Anwar”I Feared the Axe..That’s WHY..”

He must have feared the worst thats why… as word got round during lunch time that veteran DAP Politician Lim Kit Siang told the Dewan Rakyat that current attorney-general Abdul Gani Patail had abused his power to fabricate evidence in Anwar Ibrahim’s trials 10 years ago. The full report in Malaysiakini as filed by Beh LiH Yii can be read at . 

This extracted paragraph was a heated topic of conversation around our table,“How can we allow a criminal (to serve) as AG? What is happening to Malaysia?”  Wow! A retired major even said that  Abdul Gani was a senior deputy public prosecutor at the time and he had feared for his Job.” Could the prospect of an early retirement be the option if he had not followed what was asked of him? Was there “DIRT” on him and he had to fulfilled what was asked? The Agenda was set and the rests we say is history.

Quoting unnamed sources, Lim told the House that he understands that solicitor-general Idrus Harun had carried out an investigation into the claims in July.“I have come to know the solicitor-general has concluded that the AG had indeed abused his power to fabricate evidence against the Permatang Pauh MP (Anwar) and I am asking him to resign immediately now.” 

As if this was not enough, Lim went further by trading blows which would open up an avenue for many to support Najib”Prime Minister in Waiting.” Lim said “He must be cleared by a Royal Commission Inquiry so that we can be proud to have a 100% clean prime minister. Or otherwise,” Why an “otherwise” we asks LIM..? Please tell us as we cannot read what is encrypted in between the lines. Or did you watch the “Da Vinci Code” last night..?

 Its so cloudy as it is in Malaysia’s political climate and Lim you are not helping. We have been trying to write the script of MALAYSIABOLEHLAND and we know that more dirty linen will surface. Mahathir the “master of script writing” has emerged from the doldrums which is not all DOOM and GLOOM many in UMNO hopes. Will it be TOO LATE.??.STAY TUNED AS THERE ARE MORE TO COME………


Anwar says Zul will not leave PKR Unless…

In this Malaysiakini report headlined: Anwar : Zul will not ditch us Beh Lih Yih and Rahmah Ghazali writes Anwar Ibrahim has dismissed speculation that Kulim-Bandar Baru PKR parliamentarian Zulkifli Nordin will soon defect to rivals Umno.

There was a lot of speculation when the ruling coalition’s move to withdraw the election petition. The question on everyones lips were will Zul leave for BN? He certainly answered all the rumours when he said to reporters,” “If they (Umno) offer me the post of deputy prime minister, maybe I would (join them)…I may seriously consider (it),” he said with a laugh.”He further said attention should now be focused on his strong electoral mandate in the March general election and everyone should “move forward”.

All has been answered now and we look forward to the proceedings of the parliament sitting. There is so much to deliberate and Pakatan and BN needs to look inot more serious matters concerning the rakyat. We say,enough politiking for now and lets get the country back on tracks.