Under attack What..? This Malaysiakini report http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/90484 from the Federal Capital Kuala Lumpur headlines two Molotov cocktails were thrown into the family home of Seputeh member of parliament Teresa Kok. Yesterday the focus was on UMNO’s transition of power and subsequently the “Special Supreme Council” meeting. For better or for worse the country held its breadth and it turn out to be just the postponement of the UMNO AGM. Today the attention focusses back to Teresa who had the whole nation in suspense as she was taken in under the ISA. Seems it has been solved but her VOCAL strains must have upset not just a few. 
Bugi Wijaya in Sabah things has been equally interesting. The sms that flew around in Sarawak had a “Gravitational Pull” and it has made its presence felt in Sabah too. Arrangements are also being made to flock to Kuala Lumpur for visitations and also to make their way in numbers to the Parliament on October 13th. Another “SOAP OPERA..?” one LDP member asked. Seems that Pakatan have enough members to wrestle the Federal Government as they are flying them all in to K.L to visit the PM in Waiting. Everyone will expect Anwar to do a coup d’etat on 13/10 and thats why all the arrangements are being done says a PBS Youth exco who requests anonymity.
Meanwhile SAPP internal readjustments are picking up momentum.  It seems that the official media news has been playing the story of an internal crisis resulting from the withdrawal from BN, but this is far from the truth.It seems that the gang of three (Hakiman who I met in Telipok said ‘kenapa selalu nya mesti tiga orang?) comprising of  ‘self-proclaimed out of SAPP but yet to submit his resignation letter’ Raymond Tan,
ex-vice president Jimmy Wong Chee Kiong and ex-youth chief Au Kam Wah has not made any serious impact to SAPP.
Credit must be given to all of them for resigning from their government post except for Jimmy Wong who did not resign from his post as political secretary to the chief minister.One would expect when a former founder member/deputy president Datuk Tham Nyip Shyen combined with the three ‘heavyweight’ quit the party there would be a mass exodus.  Until today, there was none.
Ironically, when former LDP Vice President Datuk Liew Yun Fah was drop as a candidate in the last election, there was a crowd of more than 2,000 to welcome him compare to a crowd of a mere 200 welcoming Datuk Raymond Tan at the Sandakan airport.A quick survey done on the ground shows that SAPP are gaining support. This is especially felt in the kadazandusun area. 
A strong PBS grassroot supporter who declined to be named said,”SAPP did the right thing for the rakyat. Without them fighting KL would not even hear us or acede to our request.  I just wish our leaders would have the courage to act like Datuk Yong Teck Lee.”
A youth leader of UPKO confessed that members at the grassroot are getting impatient with their party stand.  This has made the option of throwing their support behind PKR or SAPP getting attractive b the days.On UPKO, as if reading the feelings from the ground,deputy president Datuk Seri Panglima Wilfred Bumburing has said that UPKO would review its position in BN due the incident of illegals gaining citizenship while local loses theirs.This is in response to Resource Development and Information Technology Assistant Minister, Donald Peter Mojuntin highlighting the case of  78-year-old Sino-Kadazan Yong Lee Hua @ Piang Lin.

Yong holding a Bumiputra Native Certificate has seen her status as full-fledged Malaysian being reduced to that of a Permanent Resident by the National Registration Department (NRD), and with the latter showing no remorse or urgency in reverting to her original status. This happen when she went to make a new identity card after hers was lost.Donald in sharing her fears saying her children’s citizenship could also be withdrawn.There has never been a case like this before when genuine Malaysians had their citizenship cancelled. If this can happen to her,it can happen to anybody(Malaysians),” he said.

Is this the start of a move by UPKO to also withdraw from BN?  Whatever it is, people and even existing leaders of BN in Sabah and Sarawak are reaping what SAPP has sown over these few short months.  If previously the Federal Government could take a laid back attitude towards these two founding partners of Malaysia, today the situation is different.

