Wow!! Sir Alex “A Bully” and PBB A”Bully” ~ ref malaysiakini

It was a chance reading when I came across an article which had Sir Alex Ferguson the Manchester United Supremo talking about “Bullying’ in prayers and secrets. The other headline news is of course the Malaysiakini report More cases of bullying by PBB  in which “The Sarawak Barisan Nasional (BN) is abuzz like a hornet’s nest that has been disturbed, following an accusation that Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) has been ‘bullying’ component parties.

Another claim or is it that someone is cashing on to get the MUCH NEEDED PUBLICITY? The groundswell is of course to get on the “GRAVY LADEN TRAIN” and get on BN’s back and to get more support for Pakatan. Are we seeing Masing and Sng putting differences aside and teaming up again.? POLITICS ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. We can now see two information chiefs from both camps pushing the BOOT IN at PBB. One is Beginda Minda from Balleh which is James Masings own division while Nanta Chaku is from Simanggang which is a former MP Jimmy Donalds division. Its very provocative says the Chief Political Secretary to the CM YB Karim Hamzah and he is monitoring the situation very closely.

Nanta said: “To support Beginda Minda’s contention… three other examples come to mind immediately:

1. Since 1981 other component parties in the Sarawak BN have been required to send two to three names of candidates for each constituency held by them, for the PBB leadership to pick the ones to contest. In other words, the final selection is subject to PBB’s decision.
2. A certain high-ranking Iban personage in PBB who fancies himself as the paramount chief of the (community) always insists on appointing his favourites as Penghulus, Pemancha and Temenggong (even) where PBB does not have elected (representatives).
3. In the contest for top posts in component parties, the election is dependent on close (connections between) the candidates (and) the PBB leadership. In other words, candidates perceived to be supported by the PBB leadership always seems to win. Social and economic issues doesn’t seem to matter, but closeness to the PBB leadership does.”

Another BN YB says what the HELL is happening? How come PRS members are coming out in the open.? Is the HIDDEN HAND PUSHING HIS LUCK..? Is the agenda more than just pushing the blame to James Masing.? Could it be just like what i came across on Sir Alex Fergusons ‘Bullying”. It has been said that Ferguson doesn’t open up to the media much these days. Why should he be..?

One of the accusations that has been levelled at the United manager in the past is that he is a bully. So is he? “Absolutely not,” Ferguson says. “I did look up ‘bully’ in the dictionary once. And as I remember, it said a bully is somebody who preys on the weak — where weak is defined as somebody weaker than they (the bully) are.”If you look at some of the people I have stood up to over the years, as a manager — and I have had dust-ups with all sorts of people in that dressing-room — generally speaking they are much, much bigger than me. There is nothing bullying about that.”

Sir Alex has build a solid foundation in Manchester United. He says the older he gets, the more frightened he is of retiring. But there will come a time when he has to clear his desk and someone else will take over.” It seems that most of PBB grievances are taken out at Taib and his uncle Tun Rahman now. The bitter pill was the coming together of the two men which caught many by surprise and it was not even in the script. Of course it has been planned and the Sandiwara is for the Dynasty to go on. Pakatan will obviously capitalise on this and they will politicize the issues on hand to their advantage.  The following statement by Nanta will add to BN’s woes.

Nanta also said ‘big boys’ in Sarawak BN deny ‘small boys’ any say in the final selection of candidates, whether for a general election, appointment of community chiefs or party  leaders.Since this is subject to final approval by PBB leaders, it  makes a mockery of the original concept of the BN power-sharing concept in Sarawak, he said.“It is perhaps more accurate to say that PBB is not only all too  dominant but also domineering in attitude vis-a-vis smaller component parties.”

Bully or not there needs to be a STOP somewhere. Some solutions will obviously be found and it is up to BN not to be held up as a HOSTAGE in this political climate. Pakatan will find ways to up the ante and arouse the sentiments of the people in the NEED FOR A CHANGE to wrestle the State from BN. What a BULLY WEEK it has been……………..

4 thoughts on “Wow!! Sir Alex “A Bully” and PBB A”Bully” ~ ref malaysiakini

  1. Yeomen says:

    This phenomenon is not new !! This bullying will never stop unless the supporting ‘actors’ decided to change the script and and brave enough to say that over 25 years of the same old drama is enough !! Change the script , director and also the main actors not forgetting those in supporting role ! But the most important is the public MUST stop watching the old drama and actors and start looking at new actors or for that matter a whole new cast . Change we all need!! As for Sir Aex , he also make changes to be competative . If not , might as well change to the other RED , Liverpool !! You never walk alone .

  2. aki_ungkir says:

    Couageous Nanta! What you said was true Especially in areas that are not presented by PBB the appointment of the Iban chiefs would be given to PBB members and even it goes further to selection of the candidate for general elcetion

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