“Gelombang Gelombang MIC..Joining PKR..?”

Natasha our audie 61 correpondent was notified by her source that a lot of emails and sms were sent out by the Office of Anwar Ibrahim ,” You are cordially invited to the Hari Raya Open House hosted by Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and Parti Keadilan Rakyat leaders in Penang and Kuala Lumpur this weekend. East Malaysian PKR leaders,members,supporters and corporate sympathisers will be in the National capital as they took flights out today and some tomorrow.

What has caught our eyes is this Malaysiakini report  http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/91023 where some 5,000 MIC members are set to close down their party branches and join PKR in Penang this Saturday. OoooH NOooo!! What is happening to MIC..?  asks PRS Batu Lintang Indian Bureau Chief Narashima Barathy.Surely they do not need to abandon BN just like that. If they dont like the leader sit down with him and problems can be looked into. If the suggestions and problems falls on deaf ears then drastic actions are of course the last resort. Sometimes its bests to face problems head-on instead of sweeping it under the carpet.

It seems according to Malaysiakini report it stems from Former Bayan Baru MIC division chairperson M Nganasegaran, who was sacked from the party yesterday, is expected to lead the exodus and officially handover their membership forms to PKR supremo Anwar Ibrahim at the Bayan Baru PKR service centre.With the exodus, MIC, in Bayan Baru as well as in the state, is set to be maimed politically as the division’s present 13 branches of 3,000 members would shrink to mere two branches with 200 members.

This is certainly a BIG SETBACK  for MIC added Narashima. He was made to understand that besides MIC Bayan Baru, members from the nearby Bukit Bendera, Jelutong, Bukit Gelugor and Balik Pulau divisions are also expected to close down their branches and join forces with Nganasegaran.

Narashima (who leads 220 Indians with him in PRS Batu Lintang Division)  will not be making his way to Penang or Kuala Lumpur as he will be together with Batu Lintang Chairman Athanasius Chua and the Executive committee making a Hari Raya Open House Visit to MP Nancy Shukri (BN-Batang Sadong) in Kuching. He feels sad for the majority of the  MIC counterparts and had hope for an amicable solution. Anyway he said that PRS though the party has gone through “GELOMBANG-GELOMBANG” but now the second echelon leaders are making sure that the party stays intact. Sure,we have factions but it will be through MATURITY IN POLITICS THAT DIFFERENCES can be solved. We know that the National and State authorities have acknowledged Datuk Sri James Masing as the President of PRS and we intend to adhere to the BN’s call.  

It just goes to show that its MIC’s loss and PKR’s gain. Anwar as we know, puts a lot of emphasis on the grassroot and second echelon leaders and this will be a morale booster for the party in Penang. Samy Vellu knows he needs to act fast and thus he expelled Nganasegaran from the party due to his involvement with opposition parties during the last general election. Whatever it is all is not well just yet in MIC and a lot of reengineering is needed. For now PKR Penang will welcome new additions…………

The “Compromise Starts”

When Zahid pulled out from the race for the Deputy Presidents posts it was crystal clear that it was a “DONE DEAL”. Today In this Malaysiakini report http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/91000 headlined Muhyddin checks in for No.2 spot and some 40 divisional leaders, mainly from Johor and Pahang, were with him at the press conference. Muhyiddin is a former Johor mentri besar and has served as the MP for Pagoh in Johor for several terms.

The race for the Deputy Presidents posts sees vice-president Mohd Ali Rustam, Umno information chief Muhammad Muhd Taib and newcomer Nur Jazlan Mohamed all in the hat. Will they be a Compromise to the extend the No.1 and No.2 posts will not see any elections? Will Tengku Razaleigh muster enough support of 58 nominations needed to challenge Najib for the top posts? These are questions many UMNO political boys will ask..?

Muhyddin said,”“My decision to contest was made after considering my strong belief that Umno will be led by Najib as the new president because the party needs a strong and united leadership to face current challenges,” Muhyiddin was confident that his partnership with Najib would be able to regain the people’s trust and confidence towards Umno. Futhermore he said,”“It is important that we have a strong, united stand to (make that happen),”  These are very strong words and also a very decisive statement. 

It seems that the UMNO warlords will come to a compromise of some sort says a Veteran UMNO party member. Judging from Muhd Muhd Taibs statement he for one said that he is a loyalists and will serve the UMNO President whoever he may be. It will be sooner rather than later that he also checks out like Zahid before him. The grassroots and the majority of UMNO members are all for Najib and Muhyddin and UMNO will only stand to benefit from a REVITALISED PARTY

UMNO members have learnt their lessons from GE12 and we need not elaborate it further. They will be changes within the party and it only augers well for the country. The opposition Pakatan is checking all the time at not only UMNO but all the component BN parties. With constructive “CHECK AND BALANCE” the country can ONLY further progress and with stability “Foreign Investments will CHECK IN……….Over to you now Muhyddin …

Zahid Pulls the Plug

Malaysiakini breaking news report http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/90987 Former Umno Youth chief Ahmad Zahid Hamidi has pulled out from the race for the deputy presidency, making room for vice president Muhyiddin Yassin to tighten his grip on the No 2 post. What has made him just do that?

Zahid’s pulling out confirms that Najib will team up with Muhyiddin,” a party watcher said. “So they might feel it would be better to focus on the three vice-president posts.” The Deputy Presidents post by convention will be the Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia. Zahid with his backs on the wall had to bow down to the party warloads and he has taken a step back to appease the call for party unity. Could it be more than that? Its open to speculations and from now till Match 2009 anything that moves within UMNO will make it into the tabloids or blogs as everyone wants a piece of the news.

Still in the chase for second most powerful post in the party are information chief Muhammad Muhammad Taib, vice-president and Malacca Chief Minister Mohd Ali Rustam and Pulai division head Nur Jazlan Mohamed. Will UMNO serve us more surprises in the following days and weeks? Its the delegates and the UMNO divisional chiefs call for who makes the grade and w