What ever you ask, most likely you will get.  This is generally what all the small time hawkers are saying. So whatever the reasons one has to thank SAPP for being BRAVE or rather FOOLISH. They have tilted the balance somewhat and BN will be on their toes. The Rakyat will not just sit back and accept whatever comes their way but they will make noises and their voices will be heard LOUD and CLEAR………….The DRUM ROLLS from Sarawak and Sabah are for real…”13/10 NEW GOVERNMENT…???

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“Formation of NEW GOVERNMENT..13/10..WHY..?”

Which school of thought would just ignore the voices of 35 Protem UMNO Cawangans with 68000 new registered members who can contribute to National Politics. Most political analysts and UMNO strategists will immediately say,”It’s time we give these calves a platform to show themselves.” Sarawak will provide the perfect platform for UMNO to remain relevant. The protem committee has shown their apprentership since September 11th 2006 and with the news trickling through that the AGM has been postponed as per this Malaysiakini report http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/90445 and also a new deadline has been set by the PM. What are their chances? Will it be a little too late come March 2009? The threat of a MAJOR SURPRISE and its getting a bit silly now that 13/10 is the new 916.

There has been some sms circulating round in Kuching to Miri that there are invitations to attend a Hari Raya visit to KL from 11th to 13th October. What does this imply and according to an UMNO protem member its been arranged by “someone” from Sarawak. No names were mentioned but its not just an ordinary Hari Raya visit as the TIMING has its linked to something quite similar to the “MING COURT” of 1987. Do you remember the car changing “STUNTS’..? This time MPs are going to be captured and they have been warned not to fall for the SWEETENERS as “the eyes” are watching. 32 BN MPs staying behind Anwar at a PC at Parliament House would just be that MAJOR SURPRISING EVENT. Will It happen..? 

The sms gets even better as the organiser seems to try to cover by just saying “following instructions’ very much like a “coffee boy”. There is also a name lists made up and “HOW DARK IS THIS FOR UMNO..? The forces which are in action seems to go all out with the “ATTITUDE WE LIVE TO FIGHT.” Nothing will stop us as “ITS A NEW DAWN”  Sarawak Keadilan is for real and if UMNO does not see the threat that it provides not only for the BN coalition but also for NATIONAL POLITICS. Just an sms..? Dont think so and its time the UMNO strategists put in more than just a ‘Little Concern”.

 We all know that UMNOs time will come but not as yet as PBB is still significant. The political landscape has changed drastically and PBB had been playing the role that UMNO played in West Malaysia through meeting the aspirations of Sarawakians. There is just an ABSOLUTE need now. Keadilan membership strength just gets stronger daily while UMNO just watches. No,no,no, TIME TO STRIKE and to tell KEADILAN we will go all out to regain our losts ground. Jawatankuasa Penaja Umno Negeri Sarawak (JPUNS), sees it will be a matter of time before the party opens its doors in Sarawak officially.

UMNO is the lead partner in the BN coalition and it cannot be seen to be weaker than Parti Keadilan. Statistics,findings,figures(collected by JPUNS)and political favouritism has seen the reduction in popular support for Barisan National in the Malay/Melanau constituencies in Sarawak. UMNO will be seen as shield plus another “political platform” to stem the tide of the people crossing in LARGE NUMBERS over to Parti Keadilan Rakyat. 

A lecturer friend in a local university said that the calls for “UMNO” to consolidate itself and build from within and look for new FRESH leaders augurs well for the party. If Anwar can do it Why not UMNO who has been in power for 50 years. It’s not just going to close shop and ship out is it..? The jigsaw specialists( warlords) within UMNO will not allow it to happen. He remembers very well that when he was studying in  Leicester University in England in the mid 1980’s a close friend said,”I Like and Envy the MALAYSIAN CABINET. 70% new faces and graduates and the young/old mixture will ensure Malaysia progress economically and as a Nation.” How very true he says and today UMNO needs to reinvent or be replaced.

When Information chief Muhammad Muhammad Taib told reporters that the decision to postpone the party polls was good for all, “for the president and the party” he meant it. This will obviously ease some tension and sees that they will be a unified stand. The supreme council of UMNO will need to rethink and will have to analyse each and every issue with a hands on approach. 

