PM Anwar or Najib..? ~ Malaysiakini

Malaysiakini correspondent Fauwaz Abdul Aziz has this report headlined Who makes the better PM..? The obvious choice with the sentiments of the country would be DSAI. According to the report. A total of 1,002 persons were randomly polled between over two weeks between Sept 11 and 22 by the Merdeka Centre Research Organisation.

  • When both men were matched up on who was better to head the country – 40 percent went with Anwar, with Najib trailing at 34 percent  
  • 1/4 were undecided or unimpressed with both candidates.
  • 39 percent agreed that Najib would make a good premier, while 44 percent disagreed.
  • Anwar appeared to garner more support from non-Malays compared to Najib, which was primarily Malay

Both of them are what at the moment we call,”Prime Ministers in Waiting.” We shall just ask this question ,”Mirror,Mirror who amongst these two will make a better PM.?” In 5 years time we might just be saying,”IF ONLY…..”


8 thoughts on “PM Anwar or Najib..? ~ Malaysiakini

  1. Warmaster says:

    And this 1,002 persons represent but a niche within the true crowd that is completely fed up with BN politics. DSAI for the win.

  2. lawrence says:

    Definitely En.Anwar will make the better prime minister. He will ultimately succeed in becoming
    the prime minister.

    As for Najib, the only thing in his favour is the
    “Rahman” theory- a Malaysian fantasy.
    Anyway why should the prime ministership be decided between a few families like the Razak, Hussein, and Mahathir families.

  3. Das says:

    We should not base our decisions on the ancestral connections to guage the potential of a candidate! This has been a “problem” in many countries and continues to be so!

    My take for the next PM? Without any doubt, Anwar Ibrahim!!!

    Give DSAI a try and you will see the change though I cannot guarantee a total change overnight but a change nevertheless, no ifs and buts!!!


  4. JOHN B says:

    My choice is crystal clear. Najib hasn’t the calibre, the mettle nor any ethics in his moral fibres to be the PM of Malaysia. If fixes himself up into that office, it would be a colossal debacle for our nation. Najib came up through patronage. He is simply the product of the demerits of the NEP policy. It hasn’t benefitted the Malays who really and very much deserved it. He lacks the qualities and attributes to be a PM. Added to all these, his credibility is very much questionable. So in all fairness Najib’s not a choice at all to be considered. Not even in the reserves bench. As for Anwar, he has my blessings. He will do a good job. He might make some mistakes along the way, as human as we are but he has shown leadership in the midst of crisis. Top marks goes to him. May he fill that office of PM. INSHAALLAH !!

    Prof JOHN B

  5. Andrew choo says:

    My choice is obvious. DSAI is head and shoulders above Najib. His expericene in prison (unjustly of course) has matured him into a truly national leader. He is the best hope to turn Malaysia into a united malaysian nation.

  6. Mata Kuching says:

    No Malaysians will take Najib seriously despite the millions of tax payers’ money he had spent to booster his image and that of his ugly wife.

    He had tapped into Petronas and EPF coffers to try to stimulate our economy impacted by the global financial crisis. How imprudent and to the extent that EPF is now compelled to dominate the daily trading of shares at our stock market and make up about 50% of the daily transactions while most astute investors preferred to stay by the sideline.

    Najib is leading the nation to the brink of bankruptcy. Our deficit is almost 7.9% of our GDP and we are in the deficit for the 11th year.

    Najib and 1Malaysia : A total of RM76.8 million was spent on public relation exercise and 1malaysia propaganda when BN government engaged the services of APCO which is currently mired in controversies.

    Paragraph 11. 4th paragraph of the GTP (Government Transformation Plan) states that: The goal of 1Malaysia…ultimately a great nation: a nation where it is hoped, every Malaysians perceive himself or herself as Malaysian first, and by race, religion, geographical region or socio-economic background and where the principle of 1Malaysia are woven into the economic, political and social fabric of society.

    Muhyihiddin says..” I am Malay first and Malaysian second otherwise the Malays will shun me”

    Najib the PM and prime mover of the GTP and 1malaysia defended his deputy. SHOCKING!!

    In the Hulu Selangor by-election campaign, Maharthir’s son, Mukhriz Mahathair says a vote for BN is a vote in appreciation of his father! ( Shouldn’t it be a vote for BN is a vote for Najib’s 1Malaysia?)

    Nobody it seems in the cabinet understood what is 1malaysia after Najib has splashed RM76.8 million of tax payers’ money.

    Can we trust this bunch of monkeys to lead our nation??

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