PM has only got till the 9th of October to make his stand “As he has said, the decision is his,” a party insider told Malaysiakini. The full report with analysis and expected if Pak Lah does make the call there will be the signal for jostling of positions. Have you heard of the phrase,” dah,dah,dah,dah,dah” I was with my PRS Batu Lintang Exco members and i whispered to my Deputy Boni and it was supposed to be down the line. The 28th person in the room said,” THE FIREMAN IS DEAD” 

You know what in politics sometimes it doesn’t even get down to the grassroots and I can understand why Noraini the Puteri UMNO Chief wants the party to go on a road show to explain. Hearsays,whispers,conversations,backstabbing are not uncommon in this highly fluid political situation facing Malaysia at the moment. When I whispered in the room it was ,” The FIRE HYDRANT is RED” 

What a difference..?? You can imagine why 916 was not delivered by the ‘Businessman” involved to Anwar. There was a lot of different connotations and schools of thoughts on why it failed. The reality is of course this,”One cannot serve Two Masters” says PRS BL Treasurer. To be caught inbetween the dealings is not uncommon in the world of political spies and there are some who as we call it,”will go to the extend of selling their souls” to protect their family interests and worldly treasures on earth. It’s either BN or Pakatan. YOUR CHOICE- OR THE FIRE…..

 In our earlier writings we did say,”Politics is NOT DIRTY” but the ‘PEOPLE’ who has made it and smeared the good name of politics. Politics is after all “CONVINCING OTHERS” but it should not be about”HARMING OTHERS”. I have said it once and I will repost here,

“Even one has a cheek to say,”Even in my wildest dream I would not have imagined Anwar is back.”   Ask them who is their GOD..Anwar if you must ? They will tell you and God will forgive and protect me if I am wrong. Politics has a way of getting back at the very people who despises the ‘Almighty Creator’ Just pick up a M$ one ringgit and ask them..?? Even the Dewan Deputy Speaker Junaidi had this to say,”“I said I’m worth my name, my reputation and my integrity, which cannot be valued in monetary terms,” 

Is the Fire dead Anwar..? UMNO now seems to be on full steam picking up the pieces of cracked glass and replacing it with the fast forward PM transitional handover and the upcoming AGM. Even the CM of Sarawak in this local tabloid said this,” Normally in the practise of democracy,nowhere else in the world od you find people questioning and trying to upset the verdict of the people in a general election-clear cut votes on a wide scale-by some kind of political manoeuvering. He went on to elaborate his statement by saying,”Everytime you try to get a fresh mandate through political manoevering by getting representatives to change their stand without a really good cause you’re undermining politics.”

Is it clear or do we need to dissect it further..? CM has after all served 26 years as the CEO of the State under 5 different PMs. His political knowledge and understanding the local political climate can’t even be found in the lecture halls of “Harvard or Cambridge.” Yesterday someone said I have said nothing bad about CM..? How to.. and WHO AM I as I have not served under 5 PMs and ruled for 26 years coming 27. It’s actually envy and jealousy that has blindfolded many. Everyone knows how his families and close aides have made it to the ‘Millionaires or Billionaires” club but it is their association and the willingness to be part of the system. The Firehydrant is still RED and nothing changes unless we want to change ourselves. It only takes one person to lift you up or the whole pack of wolves to actually say to you ,”THE FIREMAN IS DEAD”

People do try to cover their tracks but sometimes it is VIRTUALLY impossible. In politics we have different ways of spying and the “BUSINESSMAN” with Anwar does know that. The Businessman were seen by some spies within the BN FAMILY to have gone to the extend of explaining their wrongs and trying to put it right. Both Borneo State CM will say,”I believe you others won’t“. They will not let down their “gauntlet” to be sliced open by socalled “negotiators””middleman””kingmaker’ whatever names we can give them.

TWO MASTERS NO WAY..916 FIRE IS DEAD Very likely. “FIREMAN IS DEAD” it will be when both or more of them are virtually irrelevant and no more useful. Pak Lah and UMNO is an institution and it represents Malaysia and they will not easily FORGIVE AND FORGET who has betrayed them. They still want to maintain that the firehydrant is red and not been painted “BLACK”.

When I told my Divisional secretary Priscilla she said,”We want changes but we have to ride out this insincerity and untrustworthiness by some who only look after themselves but not the FULL TEAM.” What she means literally is,” don’t take advantage of anyone.’ which is also the philosophy of Li Ka-shing (billionaire entrepreneur) PRS is our home and we need to build from within and we must reach a consensus on how the party moves forward in the context of using our HUMAN POLITICAL CAPACITY” To her she says that PRS is not dead,nor UMNO,nor BN but we all have to contribute in our own capacities as BN or Pakatan in determining the future of this nation. If we are opposition act like one and contribute constructively and professionally.

YB Abdul Rahman(ADUN N4 Pantai Damai) who in an personal interview to audie61 says that the fast flowing technological advances has meant that as YBs we need to be well equipped and be ever ready to serve our constituency. Professionalism and Personal Touch is his hallmark and he applies and interact as much as possible to make it work. He does concur with our CM in his thoughts that we should not undermine politics. After the elections the people have spoken and given the mandate and we as YBs are to follow through with what we have said in our manifestos and ceramahs. YBs needs to sincerely serve the people and the people will know where to place their votes. There is still so much to do and “HIS FIRE” is to reach out to as many of his constituents and do the bests for them.

The Fire in MALAYSIABOLEHLAND has not stopped yet and a PBB Tupong Youth said ‘WE need to put our economy back on track” and there has been too much politiking…How very true as there are too MANY “FIREMAN”………. We say,”Do not play with fire as it will burn you.Do not underestimate the small fire..”