PRS President Dato Sri James Masing said “IT”S NOT THE STAND OF THE PARTY” in response to Baginda’s Statement to Malaysiakini http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/91917 yesterday.

Baginda’s statement to Malaysiakini “It is my view that in Sarawak, PRS, a component party inside the state and federal Barisan Nasional has been bullied by what could collectively be called the ‘BN leadership’,”

James said,” I am not aware of what he said until I was told about it when he was interviewed by the local tabloids but he ensured that there will be investigation’s carried out and it is also not his personal view nor the party.”

Furthermore the President of PRS James said,” It is his views and I cannot stop my members from having views of their own BUT there are limits as to what we can say.”

In a telephone call to audie61 Batu Lintang Division Treasurer Simon Chang said to Natasha our news correspondent,” he concurs with the President that there are limits and hopes that an investigation will be carried out soonest. He reiterated that the EXCO of PRS Batu Lintang Stands by the Party in whatever actions the President and the disciplinary committee takes”.Simon added as such,this matter should no be brought up anymore and politicized.

7 thoughts on “BULLY…”NOT OUR STAND”

  1. TamaDe says:

    I support Baginda. You Swakias still not sick of the white hair after more a quarter of a century of raping our state’s rich resources ke? Look, he is grinning more than ever and for good reasons because he knows there are useless machais like ikan mersing supportting him. Wake up lah!

  2. Manok_Labang says:

    Comments by Jetty (The Broken Shield)

    Voices of dissent among component parties of the Barisan Nasional are becoming loud and clear now against the 27-year old administration of Abdul Taib Mahmud. Leaders of Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP), for example, have been grumbling over the way the party has been treated over the appointment of the mayor for Kuching south city council.

    The appointment of mayor usually comes from SUPP, and its failure to retain the post had become an issue in the 2006 state election contributing perhaps to the loss of six seats to the Opposition. This makes SUPP unhappy.

    Continue reading >> http://thebrokenshield.blogspot.com/2008/10/pbb-is-indeed-biggest-bully-in-sarawak.html

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