PRS Masings “GAG” order

The local tabloids have taken up the story of PRS:UMNO is a bully and so is PBB which appeared on Saturday 25th of October  with the full text at . In the full email version Beginda Minda did not minced his words and it seems that there was a “HIDDEN HAND” behind all these. Why Provoke a situation and its the same like the recent spat between the German  Millionaire Footballers of Ballack,Kuranyi,Frings against the German National Coach Joachim Loew. There are INDEED certain rules to follow and if you are part of the coalition whether it is BN or Pakatan it must be adhered to.

This phrase,”how can you chop off the hand that feeds you.?” takes a significant meaning. Beginda Head of publicity is from the Balleh Division,Kapit Sarawak (N56) Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) has described Umno at the federal level and Parti Pesaka Bumiputra Bersatu (PBB) in Sarawak as ‘too dominant’ and indeed are ‘bullies’ in their dealings with smaller component parties in the Barisan Nasional.

The spin miesters in and around Sarawak are saying that James is having a fall-out with Taib. Word on the ground is that he has even directed and was instrumental in asking Beginda to do it. Moreover he was being pitted to be the next “Ketua Menteri Sarawak” as Pakatan will wrestle the State from BN. Who else will be the IBAN leader who fits all the criteria to lead Sarawak? James and nobody else of course says a political analyst.

These are the POLITICAL ASSASINATION METHODS being deployed to check the threat James has on Taib. A point of CLARIFICATION here is needed as we say,”IT IS ABSOLUTELY RUBBISH AS JAMES IS BEING MADE THE SCAPEGOAT” “TRUTH BE TOLD” Before we go further this is what transpired between Beginda and audie 61.The telephone call made to Beginda on the day of question says it all,”I asked are you doing it on your own capacity. He said yes,yes yes. On another note WHO IS BEHIND IT.? Did Datuk Sri James ask you to do it? No,no,no this is the truth he said. WHY you do it? Thats the truth and I got nothing to hide. Anyway I am doing this willingly. Of course later,all HELL BROKE LOOSE.

It’s pure jealousy as PRS is united now and there are certain quarters trying to SCORE POINTS on the board says a PRS Political secretary. Even PBB secretary general Dr.Stephan Rundi Utom has said that PBB’s allegation that it has bullied PRS is baseless. He said that he has even met James Masing to clarify the matter on the criticisms made by PRS Balleh publicity chief. audie 61 made a telephone call to Dr Stephan this morning and he says that the “MATTER” has been sorted out. Rundi also mentioned that the provocative statement which appeared in Malaysiakini has been subsequently been played up by a lot of blogs. He reiterate the need to be,” exercise care and wisdom when making public statement.”

According to the tabloids it is learnt that James is planning to place a ‘GAG ORDER” on all members to prevent them from making statements which could jeopardise the party as well as straining its ties with BN.”In relation to what has been said in a blog(Malaysiakini) on Beginda’s statement Masing said,” We will investigate it and if we find that it is personal then we have to tell him off and also advise him not to do it.” although it is personal,it is still regrettable that he had made such statement.” This Statement is also not the STAND OF THE PARTY.

We say,whatever the spin miesters has concocted a cocktail for Parti Rakyat Sarawak to DRINK it smells too disgustingly stinky we say, worse than a SKUNK ODOR to even contemplating of lifting it near our nostrils. 

The reality of all this “GAG ORDER” is who is THAT HIDDEN HAND behind this…? The State BN Supreme Council would be in a better position to ACT ON IT instead of sweeping it under the carpet after they have made a thorough investigation. When Awang Tengah said this,” Voices of the opposition about forming a new government could still be heard despite the landslide victory of the State BN during the last March 8th elections. The tide and the after shock of March 8th will be felt but it is up to both BN and Pakatan to capitalize and seize the moment. A political lecturer said Beginda has just “OPEN THAT CAN

2 thoughts on “PRS Masings “GAG” order

  1. Luke Siaw Lu Tiong says:



  2. FROZENTHOTS says:

    Let’s zero down on the main issue at hand pls, “BULLY”. Beginda with or without 3rd party influencing has mentioned 2 instances of bullying. Dr. Rundi refuted that with a big “NO” but fell short of addressing the instances.

    We then spin it to a dizzying proportions that almost everyone is a spagegoat.

    We could even postulate that Parti Socialis is involved or remotely the Martians. That’s when ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE.

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