Penang will lose one of it favourite sons in March 2009 so it seems. So it was no surprise when Malaysiakini reported Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s decision to quit as prime minister next March has been greeted with mixed feelings in Penang.Seberang Jaya assemblyperson Ariff Shah Omar Shah expressed sadness over the imminent departure of the Penang-born premier but added that the new leadership would boost the image of the coalition and improve its chances in future elections.

 From the reactions as seen on the TV it seems that the HANDSHAKES are quickly thrusted towards the direction of DPM Najib. BN leaders are especially quick with the “behaviourial patterns” and we will remember the phrase”dog-eats-dog”world. So Anwar you are not the masterjust yet and the panting of the dog with the tongue hanging out is at the moment reserved for Najib who will walk through the corridors of power. Anwar is the turbulence really over?

Anwar as we know has long desired to be the Prime Minister of Malaysia. he shares this aspiration now with Najib as both are “PM-in Waiting” One it seems is more clear cut or is it? Najib still needs to win the trusts of the GA in March and hopes that Abdullah passes on the baton.

Anwars failure of 916 will only make him try harder and perhaps to work in a more surreptitious manner. Anwar was supposed to take over the reins in the 1990s assuming he had tip toed behind Mahathir. That is history now and secondly this failed attempt of unseating the government with defectors/crossovers of MPs. The third opportunity will be we say the 13th GENERAL ELECTIONS and this will be his final grasp of his dream. For now as we interviewed the people on the ground they are saying,”The turbulence has subsided”. Bugi Wijaya with his report from Sabah.

“Its back to normal,” says Ali Mahmud, on the announcement by PM not defending his UMNO President post.  Nancy chorused, “yes, you are correct.  The swing and uncertainty that has been hanging around us has right itself now.  We can all go back to our life”. these were just a few reactions that we managed to get from the man in the street.  What ever Malaysia has gone through in the past few months has now momentarily stabilised.  Life is back to normal.  The window opportunity exholed by SAPP President Datuk Seri Yong Teck Lee has now slammed shut.

Even with PM press statement and all the chorus boys songs, the quote of the day belongs to a member of the public who claims to be a family friend of former SAPP Constituency Liaison Committee (CLC) Chairman of Sungai Sibuga,Yap Vui Hun who was also an exco member of the Youth movement.  Yap had been reported in the papers ( that 410 members had representing three branches had quit the paper.

As the norm, PM decision was met by the chorus boys (BN component parties) who suddenly were singing songs of praise.  It was a tough call by PM but its a masterpiece decision.  BN was like an aircraft hit by air turbulence after the March 8 GE12.  Its casualty was SAPP and some other component leaders and we had the Pakatan Alliance leader DSAI trying to take over the cockpit during that time.
You see, when a aircraft is hit by a turbulence normally it is hit into a steep dive with the captain and the co-pilot fighting for control of the aircraft.  During that moment, there should be no interference.  DSAI tried but little did he realised that it was a dangerous and risky thing to do.  As some of the passengers urge DSAI on, in the cockpit the two main pilots manage to bring the aircraft back to autopilot.
Now its a matter of landing the aircraft and all will end well.  Meaning?  BN will rule for the remaining of its term and whatever DSAI may claimed, he would have to wait for the next GE13 for any snap poll (if any…).  SAPP? It seems that suddenly they made the wrong move but if they remain committed to their cause and with no more branches being dissolved, they should be a force to watch out for in the future.

He said, “The photo in the paper was Yap, Yap’s mum-in-law, brother and its seems to be a family affair.  Where is the photo showing all the 410 members at the meeting to discuss their quitting SAPP?  Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim is a bad influence.  Its seems that to be a politician, you must always exaggerate the numbers.”So it seems like life goes back to normal now, BN happily doing their people projects and development programs.  But do remember, keep your seatbelt fasten and even if the aircraft had landed, keep your seatbelt on until the aircraft had come to a complete stop.

So will Penang get its former glory come back in the future with Anwar as the Prime Minister.? That is the future for now Malaysians by and large are more concerned about the economy than the changes of government per se. Most people will welcome a new leader if it will lead to greater economic prosperity but for now REALITY has set in.
It remains to be seen who will prevail. The defining moment as a political lecturer said will be ‘decided during the 13th General Election rather than during the life of this government.BN has got a 2nd Life. All the “Samurai’s,Dadao swords,Machetes and Parangs will take their places appropriately as a”Decorative” Item for now.It might just make an apperance or two in the future. 
We all know that many of yesterdays politicians whose political careers are frozen stiff need to shift their alliances in order to stay relevant. We await as always a new “POLITICAL MASTER IN THE HORIZON” who will bring MALAYSIABOLEHLAND forward for our children and grandchildren towards 2020 and beyond…….


  1. zeus says:

    You are correct when you say its a dog eats dog world. Politicians are the greatest apple polishes and they know where the honey and money is. Malaysia needs to get this changing of guard sooner rather than later. The global financial crisis will have an effect on Malaysia. You just look at how the English Premier League will suffer soon with a drop in attendances and advertising Dollars!!

  2. DY says:

    Is Najis going to stablise the current political turmoil, curtail the corruption and improve our economy? Where are the RMXXX millions of commission from buying the submarine? What about the Atanduya case?

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