This Malaysiakini report http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/90842 where Dr Maximus Ongkili said that the BN parties will pledged to get to the bottom of the issuance of dubious MyKads in the state. I made a phone call to Sabah and contacted one of my friends. Guess Who..? Told him about this statement by Ongkili,” “We have been talking about it in the cabinet for a long time. It is time to sort this matter out.”   He said my friend how come M.Y.O.B .on the Sabah mykad issue.

Stephan George showing his identity certificate issued during British colonial days indicating that his mother was from Sabah.

No,no,no your case in todays NST page 8 had me thinking. I have known you since 1988 and that is 20 years ago and you are still not a “CITIZEN” of Malaysia. I joked you must have been a “SOLDIER OF FORTUNE” too much crooning of that song and “MY WAY” too. Maybe someone in NRD has his eyes fixed on you. Or.. did you forget to buy him a DRINK..? haha. The call for an overhaul of the NRD is getting louder and UPKO President Bernard Dompok is leading the charge.

Stephan was born in Brunei and returned to Penampang in Sabah in 1958 where his parents are from. He told me he has tried all legal ways and even the ADUNS and MPs have brought out his issue  but till today he is still with what we used to call “RED IC”. He said to me that there are certain sports personalities who are just given the citizenship just by a stroke of the pen. Dompok said Stephans case is one of the many,””The saddest part is there are people who can walk into our country through the back door and get ICs. The government cannot be in denial. This has to be fixed.” So Stephan we say “YOU ARE NOT ALONE.” – ( You are the X files)

Former chief minister Datuk Seri Salleh Said Keruak has also these words,””It seems that one by one, people are coming forward with clear-cut evidence on their citizenship problems, where the status of locals are downgraded to that of permanent residents (PRs).

“This could be just a tip of the iceberg. Maybe more locals, especially those experiencing such problems, will do the same and this gives room to some people to politicise it.” Somehow we in Sarawak are not so badly affected by this issue.However if the problems are not fixed it might just trickle down to Sarawak in the future as development processes brings with it the needs of foreign workers. We cannot say we are minding our business but we need to learn and assist our neighbour Sabah too. Are we in one voice for Stephan…? Cheers my friend……!!

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ANWAR “What could you have done..?” ~ Malaysiakini

It was an ordinary day until lunch time.I was drinking coffee and having my favourite “chicken rice” at my usual haunt. Then someone said you know,today is Anwars sodomy case.I turned to my partner who was busy on the internet don’t know searching for what, or despatching emails somewhere. He said in this Malaysiakini report  http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/90793 Headlined Sodomy trial transfer: No decision today. This means that Anwar Ibrahim will likely have to wait a little longer to find out if his sodomy trial will be transferred to a higher court.  

Fair enough we shall wait. Everything will happen tommorow it seems with PM making his decision and Anwars case but what really sparked the 5 of us talking is a remark by our Deputy Chief Minister Alfred Jabu,”it would be a waste of time to investigate”. One of them said,”audie61 will not even play this story up especially on the Penan issue. So I called my colleague to get me the details.I listened to the reports and it was definitely SEXUAL ABUSE and I felt a big blow at my heart. My brains started working overtime and I asked one of them on the table,” I wonder if Anwar could have done something..?”

The other thing I was quite blunt which had them staring at me,”WHAT IF IT HAPPENS TO YOUR DAUGHTERS OR YOUR SISTER.?” I was then encouraged to see the “nodded heads in shame” and then my colleague said we have got emails. This is a story posted on October 6th 2008 titled,”AGAINST THEIR WILL”.

Life ruined: Mindy, 21, is saddled with two children after being coerced into having sex by a timber company worker.

ON a sunny Sunday morning last year, 16-year-old Cynthia (not her real name) boarded a four-wheel drive dispatched by logging company Samling to ferry students to SMK Long Lama from her longhouse in Long Kawi, middle Baram, Sarawak.

However, the driver did not send the passengers €” two boys and three girls €” to the school directly. He dropped by a logging camp and told the students that they had to spend the night there.

“It was around 4pm. Although the school is not far from the camp, the driver didn’t want to continue the journey. The boys and girls were separated into two rooms. I was with my younger sister and another girl. When night fell, the men in the camp were drinking. In the middle of the night, several men came into our room. One of them dragged me from the room and took me to the bushes behind the camp,” Cynthia recalls her ordeal. The other two girls were not harmed.

The Form 3 student became pregnant and delivered a baby girl a few months ago. Cynthia, who harbours hopes of being a nurse, is now unsure of her future as she has been absent from school due to her pregnancy.

The fair-skinned, soft-spoken girl had previously been harassed by workers from a Samling camp but managed to elude them.

Samling, when contacted, says the camp implicated in the incident may not have belonged to the company and urged those making the allegations to contact the police and provide accurate information to enable criminal investigations.

Samling’s head of corporate communications Cheryl Yong says: “We are very concerned over the latest allegations even though we do not operate in the Temela Camp (where the alleged sexual assault took place). We do not condone any criminal acts within our premises or by employees.”

Yong explains that Samling has a zero-tolerance policy towards alcohol consumption during work hours. Furthermore, alcohol sale is unavailable on its premises and anyone found consuming alcohol while working will be dismissed.

At Long Belok, Rina (not her real name) who was raped in her house and delivered a baby girl in May 2005, is fearful of timber camp workers. “If I see them in the village, I will run and hide in the forest.”

She is glad that she did not have to marry the man who raped her despite persuasion from her parents and neighbours’ unkind remarks.

The youngest in a family of two boys and two girls, Rina, 20, says life is difficult with an extra mouth to feed. At times, she confesses that she feels like running away.

Mindy (not her real name) of Long Item, recounts the intimidation, deceit and harassment of a 40-something man who works for Interhill.

“We know him as Ah Heng. My parents and I got a ride in his vehicle from Ba Abang sometime in 2005. Shortly after that, he came looking for me in the village. He offered to take care of me but I declined. He then said I should give in or he would hurt me and my family,” says the 21-year-old woman who eventually acceded to his demands and has since borne him two girls, one in 2006 and another in February.

Ah Heng now rarely visits nor provides maintenance for the family after his wife found out about his activities and accused Mindy of seducing her husband.

“I don’t want him to come here anymore; I will raise the kids myself. I don’t even love him,” says Mindy.

We say,Anwar would have ask for an investigations and we hope that the relevant authorities do something as it could happen to any of their own.

Following recent publicity of the alleged sexual abuse of Penan women in the local media, Sarawak Police Commissioner Datuk Mohmad Salleh says the force needs a police report to be lodged to facilitate investigations. It is also heartening to note that Women, Family and Community Develop-ment Minister Datuk Dr Ng Yen Yen and the Human Rights Commission have said that the complaints would be investigated.

In this day and age nothing can be swept under the carpet as the World has become SMALLER due to the accessibility and advances in the technological and cyberspace. Even a PIN could be sold in E-Bay and we hope that our legislators will know when not to open their mouths but to check first before going on a gun spree. There is a need to be well informed as our voters are more tech savvy. But for now,whoever has made the serious mistake of taking advantage of underage WOMEN should be apprehended and FACE THE CONSEQUENCES…JUSTICE will be SERVED..