“Formation of NEW GOVERNMENT..13/10..WHY..?”

Which school of thought would just ignore the voices of 35 Protem UMNO Cawangans with 68000 new registered members who can contribute to National Politics. Most political analysts and UMNO strategists will immediately say,”It’s time we give these calves a platform to show themselves.” Sarawak will provide the perfect platform for UMNO to remain relevant. The protem committee has shown their apprentership since September 11th 2006 and with the news trickling through that the AGM has been postponed as per this Malaysiakini report http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/90445 and also a new deadline has been set by the PM. What are their chances? Will it be a little too late come March 2009? The threat of a MAJOR SURPRISE and its getting a bit silly now that 13/10 is the new 916.

There has been some sms circulating round in Kuching to Miri that there are invitations to attend a Hari Raya visit to KL from 11th to 13th October. What does this imply and according to an UMNO protem member its been arranged by “someone” from Sarawak. No names were mentioned but its not just an ordinary Hari Raya visit as the TIMING has its linked to something quite similar to the “MING COURT” of 1987. Do you remember the car changing “STUNTS’..? This time MPs are going to be captured and they have been warned not to fall for the SWEETENERS as “the eyes” are watching. 32 BN MPs staying behind Anwar at a PC at Parliament House would just be that MAJOR SURPRISING EVENT. Will It happen..? 

The sms gets even better as the organiser seems to try to cover by just saying “following instructions’ very much like a “coffee boy”. There is also a name lists made up and “HOW DARK IS THIS FOR UMNO..? The forces which are in action seems to go all out with the “ATTITUDE WE LIVE TO FIGHT.” Nothing will stop us as “ITS A NEW DAWN”  Sarawak Keadilan is for real and if UMNO does not see the threat that it provides not only for the BN coalition but also for NATIONAL POLITICS. Just an sms..? Dont think so and its time the UMNO strategists put in more than just a ‘Little Concern”.

 We all know that UMNOs time will come but not as yet as PBB is still significant. The political landscape has changed drastically and PBB had been playing the role that UMNO played in West Malaysia through meeting the aspirations of Sarawakians. There is just an ABSOLUTE need now. Keadilan membership strength just gets stronger daily while UMNO just watches. No,no,no, TIME TO STRIKE and to tell KEADILAN we will go all out to regain our losts ground. Jawatankuasa Penaja Umno Negeri Sarawak (JPUNS), sees it will be a matter of time before the party opens its doors in Sarawak officially.

UMNO is the lead partner in the BN coalition and it cannot be seen to be weaker than Parti Keadilan. Statistics,findings,figures(collected by JPUNS)and political favouritism has seen the reduction in popular support for Barisan National in the Malay/Melanau constituencies in Sarawak. UMNO will be seen as shield plus another “political platform” to stem the tide of the people crossing in LARGE NUMBERS over to Parti Keadilan Rakyat. 

A lecturer friend in a local university said that the calls for “UMNO” to consolidate itself and build from within and look for new FRESH leaders augurs well for the party. If Anwar can do it Why not UMNO who has been in power for 50 years. It’s not just going to close shop and ship out is it..? The jigsaw specialists( warlords) within UMNO will not allow it to happen. He remembers very well that when he was studying in  Leicester University in England in the mid 1980’s a close friend said,”I Like and Envy the MALAYSIAN CABINET. 70% new faces and graduates and the young/old mixture will ensure Malaysia progress economically and as a Nation.” How very true he says and today UMNO needs to reinvent or be replaced.

When Information chief Muhammad Muhammad Taib told reporters that the decision to postpone the party polls was good for all, “for the president and the party” he meant it. This will obviously ease some tension and sees that they will be a unified stand. The supreme council of UMNO will need to rethink and will have to analyse each and every issue with a hands on approach. 

Sarawaks FULL FLEDGED MEMBERSHIP  is worth considering in the next AGM scheduled in March and with UMNO Sarawak playing their roles side byside with PBB and the other coalition partners Keadilan/DAP/PAS will have their hands FULL.  

Be it Najib,Muhyddin or any other leader who will be entrusted to see this ‘calf’ grow they will still need the necesary guidance to make a significant impact in National politics. UMNO Sarawak used to be on everyones lips but today with Keadilan Sarawak making headway and intrusions in the rural areas a minor readjustment needs to be done.

 JPUNS like a new child on the block cannot wait for the chance to prove themselves on the playing field. Afterall they just celebrated their 2nd anniversary on 911 and they hope that the 6 months will come sooner than later. The sms which was circulated is something which we will inform the headquarters says the JPUNS protem member. MALAYSIABOLEHLAND would just welcome an additional player in the local political field which will spice it all up………don’t you agree..?

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5 thoughts on ““Formation of NEW GOVERNMENT..13/10..WHY..?”

  1. Lim says:

    Way to go and the plot thickens dont you think. 13/10 is a date to look forward too. Anwar is really trying whatever way to do it. Good luck to him

  2. TAP AUDIE's BRAIN! says:

    Whaever it is, whoever it is, PKR or UMNO or even PBB or PRS, if they do not know how to tap your brain and strength don’t deserve to govern.

    Looks like the divide and rule game are here in Sarawak now……

  3. YCT says:

    People are fed up with all these so call politician, it is always only about their interest, where are the people’s interest? The whole country is on auto pilot and no one give a damn about it. I guess they will only wake up when it crash, or will they?

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