Taib says,” No Questions..!!” ~ ref Malaysiakini

Who is Beginda and has he really ruffled the CMs feathers? Taib the Chief minister and State BN Chairman was asked to comment on a Malaysiakini report on saturday which quoted Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) Balleh publicity chief as saying that UMNO at the federal level and PBB in Sarawak were too dominant and bullying other smaller BN components.

Taib has urged all parties not to prolong or blow up the issue of bullying raised by members of smaller components of BN. Brushing aside claims that his party had bullied the smaller parties,he said that the allegation as reported in Malaysiakini portal that the bigger parties were bullying the rest was a small thing (issue) “You don’t need to ask me questions like this..?” According to a political analyst when CM speaks this way what he means is that,”STOP IT..! and There are Other more PERTINENT and PRESSING issues.”  

So WHY Beginda and WHO is he.? If I may extract from another blog Borneo Warrior. ”  Baginda,apai Basel,or more aptly “Tubai Kara” is one in a million stand alone Iban.You really have to know Baginda to really admire this guy. Beginda has only spent three years in school until Primary 3 but he speaks the Queen’s English.Dato Sri Dr James Masing,(also a close friend of his) told us several times”If had Baginda attained education up to Primary 6,we all would have been jobless”!

Baginda rubs shoulders with federal and state ministers, MPs, ADUNs, UMNO politicians and businessmen.He is on a first name basis with members of Anwar Ibrahim’s family. His former boss Dato Sng Chee Hua was stunned when he was whisked away by the British Immigration and put on the next flight back.

He flew first class with Sng on SIA, arrived at Heathrow, London and got arrested by The British authorities for giving a wrong answer to a routine and standard question thus: “welcome to London,sir” Baginda answered”Thank you, tuan”,What? You are on vacation? No, Baginda said.”I come to work here for my boss”. Work permit papers,please sir,the officer politely asked?Baginda smiled and did not respond. Obviously the authorities thought he was being funny and cheeky and sent him home on the next available flight. 

Try putting all the pieces together and see where it will get you. Talk of the town is that there seems to be an alliance again of Sng and James in the same camp. Impossible!! Nothing is Impossible in politics as Friends becomes Enemies and Enemies becomes Friends. I even got an sms from a former supreme council member of PRS to get as far away from the “bullies.” Is he serious..? I have not been kept in contact with him for almost five months and suddenly this sms.It’s very peculiar and also word has it that they are going all out against the deputy CM who is an Iban too. Any reason..? You should be able to answer this puzzle.Sun Tzu’s Art of war will give you some indications.

So all is not too well in Sarawak and the BN will need to be on its toes as the Pakatan group is making inroads into the interior and Iban hinterland. 1987 was very close but then there was only 48 state seats. Today the Sarawak State has 71 constituencies. It is not impossible says the deputy PKR State Chief Baharuddin Mokhsen to audie61 but they need to work and strategise well. The finals between BN and Pakatan will be on 2011.Between now and then many more words will be exchanged.

6 thoughts on “Taib says,” No Questions..!!” ~ ref Malaysiakini

  1. johnny sim says:

    At the meeting in which PBB deputy president Alfred Jabu was also present, Masing was asked to take action against me. As a consequence of that meeting, I was relieved of my position as publicity chief,” said Beginda (left) in an interview with Malaysiakini today
    Beginda said that Masing is a democratic leader and would not simply sack members from the party.hahahaha

  2. phyllis says:

    So beginda is the person who is going to see that PRS goes out of BN? Oic thats why Anwar says that there are other factors to consider. Time to act though!!!

  3. Dama De says:

    Looks like a pri3 baginda can think straighter than you BN so called highly educated no brainers. Shame on you still trying to run him down. Baginda, you have my full support. Get PRS out of BN now.

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