Sarawaks FULL FLEDGED MEMBERSHIP  is worth considering in the next AGM scheduled in March and with UMNO Sarawak playing their roles side byside with PBB and the other coalition partners Keadilan/DAP/PAS will have their hands FULL.  

Be it Najib,Muhyddin or any other leader who will be entrusted to see this ‘calf’ grow they will still need the necesary guidance to make a significant impact in National politics. UMNO Sarawak used to be on everyones lips but today with Keadilan Sarawak making headway and intrusions in the rural areas a minor readjustment needs to be done.

 JPUNS like a new child on the block cannot wait for the chance to prove themselves on the playing field. Afterall they just celebrated their 2nd anniversary on 911 and they hope that the 6 months will come sooner than later. The sms which was circulated is something which we will inform the headquarters says the JPUNS protem member. MALAYSIABOLEHLAND would just welcome an additional player in the local political field which will spice it all up………don’t you agree..?

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There was a shout,”UMNO AGM postponed” When and Why was the next obvious questions from the table made up of lawyers and politicians as we were having lunch. Check out Malaysiakini said one by the name of Tang and this report http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/90424  and the WHY is simple as answered by PM,” The decision is mine, you can go on guessing. As far as I’m concerned I love the party.The postponement of the AGM is to facilitate the transition plan,”

You would have thought that its a good move wouldn’t you? Buying time, as the Umno supreme council today decided to postpone its party polls and annual general meeting to March next year. But do I smell somthing here as usually when a month is mentioned there must be some dates thrown in. Am I correct or was it a deliberate act? Could it be we are in for more AFTER SHOCKS after the 12th GE which was held on March 2008. Then everyone called it the “MARCH 8th TSUNAMI“. It is very ironic that UMNO has postponed it to March why not April or May as the UMNO constitution allows it.  

My humble gut feeling is that there will be something which will swing towards Abdullahs way and he will just call for a “SNAP POLLS” to see that Najib leads the BN coalition against the Anwar led Pakatan. If Pak Lah does that he will be seen as a “Wise and Full of Wisdom PM.” How can he just pass the baton on knowing that the BN is still shaky at its seams and the bubble will just burst. Najib and the UMNO veterans will all put the blame on Abdullah.

Say what you like, PM Abdullah has schemed a PLAN which he has up his sleeves that even Anwar and Pakatan will be caught off guard. I just hope my GUT FEELING or INTUITION is wrong…MALAYSIABOLEHLAND has not stop to amaze us yet and it goes on. For now with the divisional elections proceeding  as scheduled from Oct 9 to Nov 9,it is the time to…CHOP..! CHOP..!! CHOP..!!

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Syed Jaymal Zahiid has this Malaysiakini report http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/90372 where Top Umno leaders will convene an emergency supreme council meeting tomorrow . Obviously many questions will be asked amongst which are,” Why suddenly another meeting in such a short space of time..?”  One of the items penned down to be discussed according to sources is the Transition Period and the other that the party polls may be  postponed. Could they be more.?

If there is a postponement date it gives rise to another possibility which according to some political analysts the call for “SNAP POLLS”.  Is it necessary…? Who has a hand in determining this call..? The King may yet play a significant role as he needs to determine the credibility of the defectors/migration MP lists. All is not well within UMNO and with Anwar moving towards this plan it might just be a “LAST CALL” for Abdullah to regain some losts ground and protect his legacy. Politics is after all “WINNER TAKES ALL.” I may be wrong but it is just one of the many possibilites that even Abdullah has to consider as Najib will be the one bringing the forces to the next General Elections. 

Najib and Anwar are after all both “Prime MInisters in Waiting” and whoever dares will come up truimphant. Would you dare to ignore this POSSIBILITY.? MALAYSIABOLEHLAND script keeps on changing even the major actors are confused. It’s UMNO turn to play the lead role now…………..

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“Gila-Gila to Nyanyuk-Nyanyuk”..Ooooh Please lah!!!

