Readers Would Love This..”DAP vs SUPP”

May 2006 SUPP losts a number of Urban seats to the DAP. George Chan the President of SUPP said,”I am sorry and I did not know what happened.” Fair enough, but that was the tidal wave which hit Sarawak then. Today in the local tabloids which was not covered by Malaysiakini portal the “war of words” which has simmered suddenly engulfed into a volcano eruption with SUPP Batu Lintang Youth criticising Sarawak DAP of claiming credit for the efforts of others.

Whats more they are urging DAP to take the necesarry disciplinary action against the Batu Lintang Assemblyman.? Moreover the youth wing has said that it was ‘unethical and politically immoral” for Voon Lee Shan (Adun N11) to claim credit for the effort of Deputy Works Minister Yong Khoon Seng who secured a development fund of RM1 million for the drainage system along Lorong Kapor 10,Lorong Kapor 11 and part of Jalan Temonggong Datuk Tan Meng Chong.

Nathasha made a phone call to the office of the Deputy Minister of Works and the closest aide said,” It is absolute Truth that Datuk made the requests to the government. He has kept his PROMISE to the people of his constituency and thats the Main Priority.” From what was gathered the personal aide also said it is baseless for Voon to portay himself as the person responsible for lobbying for the funds.” As much as the Sih was perplexed the personal aide was also puzzled as to why Voon said that he did apply for the funds through the authorities. Natasha was informed in a jest before the clarification over the telephone ended it must be the “Local Banks” which approved the projects and not the government.  

Sih Hua Tong did not mince his words when he said,”We believe that the act of claiming credit is to cover up for not helping public to solve the problem.We believe that was why he claimed credit.We now want to ask him (Voon) what had he done to the people for the past 13 months.??” 

Its the time to get DAP Voon it seems and SUPP Youth left no stones unturned. “No elected representative should simply claim credit and mislead the public and so on. The culture of claiming credit must be disallowed in our society,no matter in politics or any organisation. We are now in the process of retrieving all past records (on Voon’s action of claiming credit) because they have different records in different files. After we have gathered them we would like to share it with the public through the media.

According to PRS Batu Lintang Wanita Chief Cilla Balla the executive committee of PRS BL also condemns the actions of the DAP assemblyman. We campaigned for Datuk Yong during the last Parliamentary elections and we know that he always keeps his promises. Cilla said the deputy Minister will let the people judge him and he will not let his constituency down. On another matter she also said that the DAP should not be harping anymore on the land renewal premium issues as the state government had already decided on the matter. On top of it PRS Wanita Wing had already organised a “Land Premium Seminar” for its members and the public.

The “PUNCH LINE” for the upcoming state eelctions has already been lighted. DAP is not wasting time getting their act together to stop SUPP from wrestling back the seats they losts( Pending N10,Batu Lintang N11 and Kota Sentosa N12.) SUPP in the lasts state elections in May 2006 lost 2 Assistant Ministers to the DAP in Pending and Kota Sentosa and SUPP will mount a heavy artillery and calvary charge to wrestle back what they have losts. Will DAP let their guard DOWN….?

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Obama Says “JOBS” Najib says No “ABUSE” and “CHOPPER..?”

Its not everyday we have Presidential candidates saying we need “JOBS” to ensure that the economy moves forward. Barrack Obama was speaking in front of his supporters and he says the United States needs to look after their people at home and put food on the table. Its good in this Malaysiakini report that Najib has said ,” “Why do I need to comment? Nothing. There is no abuse of power. It doesn’t really matter.”

Beh Lih Yi Malaysiakini correspondent was in Parliament and she has this also in her report “The important thing is that there is no abuse of power, whatever it is, the prime minister (Abdullah Ahmad Badawi) has said enough,” Why should it be a major concern? The important thing that is of public concern is the (allegation of abuse of power). If you read it (the messages) very carefully, there is no abuse of power. Period.”

On the controversy of the  contract to procure new helicopters for the armed forces which was secured Najib says that he will soon explain in detail to the Dewan Rakyat regarding the questions learnt. This was during his tenure as defence Minister.

 So the leaders have spoken and there should be Changes in the horizon. We just have to be patient and there should not be any worries with the banks as there is enough liquidity says Najib. Obama is boosted with more investments and that will mean JOBS. Even Najib is being forward looking and with OBAMA AND HIM AT THE HELM in their respective countries “CHANGES” OF COURSE would be happening. WE just have to hope…!!

“Man Enough Najib..?”

When Vox Populi a free forum for readers to air their views on Malaysiakini’s news reports headlined: Ignore Altantuya allegations,my foot and the interviews: the people who have spoken are the ordinary Malaysians who wants our FUTURE PM to face it head-on. Though the road seems rocky and full of potholes Najib just have to prove his mantle. 

Copied from Malaysiakini are some of the extracted grievances and not so FRIENDLY words being used. But Najib has to face it if he is to lead Malaysia into the year 2020. There should not be any more allegations being hung on his neck ready to be guillotined says an academecian. 

 Timo Finian: Ignore Altantuya allegations, my foot. Sorry Mr PM sir, not unless the PI Bala issue is sorted out. Most Malaysians are aware that you might have ‘cooked’ a deal with Najib on this so-called transition of power so it is with regret we inform you that Malaysians are not buying your story.
Sorry, the PM’s mantle is not going to be handed to your successor on a silver platter. He has to fight tooth and nail for it if Malaysians are going to have a say in this.

Lim Keat Hoe: It is not a question of having faith in Najib but what are the facts of the case, Mr PM? The allegations came complete with dates and times.It is a simple matter isn’t it if Najib wants to refute these allegations of interference with the Altantuya murder trial.
Statutory declarations seem to be the in thing but he can very well provide irrefutable evidence that he had not been in touch with the said lawyer, Shafee.
Nah! why bother? The PM believes in him and in our rotten political system and that is what is important. By the way, isn’t Najib the PM in-the-waiting?”

Tyongly: Are our Malaysian leaders above the law? Have faith in Najib, ignore Altantuya allegations?This statement made by the PM shows that he,too, is not a trustworthy leader. How can he hide from such allegations surrounding of his successor?How can he ever endorse one who has been consistently alleged to be involved in scandals and has yet to clear his name?
Our courts cannot be trusted too. For two years now, they have been beating around the bush of the Altantuya murder trial.We are heading for disaster.

This saga has been going on for far too long and Malaysians would like to see whether Najib rises above all what has been said. A leader should not fear what is in front of him and what is in store. One would always say,”IF YOU ARE A MAN FACE IT.” Najib needs to start writing the “CHAPTERS” of his book as he looks forward to the DAY he sits on the PMs throne. It might be a colourful one or the unidentified voice on the radio might just say “OVER AND OUT”…………….