Oooh..! “Tengku Only 89 left ”

Seems that the ” WORLD MARKETS SLIDE “ today has taken most of the “SHINE” of the UMNO Elections race. Moreover Malaysians would have been celebrating Deepavali a joyous occassion for the Hindus. Malaysiakini report has the latest UMNO race and it really looks BLEAK for Tengku Razaleigh as he has yet to obtain a single nomination from the party’s 191 divisions to contest the president post. Why is this so? It is a rallying call for UMNO to ensure that the succession plan for the No.1 posts is upheld and the divisions involved are following orders and instructions.

Whats next for Tengku? Sad though but he still says that he will make it. WE ASK FROM WHERE..?? As of 6pm today, the divisions that had held their delegates meetings today all nominated the Najib for it, bringing his total nominations to 102 so far. When is Tengku going to break the EGG? Only 89 divisions more have to hold their meetings, which must be completed by Nov 9.

Tengku must have known that his POLITICAL SHARES VALUES has nosedived but he still will not withdraw from the race and face further humiliation. Tengku said,””I’ve stated from the beginning that I’m only offering myself to contest for the post and at this stage, it is not a contest.It is up to the delegates to elect anyone qualified but I am urging the delegates not to be afraid of making a decision because it will determine the party’s future.” Very BOLD WORDS INDEED but the Divisions and delegates concerned have not taken the cue. 

Party contests are even harder than going to the rakyat to seek a mandate. The party members sees who they want to represent them and bring the party forward.Though a bit of GOODIES might be the order of the day before BUT now with UMNO in a dire need for leadership the CANDIDATES CREDENTIALS  are under scrutinized more than ever. The CHOICE of the President and the UMNO hierarchy will either make or break the party as ALL will be revealed in the next General Elections. It’s the party members choice and they know what is BESTS for their PARTY.

Malaysiakini Staff Happy Deepavali

(In Picture Kaliani PRS BL Vice Youth Chief, Colin Wong PRS BL Youth Chief, Chua PRS BL Assistant Treasurer and former Sri Aman MP Jimmy Donald,PRS Padungan Secretary Rosanna )

On behalf of audie 61 we would like to wish all our Hindu friends and administrative staff in Malaysiakini a very Happy Deepavali.

PRS Batu Lintang would also like to wish all Hindu members and especially to our Indian Bureau Chief Narashima Barathy and Family a blessed occasion.

To all Malaysians and our Hindu visitors wherever you are we wish you ,”HAPPY DEEPAVALI”