If someone says to you that your dad is “Gila-Gila” or your grandad is “nyanyuk-nyanyuk” what do you do..? I know what I will do… and this is something not very pleasant and there are so many different methods to solve very “TOUCHY” issues. I have always been told by my late grandfather who served as a  distinguished member of the 1st legislative Assembly-The Council Negeri Sarawak in 1947 that touching on these three things will get you in trouble. “RACE,RELIGION,NAMES-CALLING” are taboos in politics but if you want to get yourself significantly FAMOUS or HATED do it and expect the wrath of the people and be cursed and spitted on. 

Malaysiakini reports the latest sensation with http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/90362 whereby the headman CHALLENGE were thrown by the same”Gila-Gila” village chiefs to two senior state leaders to specify their allegations of not co-operating with the government on development projects. Yesterday in the star story they gave YB Nansian three days to apologise, failing which they would take legal action against him.

This was after Nansian, who is Sarawak People’s Democratic Party senior vice president, was reported in a local English daily on September 10 as saying that the service of the chiefs was terminated because of non€“performance, and being obsolete, old and gila gila. I do know one or two village chiefs who are gila gila and like to oppose everything done by the Government.”  The PKR Sarawak Legal Advisor See Chee How said that the three days will be up but Nansian has told NST that he would not apologise to the headmen but was standing by his earlier statement.

It gets even better that a senior Cabinet Minister did come out to stand by his colleague in BN in that Jabu said in the local tabloid,”the government has the right to terminate the service of any community leader if he is no longer able to play an important role in the government machinery.” You are absolutely correct Tan Sri Jabu but that is not the question in asking?  Don’t try to deviate from the “NAMES-CALLING” that has really got the whole Bidayuh village in Singai talking about it.

I can easily say this to someone,”I don’t like your face and just punch him.” Is this where we are getting.? This people have children,granchildren,brothers and sisters and for Nansian to stick with his decision as reported in NST  is like writing his “wish” to be out of the reckoning in the next State Elections. Do you know some of their siblings are also lawyers,doctors and captains of industries. 

Jabu also said this,”if they happened to be Nyanyuk-Nyanyuk'(senile) they will also be replaced because they will not be able to discharge their duties.But then it would only be natural if the affected headmenwere not satisfied with their service termination.” He went on to say that they are rules in any appointment or replacement of community leaders,village headmen and longhouse chiefs. If they are still healthy, effective and recommended by the DO or SAO their services will be continued.” This is where Jabu scores PLUS POINTS as he explained it very thoroughly without malice nor causing hurtful remarks to anyone. That is matured politics and when we use wisdom and the correct words we will be above all.

This rather sad episode in name callings has got to be stopped somewhere and it does no one any good when it carries on much longer. There must be a FULL STOP and all should come to their senses and put this “TOUCHINESS” of Name-Callings to a rests. Why is that a simple,”I’m Sorry” is so difficult to say. Ego,as we know “too much” hahaha is always the scourge and the downfall of great man. Let’s just shake and say no more shall we..? I still want to go back to my inlaws kampung knowing very well that all is settled. HOPE SO…

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Anwar,”Consolidate your Forces”

All is not lost…. Its like saying Malaysia has 6 seasons Anwar,”Hot,Hotter,Hottest and Wet ,Wetter,Wettest” When this Malaysiakini report http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/90327 headlined Anwar changes tune,deadline not an issue a political analyst said its a way of saying,” Hold on.! I am consolidating my forces for the final push.” The decisive battle is nearer as the so called informants have been identified and the minute details are to be ironed out before the takeover. A matter of time sounds better don’t you think instead of issuing deadlines. Everyone has fallen to LOVE 916 and not one person can say that it was not a “BRILLIANT POLITICAL PROPAGANDA”  

This very important political message by Anwar,” The deadline was Sept 16 – Sept 16 was the date we were ready and we have made it very clear (but) who could anticipate that the prime minister would refuse to discuss (matters) of national importance – who could anticipate (that the) prime minister would refuse calling an emergency (parliament) session when we claim we have the majority,” is like overturning a defeat to sustain another round of attack. His wise counsellors have already preempted that the PM and the UMNO boys have said all along that,” In the long run we shall overcome.” Anwar knows for well that Malaysia has 6 seasons and he will strike at the wettest season when UMNO thinks they are comfortably home.

