are other philosophies in politics and good politicians always back the winner.Losers must be avoided like the PLAGUE.Good politicians never swim near SINKING politicians.

So we picked this up from Malaysiakini,”  J/Z from Lagud wrote in another local daily that “Sarawak leaders have long been noted to be more shrewd and politically smarter than those in Sabah.  Which is why Dr Mahathir was not able to bully them. We should learn from our neighbour Sarawak which has progressed tremendously without Umno.

Sarawak has PROTEM UMNO committees but up till now they have not made any headway in Sarawak unlike Keadilan who has been opening branches here and there. UMNO Sarawak would beg to differ. I need to be convinced wouldn’t you? Sarawak has learnt form Sabah and the CM and PBB must be credited for all this. As a political analyst said,” No two states are the same and Sarawakians will weigh all options first before they jump,” So after all these years its great to know that Sabah has come out and praised Sarawak leaders for being shrewd and politically smarter. WE say,”THANK YOU “TERIMA KASIH”……………

One thought on ““Thank you Sabah for Saying Sarawak Politically SMARTER..hehe” ref Malaysiakini

  1. diana says:

    Of course Sarawak is better than sabah. Need to say more…we dont need to face problems like illegal Filipinos and Indonesians.

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