Tough..! Pressure to Leave..! Hand Over Resignation letter..Its a wretched political life if you have crossed PARTY LINES. Believe Me, I know that too…Suddenly the attack is INCESSANT and its not only coming from SAPP but also MCA. This Malaysiakini report whereby Donald Lim was told bluntly by Tham Nyip Shen a former deputy chief minister who recently quit Sabah Progressive Party (Sapp), described Lim as “rather arrogant” for asking that the DCM post be reassigned to Sabah MCA head Edward Khoo and for the party to be allowed to contest 10 state and five parliamentary seats.

Where is Donald heading with his statement? Its a very BOLD APPROACH as he sensed that there is a need for less political parties in BN. Its a BREADTH OF FRESH AIR but he needs to REFINE AND SUBTLY bring it up to the BN Management committee instead of “letting loose his tongue“. This approach in these dire times will incur the wrath of not only Sabah parties but everyone concerned in Sabah. 

There was talks that Raymond might just give MCA more than a lifeline if he is an MCA member. MCA needs also to reinvent and why not have a DCM in Sabah. The oppurtunity was there to be seized as Raymond will certainly not join LDP or PBS. UPKO and PBRS was not even mentioned by his close aides. The other alternative was to set up another Sabah based party. On September 29th 2008 we heard of the possibility of the party and we played up a report which was called,”Peoples Movement Sabah or SPM..??”

What then is the name? Its People’s Movement Sabah.. We had a good laugh as it just might also be called Post Mahathir Syndrome or reverse it SPM( Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia).  PMS if you are more CREATIVE you will know what it is call..hehehe Oooooh what a name.!!! Let’s just hope it a HOAX or they will really be in a tough SPOT and also be ridiculed….(latest we received from a PBS youth exco is that there will disagree with the new party admitted to BN.They should join other BN parties. These has left many members aligned to Raymond in a dilemna and in limbo 

So Raymond must have gone crying to Donald joked a LDP member. He said,”Who is the best friend of Mickey Mouse..? So alas, the lyrics were sung from the phone and we have it copied it for your listening pleasure: Its time for destress from Politics as too much will cause your heart to miss a few beats. TOGETHER NOW WE SING……

Please help me I’m falling in love with you
Close the door to temptation don’t let me walk thru
For I should’t want you
But darling I do
Please help me I’m falling in love with you
Please help me falling and that would be sin
Close the door to temptation don’t let me walk in
Turn away from me darling
I’m begging you true
Please help me I’m falling in love with you

Politics have a very funny way of putting together bedding partners.It seems that the word “Machiavellian” comes into play. Those who prescribed to Machiavellian politics are good or very realistic. They know how to capitalise on and use situations and people for furthering their political careers. They are not frightened of crisis and take it as an OPPURTUNITY.

The English will say,”You have to break the egg to fry an egg.” while the Malays would say,”Dalam kesempitan ada kesempatan.” So Raymond and Donald had all of you crying out loud,” HEeeeeeeelp..!!!!


In this breaking news report from Malaysiakini our correspondent Natasha says this involves not only UMNO but Malaysia as a whole. This in a statement ,” “I will decide tomorrow or Wednesday,” Abdullah told a press conference in Kuala Lumpur, after meeting the international advisory panel members for Malaysian Biotechnology Corporation.

Whatever he decides it is for the bests interests of the country. When a leader calls it a day the ‘feel-good factor’ is gone and he makes way for a new man to take over. His cautious style and consensual style of leadership has not won many friends but it was still acceptable eventhough the coalition took a battering in the GE12 polls.

If Abdullah decides to let go of the Prime Ministership of the country the happiest person would be Tun Mahathir. Over the 5 years he has been at Abdullah’s back eventhough he anointed Abdullah over Najib in 2003. Politics in Malaysia will be in for an overhaul as CHANGES will be in the offing with a new man at the top. Mahathir hopes so but will Abdullah decide to just let go? We shall be watching closely………..

Will He..? Will He Not..?

In this report by Malaysiakini I pick up three very interesting and contrasting statements for you all to ponder. So much has been written about the transition plan and the AGM in March but as always we are reminded that ,”It ain’t over till the FAT LADY sings.” There has been a lot of speculations that PM will announce something significant this week before the Divisional Meetings on October 9th 2008.

  • The first statement,”Umno insiders told Malaysiakini that members increasingly did not want any party, including Abdullah or Najib, to corral off the topmost post from being contested by other leaders.“For years we have been guided on who and how to vote,” a party watcher said. “Now there is a chance to elect whom we want. So for the sake of the party and its survival, I think Umno members deserve to have the best selection of talent to chose from. If we can only chose No 2 but not No 1, what is the difference, where is the progress?”  This looks like the first clear cut signal that suggests that PM Abdullah is still ahead as he holds the “TRUMP” cards. 
  • Secondly when Tun Mahathir said this,”He likes to change positions and as long as he does not make an announcement,I will not believe it.”
  • Thirdly if we are to revert back to September 26th 2008 PM said,” The decision is mine, you can go on guessing. As far as I’m concerned I love the party.The postponement of the AGM is to facilitate the transition plan.” 

Are we going to use the usual term current events have overtaken what has been discussed and promised. That’s exactly what we are. We are after all “Creatures of Habit” and if we are to break from the NORM we feel there is something not right. The push for the No.2 position for UMNO has seen many stating their intentions. Is something bigger than what we have envisage cooking up in the pot? WHO ARE INSIDE THE POT GETTING ALL STEAMED UP..?Try telling me that hahaha

This writeup from Malaysiakini further puts more to WHAT IS INSIDE THAT POT..,”“There is so much talent for the No 2 post, it is a real waste. Depending on how the jockeying goes, don’t be surprised if they suddenly break ranks and file new formations. It gets better with Najib calling for change in the Barisan, “If we don’t have the courage to change, then people will change us.”

 I do not want to put “SALT and PEPPER” in the wound of UMNO but there remains,”Will Abdullah the PM just GIVE UP..?” Somehow it’s too easy and the script does not tie up and make political sense. Abdullah is not duly elected by the General Assembly.Will he not just feel DOWNGRADED from the previous PMs?  Something is amiss and only PM can provide the answers. So far Najib has also kept his lid very quiet. When he was in Sabah he commented on the proposed race relations act,”“I used to describe Sabah as a fixed deposit for the BN.It appears that the fixed deposit is still intact.” Is he trying to tell us something which his former mentor Tun Mahathir “FEARS”. It will be an intriquing and dramatic week for sure and Malaysia and the world awaits………..

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Umno president Abdullah Ahmad Badawi will decide within the next two days if he will defend his post in the party polls slated for next March.