When the PRS crisis was at its highest peak the then former YB of Simanggang Jimmy Donald was told by the then Deputy Minister in PMs office YB Joseph Entulu that ,” We shall overcome and you all will be WIPED OUT and FINISHED in the long run.” This is politics…It’s getting there as the forces with YB Larry Sng are exhausted,morale has sunk,programmes have been done without much headway, too much distress and insecurities promised and some of the generals are seen to be holding a WHITE FLAG. We have to face REALITY as the State and the Federal governments have acknowledged James Masing as the President of Party Rakyat Sarawak. Logically speaking,do we fight if the faction is not powerful enough,including disillusioned supporters with no strategies and no consistency..? The worn out generals sees a stronger PRS would mean that the party will not have a”DURI DALAM DAGING” meaning “THORNS IN THE FLESH“. We cannot be like the ‘lallang” grass anymore. PRS needs to consolidate and be a force to be reckoned with instead of too much infighting.

Anwar knows that very well too. He has utilised all methods and political strategies to “ROCK the BN Administration.” But Pak Lah has not wavered and keeps coming back to fight. He is not seating still as many has thought  that it will be a little too late for him. He was afterall,”ALWAYS SLEEPING”. PM is not just going to be pushed right down to the bottom of the sea and also not going to surrender UMNO’s position to PKR. Now he shows his resolute self eventhough he is being cornered by not only Anwar but Mahathir,Najib,Muhyddin and Tengku. I would not even give him a ghost of a chance to come out of this battle alive. But he has studied all the moves made by Anwar and Najib that he survived this onslaught.

Anwar knows his credibility is tarnished and he has met up with his generals in DAP,PAS and PKR. They have said their points in the closed door meeting and Anwar has come out of it wiser. He needs to consolidate his forces and he needs the generals to fight alongside him and be more active yet careful with their attacks on BN leaders. The political situation is so fluid at the moment and any wrong moves by Pakatan will be tracked and quashed.

Anwar needs now to calculate meticulously his next move. There must be a comprehensive and detailed analysis of the mood in the country. Now the 916 has been called a big “LETDOWN” by most Malaysians. Anwars next political move needs to be one of dominance and he needs to attack the very core of BN alliances and disrupt their strategies until the WHITE FLAG is raised. He needs ALSO to utilise all the wisdom of his generals in order to achieve his ultimate. The THRONE is there but at the moment he can only watch but cannot sit on it. MALAYSIABOLEHLAND loves this script with BN and Pakatan maximising the full potential of political means and ways…

Anwar I’m still waiting for you to look into my eyes and say,”6 seasons I TOLD YOU SO AUDIE…….” 

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Ah Jen ,”So HAPPY” ~ Malaysiakini

The word was “ECSTATIC” and Chong Chieng Jen was a relieved man. He can now concentrate on serving his constituency without the election petition hanging over his head. This Malaysiakini newsflash http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/90273 The Election Court has dismissed a petition to nullify the election of DAP’s Chong Chieng Jen to the Bandar Kuching parliamentary seat. The scene was a one of joy and happiness and he thanked everyone for helping him in one way or another through this DIFFICULT time.

Meanwhile, PKR Legal advisor See Chee How said to me through the phone that ,”Justice Prevailed” and he was very happy for DAP and Pakatan. Judge Clement Skinner said the petition, filed by voter Kho Whai Piaw, had failed to prove beyond reasonable doubt the allegations that Chong had used undue influence and was involved in corrupt practice during the election campaign.

To us,we will be the judge and evaluate how MP Chong will go on serving his constituency as the people has given him the mandate in the General Elections on March 8th 2008. The Bandar Kuching Parliamentary seat has a habit of throwing out MPs who underperform and replace them sooner than you can “blink the eye” The constituents are happy for him that its all over now and they hope their MP will be back in active action very soon.