“What’s in the Name…?”

In politics who you are is of vital importance. Legacies are a yardstick to measure how far and what one can do in the ‘dog-eat dog” world of politics. Are we all surprised when we see this Malaysiakini report Jerlun MP Mukhriz Mahathir first checks in http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/91120. Mukhriz is afteall the son of ex-premier Mahathir Mohamad. Doesn’t the name Khairy Jamaluddin,Khir Toyo or Zahidi Zainul Abidin mean anything to the youth wing of UMNO? 

Surely not, at this present moment in time as Khairy Jamaludin has so far obtained only 20 nominations while Zahid has one and Khir has 11 nominations as compared to Mukhriz who has sufficiently crossed the line with 39 nominations. To qualify for election due to be held at the Umno annual general assembly next March, candidates for the Youth No 1 post need to secure a minimum of 38 nominations.

 So what does this tell us? Do we need to elaborate further? Are the 4th floor boys losing touch with their charm? Have they underestimated the influence of Dr. Mahathir? Was PM’s early handing over a wrong calculated move which has affected Khairy’s machinery?

Mahathir’s POT SHOTS  which he said Khairy would employ undemocratic methods to ensure his victory must have reached GROUND LEVEL. However, Khairy needs to fully concentrate and wholeheartedly give his all in his quest to be the Youth Chief of UMNO come March 2009. The name Mukhriz Mahathir means more than something but its up to Khairy to shake the impending dynasty down. The warlords in UMNO has set the traps and obstacles down for the son in law of outgoing PM Badawi. The challenge is thus thrown out in the open and its up to Khairy to put up a fight. If not he might as well kiss his political career GOODBYE AND SAYONARA………….


In the 1990’s both of them would be singing the same tune,’Hello,hello,hello we are the UMNO boys.” Today both of them are vying for the same position,‘THE PRIME MINISTER OF MALAYSIA’. Today,both are tainted with their own controversies. Malaysiakini report http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/91117   and also making their rounds in the coffeeshops in Malaysia is the headlined report :- Altantuya-Najib allegations resurface. Yesterday it was Anwar who slammed critics who have been fiercely questioning his credibility especially with his much propaganda of taking over the government on 916.

These two personalities in the months ahead will be either making the right waves to move Malaysia’s economy forward or their actions will have a DETRIMENTAL effect on the nation as a whole. All eyes will be on these two heavyweights who will be going the full distance until the final bell is sounded. One is not only 916 but also the sodomy allegations hanging on his head while the other with Altantuya also comes the submarine commission issue. If we are to compare even US Presidential nominee Sarah Palin is also accused of abuse of Power. We will elaborate on this later.

The full report is in Malaysiakini and we have extracted a rather significant political statement here,” One should question their credibility, not mine,” he said, lashing out at Barisan Nasional leaders and certain segments of the media for portraying him as a liar. He said they should instead put his “bluff” to the test in Parliament ” if they really think I am lying”.

The cyberspace world is not going to past judgement on both Anwar and Najib just yet. Anwar has risen from as one of the most prominent student movement leaders while Najib of aristocratic descent will do well if he follows his fathers leagacy of infusing young blood into UMNO. Tun Razak then insisted on drafting the young men into active politics drafting them into higher echelons of the political establishment– forcing them to be responsive to the ballot box and popular sentiments. Its history now and we know who was enlisted.Of course,Tun Dr.Mahathir Mohamad.

Najib who was first elected at the age of 23 is today the Deputy PM awaiting to ascend the throne come March 2009. But he has to win the UMNO elections first says Badawi. PM Badawi who says that he is giving way has some surprises just yet but whether he can still wield his power remains to be seen.

Najib’s controversy emerges again with Raja Petra’s website Malaysia Today carrying a report detailing allegations on an exchange of text messages between Najib and Shafee Abdullah, the prominent lawyer who represented Abdul Razak Baginda before he was charged with abetting two police officers in the murder of the Altantunya. The SMSes, which went on from 8 November to 2 December, 2006 raises some questions over the handling of the murder case and suggests that Najib took a strong interest in the investigation from the beginning.

Well,we did say we will come back to Sarah Palin where she was said to have used her position to get state trooper fired for personal family reasons. The evidence supports,”official action”by her inaction if not her active participation or assistance.” Of course insupport of Sarah a spokeswoman for the McCain-Palin team Meg Stapleton said the report showed Palin had acted “properly and lawfully” in axing Monegan,dismissing the investigation as politically motivated.

Is it that easy without trapdoors and obstacles going for the top posts? Surely,more is to come in the Malaysian Political scenario and if we do NOT TO FOLLOW the US Presidential Contests more “DIRTY LINEN” will certainly be hung. 

What merits a leader and a Prime Minister of Malaysia? In our earlier article we said that the person responsible for the dealing and wheeling of this poker game is still Mahathir. The 5 players Abdullah,Anwar,Muhyddin,Tengku and Najibs cards are all with him. The stakes are high in this political game. Tun even dared to say in this statement of the two aspirants sarcastically,” Firstly, about Anwar “He would make a good Prime Minister of Israel”while on Najib .”He is not cut out to be Prime Minister yet.’

But today he says,”Najib needs to seek the help of senior leaders and experts.” We know that Najib and Anwar are both his proteges and Tun wants full and total control. Even Tourism Minister Azalina said,””Tun Mahathir should not feel that he is always right by giving advice. It is going to weaken the party further.’  

 Anwar has already missed several deadlines he himself set for the transfer of power, each of which came and went. The 916 POLITICAL ADVERSTISEMENT has just died down but today Anwar has come up with another claim. He mentioned the 31 MPs who want to cross over to the opposition have not lost confidence, nor have they reneged on their commitment to crossover.

Anwar added that he believes more MPs will “realise that political stability is paramount and cannot be handled by Umno… ethnic relations have worsened and we need to change… not through arrogance of power and racist remarks.

Despite a lapse of nearly a month, the take-over has yet to happen, prompting BN leaders, certain segments of the media, political observers and bloggers to question his credibility.Now Anwar has said that he has enough defectors from the Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition to form a new administration possibly before Hari Raya Haji on Dec 8.

Is this another date? Is this another way of sending BN leaders on a roller coaster ride.? Is it another long day in waiting for many ordinary Malaysians.? It is known that Anwar stated the takeover would be peaceful because Malaysia could not afford the Thai or Filipino mob style violence.

Whatever it is, one will be PM while the other an Oppostiotn leader. The throne is only reserved for one. Will Mahathir have the final say? Anwar was being groomed to succeed Mahathir as prime minister, and frequently alluded in public to his “son-father” relationship with Mahathir. Times have indeed moved on and today in an interview Mahathir has this to say. It would be disastrous for this country if Anwar becomes Prime Minister because he has no principles.His greatest ambition is to become PM and he is willing to push to the background all his ideals.

On Najib, he said he has lost some credibility over the (UMNO leadership) but if he takes over and has a programme to win back those who have left for the opposition he will REMAIN the PM. So Mahathir is no lightweight and a good dealer in this poker game and his voice continues to be heard. He even says that everyone has to work to make the country successful and its up to YOU and ME to make it work. Only then we can be PROUD TO CALL OURSELVES MALAYSIANS………..It’s not up to Najib or Anwar or Sarah.


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