Anwar says”Obsolete and Outdated Budget”

Work as usual for Anwar Ibrahim as he makes his “maiden speech” as an Opposition Leader in Parliament. In this Malaysiakini report he said that members of parliament cannot debate an “outdated budget” which was presented more than a month ago. It was also presented by the then Finance Minister and also PM Abdullah and since then there was a reversal of roles and today the Finance Minister is Najib Razak.

When the calls for a new budget and the potential of a major financial crisis was addressed, it appears that the Finance Minister and the second Finance Minister was not in the House? Lim Kit Siang even said that BN is disrespecting the Parliament and says this is a “HEADLESS ADMINISTRATION.” Where is the government and where are the frontbench or the cabinet. This is the Greatest Shame in this Parliament.’

Anwar says he supports Kit Siang. It is a DISGRACE that there are no frontbenchers in the parliament during a time of financial crisis and also its a sheer arrogance of power! Anwar went on to say that during his time when he was the finance minister he sat through the WHOLE BUDGET DEBATE before his sacking from the government in 1998.

Has times Changed that even now the FInance Minister goes on Auto -Pilot…? We thought that Najib is the CHIEF WHIP and who is going to whip him when he does not make an appearance? MALAYSIANS  have had enough of all this politicising by Pakatan leaders and BN and we hope that the MPS will know who puts them there in the FIRST PLACE. 

 If there are earlier engagements by the Cabinet ministers or Paliamentarians I’m sure the Speaker can apologise for them on behalf. I am not about to tell the MPs what to do but please ‘spare a little thought’ for your constituents who put you there to REPRESENT them. HAVE YOU CONVENIENTLY FORGOTTEN..?

Your presence is enough for your voters to say,” MP Kita Kuat rajin dan selalu di Parliament di Kuala Lumpur”. We, as grassroot leaders usually get the “bombs and also bullets” and usually its a “No holds barred TONGUE lashing”  MPS, Times have changed and everyone needs to Wake up to the Realities that you are one of the 222 Parliamentarians. To put it bluntly the direction of the country is in your DEAR HANDS.  

When the  Kuala Langat PKR MP says that if the budget 2009 is not changed, our economy will take a very big hit.” SAYA TAKUT, MANGSANYA PEKERJA PEKERJA.” he shouts passionately. In 1997, the recessionary period we went through turbulent times but this time with the global financial crisis it will be worse. I am afraid that there is “no revision or updated” BUDGET many  Malaysians will face the indignity and realities of being UNEMPLOYED.

We need to really wake up to the stark reality of a global financial meltdown and the damage that it will bring to the country. Its in the “HOUSE” they always say where decisions and concepts are deliberated and before it brings tremendous economical disaster the Parliamentarians should find ways to STOP IT…..So I will be seeing you in Parliament……..


 ( Natasha of audie61 thanks malaysianpoliticsblog.blogspot for “some of the updates’ in which it provides a basis for this article to be written ) 

5 thoughts on “Anwar says”Obsolete and Outdated Budget”

  1. Maverick says:

    Fairdinkum ,
    perhaps the new finance minister has gone on a chopper ride to get a birds eye view on the masses he and his family members made.

  2. troy says:

    SAYA TAKUT, MANGSANYA PEKERJA PEKERJA.” How very true..!!! Mps must understand who they are also. Not too arrogant and they are the ones who should tie our shoe laces not the other way round..

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