“A Little Too late”

Andrew Ong reported in Malaysiakini http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/90498 that  Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah has called on Umno members to reject the postponement of party elections to March next year, purportedly to facilitate a smooth transition of power, as it is not provided for in the party constitution.

Natasha says though he likes Tengku or affectionately known as ‘KU LI” its a little too late. There seems to be already a ‘deal that is cut and dry’. What more can we say.? Lets just wait for the Divisional meetings which willstart from October 9 to November 9th. In his 50 minutes PC Tengku Razaleigh stressed several times that the transition plan was undemocratic and had made Malaysia an international laughing stock. It’s UMNO internal party politics and we await what is coming up next.

Ku Li will be putting his name in to go for the Presidency and like he say he doesn’t ‘Flip-Flop” lets just hope that UMNO give him a chance or should they..? He needs 58 to qualify to be in the nomination lists for Party President. Can he muster the necessary………?


When Malaysiakini portal carried this report http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/90415 Your say 916 a brilliant move but… we had comments from

  • Durian: widely reported story that middlemen from Pakatan and BN were conducting secret talks.
  •  Nike: Let’s be patient. Let’s wait till the next general election. After all the hype of September 16.
  • AToong: It created mutual suspicion within the enemy (BN) camp, thus causing internal dissension and weakening it from within.
  • Takeda : Anwar claims the transition is not happening because of a blatant disregard for democratic principles.
  • Daljit:  It does not surprise me that many people are questioning Anwar’s credibility and the existence of his list of defectors Vijay: Anwar Ibrahim has been called many names
  • GMan: I think PKR shot themselves in the foot by giving a date for the change and then changing the goal post each time. 


These are summarised feelings of people who feels that they have been betrayed,cheated and brought to heaven and back.(or was it Hell..?) Anwar you must have known that some of the  people who you entrusted also failed you in 1988. They are now coming to support you back like wolves in sheep skin. Mahathir has said already that,” If you think you have enough financial clout don’t even underestimate BN.”

 Even the Back Benchers Chairman has openly come up with strong statements on the people involved. Of course he needs to engage the forces as they are disrupting the alliances in BN and promising the world of ‘SWEETENERS” which are rather OLD TACTICS USED in this modern political landscape. Those days,when this was practised the news can only come out 3 or 4 days later in mainstream media. Today in the intelligence network of “SUPPORTERS” but are “SPIES” its dissected within minutes and action is manouvered instantaniously.” We know that even the US who set up their intelligence system and units and they have spent USD 50 to 75 billion from 1945 till the 80’s. Today one can only imagine how high the intelligence EXPENSES are.

Anwar ,”look into the people who are with you and be moreRUTHLESS.” Even an UMNO exco member who requests anonymity said,”You are going for REVENGE on the government that has taken away 10 years of your political limelight.” True, I would have done the same BUT we cannot all the time keep the enemies close. The road to your political survival or ruin will very much depend on how you thoroughly assessed the situation and tell these businessman to bring the MPS to you and have a PRESS CONFERENCE.

 Even 2 or 4 current BN MPs like you promised Let me say it LOUDLY,” THOSE WHO WON IN 2008.”and not “FORMER MPs PLEASE”  will create an underlying political current of some magnitude. Your statement,” “They have called me a lot of things before but) the point is, if they really believe I am a liar then put me to(the) test and have a (no-confidence) vote taken (in parliament). 

Parliament resumes sitting on 13/10 you can even stage a coup de’tat with all the MPs inside (they are not away in TAIWAN anymore). Get those who are supposed to deliver you the MPS prove their worth? What now even sms of big delegations going to KL from Sabah and Sarawak to see you installed as PM. Wonder what is next.? Do I need to know Anwar..?

WHY are they afraid as they say they have nothing to lose.? I say it’s all pardon me,”B###S$$$” as they are carving you all up to protect their own BUSINESS EMPIRES and INTERESTS. The threat of you coming back to power will jeorpadise what they already have enjoyed for 10 years or more when you are inside the “6’X8′ Room’ Do they care…???

Even one has a cheek to say,”Even in my wildest dream I would not have imagined Anwar is back.”   Ask them who is their GOD..Anwar if you must ? They will tell you and God will forgive and protect me if I am wrong. Politics has a way of getting back at the very people who despises the ‘Almighty Creator’ Just pick up a M$ one ringgit and ask them..??

Even this Star report which says Deputy Dewan Rakyat Speaker Datuk Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar revealed that he had been approached five times to cross over to Pakatan Rakyat, including once by a wealthy businessman. He said the businessman did not make him any offers but asked how much he was worth. I have been a few times to the Deputy Speakers house and when he said,” “I said I’m worth my name, my reputation and my integrity, which cannot be valued in monetary terms,” I totally agree. He has the integrity and his allegiance to BN has never wavered. So Anwar your “SWEETENERS” have really sliced you up. A political analysts even went as far as how many more cabinet positions can Anwar give. Why not give all the 42 MPs who supposedly are to cross all the cabinet FEDERAL Ministerial positions. Just wait for the GE13 and save your sweeteners for then as now you have 5 States and 81 + (2 SAPP independant MPs) to look after. 

Last week when Tiong said a businessman and a lawyer were approaching MPs on behalf of Pakatan with promises of Cabinet positions there must be some truth. We were “CAUGHT” by surprised at first but with the deputy speaker Junaidi coming out with this statement it is now an OPEN SECRET.’ Anwar a piece of advice,Let them the socalled “negotiators””middleman””kingmaker’ whatever names we can give them tell their “SUPPOSEDLY” MPs who are with ‘them’ have A Press Conference first. Simple bah! WE ARE NOW NO MORE BN AND ARE JOINING ANWAR.

THIS WAY YOUR CREDIBILITY WILL NOT GO DOWN FURTHER,” SHOW IT” I would if I am in your position. It’s the TREE SHAKING THEORY. Where,then do we draw the line.? Its a political stalemate Anwar and there seems to be no solution in sight. Now even UMNO has used the transition period to boost up its image. Once UMNO consolidates and puts their house in order PAKATAN will find it tough to break it loose. A party member will see through what and how their party solves its internal crisis and problems. They will remain true no matter what storm comes. Your loyal Keadilan members will remain with you and so will the UMNO faithful. What we are really concerned is that this politiking has inflicted more harm to the country. Malaysia has losts its stability and the foreign investments are turning to other countries around the regon to invests rather than to sit around and wait. This political “SWEETENERS” is also slicing the country up as at the end of the day the fate of the nation is in their hands and it may FALL APART. They should be a STOP somewhere and MALAYSIABOLEHLAND knows there are more twists and turns………

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