Gerakan Rebuilding Begins..We shall SEE

At 12.15pm Malaysiakini has this report that Dr Koh Tsu Koon was elected unopposed as Gerakan president when nominations for the party polls came to a close. Yesterday Tan Lian Hoe won a second term as Gerakan Wanita chief uncontested. The youth chief posts is will be a three way tussle between deputy Youth chief Lim Si Pin, Kedah Youth chief Tan Keng Liang and  Negri Sembilan Youth chief Chai Tek Loong. This augurs well for the party as after the GE12 the party faired miserably and a keen contest signals that the party is still relevant but it needs to rebuild from within.

The full report can be read here :- We know that Koh’s win was no surprise as he was former president Dr Lim Keng Yaik’s annointed successor and had served as acting president since April 8, 2007.

Is this the start and a reawakening for Gerakan? What are their plans? Are they looking for new members as Sarawak has not even been infiltrated by Gerakan. PPP has spread its wings to Sarawak but without much success. There was a cordial meeting and exchanges of ideas between Koh Tsu Koon and Sarawak Deputy Chief Minister and President of SUPP George Chan about 3 months ago.

It will be a breadth of fresh air and there are certainly many potential grassroot leaders to be tapped from the eastern shores. Even those in PRS have sounded their interests on more than one occasion. PRS is after all a multi racial party and those who are already inside will subscribe to the principles of Gerakan. This certainly provides for an avenue for BN to look into as many local politicians will then be able to play a bigger role in National politics. But please do not twist and make it into an issue within PRS as this picture are only for those who THINKS THAT NATIONAL POLITICS are for them. This also does not mean everyone in PRS is interested. Its up to the movers and shakers of BN to see this “POTENTIAL”. That I leave it all to them…Anyway, Tan Sri Dr.Koh congratulations….. Let the rebuilding begin..

“Full of Fire”…!!

The heat is definitely getting intense as UMNO gears itself up for the AGM in March. Malaysiakini reports headlined Zahid for No.2 and Will UMNO break tradition?  When analyst Khoo Kay peng said that its an”eye opener”  for the party and a yardstick on whether Umno delegates are ready to break away from convention during the polls. It is a test for Umno whether there is any appetite within the party to go for a change in wanting new blood.

What has UMNO got to fear.? The fear is not within the party now as no matter what we can say about UMNO losing its touch,its relevance,its outdated approaches,its aims and objectives but we must agree on this point. Zahid has guts to go against the traditions and rules of the game in UMNO that has been followed for decades.

  • Isn’t this against the norm?
  • Isn’t this reinvention?
  • Isn’t this giving choices for the grassroots?
  • Isn’t this what a Party is all about?
  • Isn’t this what the party members want?
  • Isn’t this a healthy sign for UMNO? 

The choice is UMNO to make and they know what is good for them and let them tussle for the leadership of the party. The party needs to take the lead to show BN that rebranding and reinvention is good or else if not Pakatan will be more relevant to the voters come GE13. All the analysts and the prophets of doom can say what they want about UMNO but they are not members who can see to the changes within the party.

It takes a member to know who they have voted for to be leaders to lead and be part of the Supreme Council. If their choices are wrong they are themselves to be blamed. No fingers can be pointed as the  fire that has been simmering below has exploded. We just have to see who is pairing up and who joins in the race next. Zahid has thrown down the challenge and Muhyddin knows that the No2 post is not easy pickings anymore. Its a fresh Political outlook for UMNO and it will do wonders for the party.

Just as we were finishing this writeup Natasha got news that there is a third candidate offering himself. Wow! Great! Its getting interesting and ‘Full of Fire” suddenly. Malacca Chief Minister Mohd Ali Rustam is the latest to join the race for the Umno No 2 post. Didn’t we say that the party members knows what is bests for the party. UMNO is now thrusts into the limelight………..Are there more joining..???