“PRS Hits Headlines on Governors 87th Birthday”

What a day.!!.Phones ringing and a lot of explaining to members. What more is there coming from Parti Rakyat Sarawak on this eventful day ? Just when you think it will not get any worse a Malaysiakini report has this http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/91935 Billy Abit Jol is the sole Barisan Nasional MP to have signed the petition urging the prime minister to prioritise the debate on the Internal Security Act when Parliament reconvenes on Wednesday.

Billy is a five term MP for PRS and also a Vice president of the Party. Someone said,”So soon after his Datukship and is this planned.?” HAS THE HORNBILL SUDDENLY DECIDE TO TAKE FLIGHT? I have been trying to contact his closest aide but the phone is unreachable. For now we leave it to the party to decide what is the next course of action. There must be reasons why YB Billy has signed the petition and there is not use in speculating.

Ipoh Timor MP and DAP stalwart Lim Kit Siang said that,”“I would like to praise Billy Abit for his principles and courageous stand in putting national interest ahead of party interest.” Lim also took a swipe at MCA and Gerakan’s newly elected top leaders for refusing to sign the petition, despite having calling for and passing resolutions on the ISA during their respective annual party meetings earlier this month.

So Billy’s action and Baginda’s written statement to Malaysiakini has indeed been a day to remember for PRS in particular and this must have been a very “AWKWARD DAY” for the PRS President James Masing and PRS Deputy Minister Joseph Entulu in a day where the Governor celebrates his 87th birthday. I’m sure in time the President will come out with the partys stand on these two issues. We shall be waiting for it.

4 thoughts on ““PRS Hits Headlines on Governors 87th Birthday”

  1. Volcano says:

    Courageous hornbill….time to stand up and be counted. Do not be afraid like MCA, MIC, Gerakan, PBS etc etc. They are the ones who do not have the guts, they don’t walk the talk. The results is they fail miserably. Do not make the same mistakes learn from their failures…stand up like what SAPP did, stand up for your rights, stand up against those bullies. I salute u.

  2. eagle says:

    Well done YB Billy Abitt, I know for sure the real warrior of Malaysian Politics can be found in East Malaysia. So it is only expected the wind of change will first take place in Sabah and Sarawak,
    For years having be friended people of Sabah and Sarawak, hopefully they are yet to be polluted and corrupted by UMNO politics, you will find the people who will talk straight and from their heart.
    Yes stand up and be counted.

  3. Stephen Tang says:

    There are good MPs and not so good MPs. Its the latent guts that they have. They will exhibit them when the time comes. Kudos to the brave Sarawakian MP for now, other MPs further down the road.
    They realized that their future is with the truth. They have principles too. They have morals too. They can feel that the future will be bleak for them if they do not put their foot down. Afterall they will be status quo even after the next two GEs. It is a pattern of the white hair management scheme of things.

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