Beginda,”I am Former Publicity Chief” ~ ref malaysiakini

The local tabloids are having a “political field day” and it is Beginda Minda who has ignited it. Beginda had sent a statement to Malaysiakini news portal last saturday in which he gave two so called examples of PRS being bullied by UMNO and PBB.

PRS Balleh Division Deputy Chairman Wilson Ugak said that Beginda Minda is no more the Publicity Chief of the division and he has been replaced by Tuai Rumah Garie Timbun who is also serving the PRS Balleh division service centre. Wilson also said that the statement sent by Beginda to Malaysiakini was also not the stand or view of the party. He also said during their recent AGM ,Beginda was replaced by Garie.

A phone call was made by audie61 to Beginda who is in Kuala lumpur to seek clarification. Yes,yes,yes I am “Bekas or Former” Publicity Chief of the division. It must also be noted that according to the PRS constitution as Publicity Officer of the division, he is responsible to manage and publicize information regarding the policies,manifestoes,programmes and activities of the party at the Divisional level.

Also the following duties of the Divisional Publicity officer is to be understood as per the Constitution of Parti Rakyat Sarawak:

  • a) After consultation with the division Chief or the secretary of the division to prepare all division’s press statements,manifestoes and other communications and the distribution thereof to such persons or body of persons as he considers suitable.
  • b) To be responsible for the preparation and publication of the division’s newsletters and its distribution.
  • c) The Publicity officer of the Division shall be the Chairman of the divisonal publicity committee  

Therefore other BN component parties should not be too worried about such a statement and its very CLEAR and the constitution has protected Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) president Dato Sri James Jemut Masing. As for Beginda’s statement he will be investigated and dealt according to PRS constitution Article V using the laws as provided for. 

Though Beginda has got the COURAGE AND GUTS to bring up this matter it certainly has worked up a STORM in Sarawak. Beginda says there are more to come and he will have it exclusively to Malaysiakini.We shall be eagerly waiting and as per this afternoon’s phone call we know that Beginda MEANS WHAT HE SAYS………… 

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