Muhyddin seems to have ‘Lighted the Fuse”

In this Malaysiakini report Muhyddin deputy president candidate seems to have losts some friends within the BN coalition partners when he said that there is no urgent need for Deputy BN chief post. Why just put a plug in or give himself no space for any manouvering? Muhyiddin today said the vice-president’s posts held by other BN component party leaders were good enough platforms from which they could express themselves. Has he shot himself at the foot or has he suddenly found power too hard to resist.?

 Moreover he was implicated and it was also speculated that he was slamming the transition plan when he recently said the campaign period for the Umno party elections was too long. All is not to well and Tun Mahathir has also come out and sounded with his ‘USUAL” trademark sarcastic remarks on Badawi’s needs and it really has irked the PM today.  This report from another source in Sabah has a lot of political intonations and it is solid in nature and has a very hard hitting political message by PM. It will bring with it some reactions from Tun I’m sure. We shall wait and see…..

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi lashed out at Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, whom he described as behaving like the party elections director who decides “the leaders in the Umno party and whom should be removed”.He said Umno had never needed instructions from leaders who were not in the party.“Who is Tun (Dr Mahathir) who has left Umno and trying to issue orders to Umno people which should be followed?

“He is behaving like the director for the party elections, determining so and so should hold such a position … this person should hold this position, who needs to be in the party, who needs to be removed. What right has he to do this?,” he said at a press conference at Kota Kinabalu International Airport, here tonight.

Abdullah said this when commenting on Dr Mahathir’s statement wanting Umno delegates to “remove Abdullah’s men” in the party elections in March.“Actually he wants to create changes, anger and hatred.“Is it really wrong for people to work with me. Should those people who don’t speak and don’t make noise be considered as bad people…people who have never done good for Umno and the government.

“Who is he to make such decisions. This will create hatred among Umno members, teaching Umno members to quarrel among themselves,” he said.Abdullah said he had decided not to defend his Umno presidency to avoid quarrels among party members.

“Because of the contests which normally happen especially at the top level, there will be splits. We should learn from what had happened in the past.“Such talks will raise anger among those who are considered unacceptable, (those who) must be sidelined. I consider what Tun had done had actually led to quarrels within Umno,” he said.

According to the Prime Minister, what Dr Mahathir had called for would not bring any good.“Is this the reform that we want…We have freedom, every Umno member has the freedom to contest.

“I hear that there was an attempt by someone to ask Ali Rustam (Malacca Chief Minister), who wants to contest the deputy president’s post, to withdraw … why ask Ali to withdraw? What is bad about Ali?“Let him contest and let Umno people decide whether they want Ali or otherwise,” he said.

In this matter, Umno members did not need outsiders to give orders.“It’s better for Tun not to speak at all today,” We say,could this be a direct reaction to the Mahathir telling PM to “SHUT UP”. Seems that PM is absolutely right this time round as Mahathir has resigned from UMNO and he should not meddle in UMNO party matters. Sometimes we say,”BETTER TO PLAY DUMB AND NO ONE WILL SAY YOU ARE A FOOL OR A STUPID PERSON.”

Muhyddin has actually put the cats amongst the pigeons and he will need to watch his steps as the crocodiles are about to pounce on you. An hour in politics is a long time and whatmore 5 more months. The fuse needs to be stopped or Mahathirs old guards will also be blown away. Malaysiakini and other portal sites will surely give more insights to this newest spat between Mahathir and Abdullah. Its getting interesting again…………. 


2 thoughts on “Muhyddin seems to have ‘Lighted the Fuse”

  1. eagle has landed says:

    For once Pak Lah is fighting back. He should not allow this people to belittle him. He must act on those people who are backstabbing him, surely he knows who is who. UMNO will definitely be destroyed if Pak Lah do nothing. The fate and future of UMNO is in Pak Lah hand and not with that unfinished agenda old man Madey and nor with non committal and play safe Najib “the safeway”.
    The best contribution that he can give to the UMNO Malays and BN is to act on his detractors and listen to the voice of Rakyat. He will be remembered and someone will definitely defend him even though he is not in the gomen anymore. If Pak Lah just talk no action then say goodbye to BN. Whither Barisan Nasional.

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