Why Wait..? Timing is Right ~ Malaysiakini

Just as the PM was finding the right time to inform the BN component leaders of the transition period after Hari Raya as reported in Malaysiakini http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/90643 UMNO former Youth Chief and the de facto minister in charge of religious affairs and Minister in PMs department Datuk Ahmad Zahid Hamidi will offer himself as a candidate for the Umno deputy president’s position. Of course if he has procrastinate and waited his chances will be very slim. There will be some within UMNO who feels that a United UMNO is needed at this crucial transition period. But politics does throw in some surprises now and then.

Zahid was after all Najib’s political secretary and with him in the race Muhyddin must have got the hint,”If you wait for PMs decision,you will be surprised.” The path for the No.2 will not be handed on the plate for Muhyddin. He said he was waiting for a signal and clear indication from Abdullah before he declared the post to offer himself for. WHY WAIT…? Zahid made his decision after speaking to supreme council members and gauging the sentiment of divisional officials. 

Timing is absolutely crucial in politics and we always say,” Time WAITS for No ONE, Early Bird catches the Worms” This is also a political way of getting everyone to “FOCUS” on UMNO from now till the November 9th as whoever goes for the positions within UMNO are the voice of the nation. Not unless there are changes and Pakatan takes over which many political analysts thinks the window of oppurtunity has closed on them.

The battle royale is spicing up in UMNO and with Zahid and Muhyddin going for No.2. Tengku will relish the thought of Najib teaming up with Zahid against him with Muhyddin. Will it come to this? Maybe yes as the possibilities of affecting the Youth Chief Position has also to be considered in these pairings. PM Abdullah will not just let go so easily and he will play a pivotal role in the elections in March and so will Tun Mahathir. Don’t forget Muhkriz and Khairy are going headon with the other 2 candidates playing supporting roles. MALAYSIABOLEHLAND script did not really had this down with Zahid putting his name in the hat. What’s next..????