I received a phone call from an UMNO member that the race is heating up for the No.2 posts. Guess what he said..? Muhd Muhd Taib is joining in the race as he has been getting calls nonstop especially from Sabah and Selangor who feels that he should give it a go. Just then, Natasha called and confirmed that Malaysiakini has posted this report http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/90948

He today offered himself as a candidate for the deputy presidency of Umno, setting the stage for a heated and crowded contest. The Umno stalwart is the fourth prominent Umno leader to join the chase after former Youth chief Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, vice president Mohd Ali Rustam and Pulai division head Nur Jazlan Mohamed.

So its now turned into a Furnace and its all primed for a keenly fought battle of NO.2 man in UMNO and by convention the deputy president becomes the Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia. It is up to the delegates to decide who they want to nominate but there are a lot of politiking to be done in UMNO just yet before the final picture emerges.

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7 thoughts on ““ITS A FURNACE NOW…….”

  1. zeus says:

    “I don’t want to see a leadership tussle and I think I would not create an upheaval situation in the party. I am a party loyalist to all the past presidents and I will be loyal to the future president.” (extracted from Malaysiakini)

    With these words I rests my case. What else is ther to say..?

  2. greg says:

    Why suddenly all the party warlords are involved in UMNO? Read in an article that “The party warlords don’t want a contest for the top two posts as they want to consolidate and project unity to regain support. What support they have anymore. Call for GE13 and tests the ground and if win OK if lose disband..

  3. telur dua says:

    If Mat Taib is a real party loyalist as he claimed to be then he should go commit hara kiri. Hasn’t he disgrace the party enough?

    Anyway, talk needs no capital, but the tragedy is that he actually believes his own propaganda. Put it another way – he believes his own lie.

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