Syed Jaymal Zahiid has this Malaysiakini report http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/90372 where Top Umno leaders will convene an emergency supreme council meeting tomorrow . Obviously many questions will be asked amongst which are,” Why suddenly another meeting in such a short space of time..?”  One of the items penned down to be discussed according to sources is the Transition Period and the other that the party polls may be  postponed. Could they be more.?

If there is a postponement date it gives rise to another possibility which according to some political analysts the call for “SNAP POLLS”.  Is it necessary…? Who has a hand in determining this call..? The King may yet play a significant role as he needs to determine the credibility of the defectors/migration MP lists. All is not well within UMNO and with Anwar moving towards this plan it might just be a “LAST CALL” for Abdullah to regain some losts ground and protect his legacy. Politics is after all “WINNER TAKES ALL.” I may be wrong but it is just one of the many possibilites that even Abdullah has to consider as Najib will be the one bringing the forces to the next General Elections. 

Najib and Anwar are after all both “Prime MInisters in Waiting” and whoever dares will come up truimphant. Would you dare to ignore this POSSIBILITY.? MALAYSIABOLEHLAND script keeps on changing even the major actors are confused. It’s UMNO turn to play the lead role now…………..

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13 thoughts on ““UMNO…???”

  1. daisy dee says:

    Eeee cannot wait! Hope they postpone to go for another SNAP POLLS.Once and for all. The country needs to move forward and the bests way to solve is to go back to the people.

  2. evelyn says:

    Too manu uncertainties might as well go for another GE. Then whoever wins will rule for 5 years. Fair is fair the people will give the mandate.

  3. Chan Ah Fatt says:

    Good, means more money to makt and this time my vote os for sale RM5,000.00. Cheap Cheap only, cos if you are elected, you get much more.

    I also want to stand as independant against Syed Hamid Albar.

  4. ct says:

    Audie, sometimes I wonder when the politician will start WORKING! All these politiking is making me so sick. They are so preoccupied with the transition problem. And Anwar is so preoccupied in shooting off his numbers thingy.Pak lah should realise ( what a hope!) if he just carry on his responsibility as a PM well, things will work out ok for him. OUr country is surely going on the reverse (already) and yet the leaders still can afford to main, main politic. Adui malaysia will soon be in the stone age again.

  5. audie61 says:

    Ct,I am also losts for words already.Too much politiking i agree and it seems that all the war lords are having a say. They want to stay relevant thats why all the problems..

  6. Pakatan Sabah says:

    Alamak… Go!Malaysian… How come you don know where all the “SUBSIDI”….
    1/6 development fund for Sabah
    1/6 development fund for Sarawak
    2/6 development fund for West M’sia
    2/6 development fund for UMNO & cronnnnniiiieeesss…
    Oh yah… 1 think that i wan 2 share with u all is that since March 13, the most Cemerlang, Gemilang dan Terbilang idea dari PM ialah mengadakan 13th GE!!!
    Sekian dan didahului dengan ucapan jutaan terima kasih kepada DSAAB.

  7. Chan Ah Fatt says:

    Soalan Matematik Mudah…

    Harga minyak di bulan September kira kira 1 barrel = USD$ 105.00

    USD$1.00 = RM3.45
    1 barrel = 158.9873 litres
    maka harga 1 liter minyak sebenarnya
    US$ 105 X 3.45 / 158.9873 = RM2.27/litre

    Mana pergi RM0.18 dan subsidi RM0.30???

    Dipetik dari…


    Into the pocket of BN Politicians.


    Sarawak Politicians can not act because the are obligated to CM for a unit if gleaming Limo bought with AP issued by gomen.

    This information from Party Insider.

    Larry Sng try to get back to DSAI, but was rejected as the abah is a man on no principles and this very true and i look at him like a wolf in sheep’s skin that is a chinese trying to represent the natives.

  8. Chan Ah Fatt says:

    Also Ah Jen win his case, so Larry Sng politically finis as his father-in-law no power with UMNO or UMNO no more power liao

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