“Politics taken its TOLL on Economy..??

My brother in law who is Australian asked me,”Is it also happening over in Malaysia.?” Of course it is as the economic jitters caused by the massive plunge in financial markets has affected the whole global economy. Finance Minister Najib and also Deputy Prime Minister in this Malaysiakini report made a reassuring statement http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/90626 The government quickly offered investors reassurance today that the economy was strong despite turbulence in US and regional financial markets. “The fundamentals of the Malaysian economy are strong. The economy has the capacity to weather the destabilising consequences. Malaysians need to remain united and cohesive as the country prepares to face the global financial economic challenge.

But what was to come out from this PC was also quite straight forward and with it a “warning” with possible consequences.”What is so uncertain about our political situation? BN continues to be in power. Pakatan has been trying to rock the BN administration to submission but it still holds on to power steadfastly.

Now is not the time for politicking, speculation and political game by anybody. The government will act responsibly and swiftly to address any eventuality to safeguard the interest of the people and the nation,” Najib said.

Pakatan won an unprecedented 82 seats in the 222-member Parliament in March and took control of five of Malaysia’s 13 states. BN now has only a 28-seat majority in Parliament. UMNO has also indicated that PM Abdullah may step down by March and hand over the reins to Najib. Of course we know that if a country is too involved in too much politiking it creates uncertainty and unstability for foreign investors to even consider setting up their operations or bases.

The fears of political chaos in the country was also brushed aside by Najib and he continued that the government is confident of weathering the crisis as the BN is firmly in control with the majority still at 138 BN-81 Pakatan 3 independant. Najib in his capacity reassures the nation that the economy and political situation is very much in control and he knows that other factors are also crucial in maintaining the country remains stable.

Meanwhile Anwar took advantage of the season’s festivity to reiterate his populist economic philosophy that national wealth must be shared among the rakyat.The opposition leader said that “Malaysia is not mono-cultural”; as such, its economic growth and wealth must be understood and underscored by a wider meaning than is currently in practice.”Wealth cannot revolve around the few,it should become the motivator to liberate society from oppression and tyranny.This is what we emphasise to be a human economy. “An economy built on human principles of man as a moral being and not merely homo economicus who only prioritises one’s self,”

Politics certainly has taken it toll on the nation and for now with Hari Raya Aidil Fitri tomorrow Malaysians will be too busy wishing those of the Muslim faith a SELAMAT HARI RAYA………and what happens economically outside in the world can wait while Malaysians celebrate and indulge in food and merry making…..  

Loathe Him or Like Him-Double Ace..??

He made the call. He said BN MPs was given the runaround by “two Businessman” promising perks and cabinet positions. Has he got the right one may ask? Of course, he can as he is after all the Backbenchers Chairman. This report not too long ago by Malaysiakini http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/78637 MP Tiong King Sing is very much a ‘misunderstood’ personality. He created an uproar then in 2007 when he alleged that gangsters were creating havoc in the town including controlling the prices of essential commodities.There was also his statement of a corrupt police force in Sibu caused Bukit Aman to swing into action. Known underworld kingpins were rounded up and many were banished. He earned his first stripe and it has turned into a very rewarding one for him. It was his first ace.

Next two weeks ago he was widely blamed for the “Infamous Taiwan trip” where MPs were brought for an agricultural field trip. That was just part of the poker game to create a diversionary tactic so that his opponents would fall for it. At that time we thought it was a waste of public funds to see the MPs going on a trip overseas. The bigger picture was to lure out the people involved in entrapping the BN MPs who are “vulnerable and weak” to just move from BN house because the other house Pakatan will benefit them in the short run.

Who cares in the long run? They need to look after their constituencies and also “THEMSELVES” Selfish ?? Of course,yes,yes,yes.. Who doesn’t as three meals on the table plus other necessities are basic for Members of Parliament. We say,the GREED OF MAN will always see to their own downfall and it nearly was for the 30 or 40 odd MPs. In step MP Tiong who is known now as one of the “movers and shakers” of Malaysian politics.

Ace No2 is about to be unfold. Tiong was quoted as saying in the New Straits Times that three MPs said they had been approached by businessmen purportedly with links to the Pakatan Rakyat opposition.“Who believes him anyway? That is not the way to accuse people. He must show proof regarding his allegations,” PKR information chief Tian Chua told Malaysiakini .Tiong had also claimed that a businessman also tried to tempt him. However, Tiong refused to divulge the names of the businessmen involved.

Why..? It’s simple..Someone on the table has called a ‘bluff’ and he hasn’t got any more cards to play as it is already open on the table. Pushing the panic button is one thing. Close his cards for now and let the “businessman” go for it will all guns blazing. The signals are there for the taking but don’t forget who after all is the dealer. On the table who are with you and not with you in the card game is very much debatable. Just when you think the ACE is missing it will pop up..! Questionable..? Look around you and tell me who is the ruling Government and tell me its impossible to come out with the goods. No,no,no.

The Hari Raya Open House will be a time also to GAUGE who is on your side by their visitations. Don’t tell me no way as I would not BELIEVE you. A lecturer friend said to me that internationally its acceptable but I pointed out. This is not ‘International politics” but “Malaysian Politics” As much as i want to see beyond that i can’t, as if you are actively involved in a Political party in Malaysia you will understand what I mean. The theories and lessons taught in political sciences and their methodlogies are only good for the books but not YET OPENLY ACCEPTABLE in MALAYSIAN CULTURE. Sorry..!!!

 ‘We do want to forge all the political enemies together as alliances but at this period in time it will take a herculean and historic effort. No Way as the deck of cards have been dealt and its about to be the Final “SHOW HAND” TIME. Would you believe someone saying,” What if Anwar is going to be Perintah (government) soon.?” We have only to look no further than the 12th of october. BN absolutely love Tiong for his up todate political tactics and it leaves the “businessman: no choices but to go running to Anwar to explain about their failed “SWEETENERS” 

A YB in the Sarawak State cabinet even mentioned to me,” Our MPs are not easily bought over and they can try.” Is our CM fretting and jumping up and down to be caught by the spin miesters in this “web of deceit”. Only a new POLITICAL MASTER will enhance their already damaged reputation to be back in line for favours and be trusted again. 

HOLD ON..WAIT..Hmmm. Even after proving they may even be sent to the Guillotine as for the NEW MAN at the helm only needs to trust his machais and closest aides. The Jackie Chan box office movie,” WHO AM I.?” will not have been released if the dirty political dealings are not unwrapped. 

I  mention jokingly to a SPDP friend that the “White Rabbit Sweet” is now with a “Torrone Sweet” Cover. Both are white but which one is DEADLY. Would you know..? Something like a spy working for both BN and Pakatan. Seems like Anwars failed 916 takeover bid did not materialise as “WHAT HAS BEEN PROMISED WAS NEVER DELIVERED.” Does Anwar know..? Sure,disappointed that he may be but he will ensure that these “people” will face their fate when it is the appropriate time.

Personally. I do not know Tiong but from what i gather from the Exco Youth boys of SPDP he does keep his word and is very meticulous in his work. Some may loathe him but if I may quote from this Malaysiakini report,” it appears,Tiong has now become a popular and acceptable candidate on both sides of the political divide…in Bintulu, at least.” The choice is yours and we know now that BN absolutely loves him. So Tiong, the sms that flew from Sarawak to Sabah for a delegation visit on 11th -13th proves that you have just asked them to SHOW HAND. It’s a DOUBLE ACE and he has earned his second stripes.  Wishing all our Muslim friends a ‘SELAMAT HARI RAYA’ MAAF ZAHIR DAN BATIN“…….

PM Anwar or Najib..? ~ Malaysiakini

Malaysiakini correspondent Fauwaz Abdul Aziz has this report http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/90580 headlined Who makes the better PM..? The obvious choice with the sentiments of the country would be DSAI. According to the report. A total of 1,002 persons were randomly polled between over two weeks between Sept 11 and 22 by the Merdeka Centre Research Organisation.

  • When both men were matched up on who was better to head the country – 40 percent went with Anwar, with Najib trailing at 34 percent  
  • 1/4 were undecided or unimpressed with both candidates.
  • 39 percent agreed that Najib would make a good premier, while 44 percent disagreed.
  • Anwar appeared to garner more support from non-Malays compared to Najib, which was primarily Malay

Both of them are what at the moment we call,”Prime Ministers in Waiting.” We shall just ask this question ,”Mirror,Mirror who amongst these two will make a better PM.?” In 5 years time we might just be saying,”IF ONLY…..”