Syed Jaymal Zahiid has this Malaysiakini report http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/90372 where Top Umno leaders will convene an emergency supreme council meeting tomorrow . Obviously many questions will be asked amongst which are,” Why suddenly another meeting in such a short space of time..?”  One of the items penned down to be discussed according to sources is the Transition Period and the other that the party polls may be  postponed. Could they be more.?

If there is a postponement date it gives rise to another possibility which according to some political analysts the call for “SNAP POLLS”.  Is it necessary…? Who has a hand in determining this call..? The King may yet play a significant role as he needs to determine the credibility of the defectors/migration MP lists. All is not well within UMNO and with Anwar moving towards this plan it might just be a “LAST CALL” for Abdullah to regain some losts ground and protect his legacy. Politics is after all “WINNER TAKES ALL.” I may be wrong but it is just one of the many possibilites that even Abdullah has to consider as Najib will be the one bringing the forces to the next General Elections. 

Najib and Anwar are after all both “Prime MInisters in Waiting” and whoever dares will come up truimphant. Would you dare to ignore this POSSIBILITY.? MALAYSIABOLEHLAND script keeps on changing even the major actors are confused. It’s UMNO turn to play the lead role now…………..

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“Gila-Gila to Nyanyuk-Nyanyuk”..Ooooh Please lah!!!

If someone says to you that your dad is “Gila-Gila” or your grandad is “nyanyuk-nyanyuk” what do you do..? I know what I will do… and this is something not very pleasant and there are so many different methods to solve very “TOUCHY” issues. I have always been told by my late grandfather who served as a  distinguished member of the 1st legislative Assembly-The Council Negeri Sarawak in 1947 that touching on these three things will get you in trouble. “RACE,RELIGION,NAMES-CALLING” are taboos in politics but if you want to get yourself significantly FAMOUS or HATED do it and expect the wrath of the people and be cursed and spitted on. 

Malaysiakini reports the latest sensation with http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/90362 whereby the headman CHALLENGE were thrown by the same”Gila-Gila” village chiefs to two senior state leaders to specify their allegations of not co-operating with the government on development projects. Yesterday in the star story they gave YB Nansian three days to apologise, failing which they would take legal action against him.

This was after Nansian, who is Sarawak People’s Democratic Party senior vice president, was reported in a local English daily on September 10 as saying that the service of the chiefs was terminated because of non€“performance, and being obsolete, old and gila gila. I do know one or two village chiefs who are gila gila and like to oppose everything done by the Government.”  The PKR Sarawak Legal Advisor See Chee How said that the three days will be up but Nansian has told NST that he would not apologise to the headmen but was standing by his earlier statement.

It gets even better that a senior Cabinet Minister did come out to stand by his colleague in BN in that Jabu said in the local tabloid,”the government has the right to terminate the service of any community leader if he is no longer able to play an important role in the government machinery.” You are absolutely correct Tan Sri Jabu but that is not the question in asking?  Don’t try to deviate from the “NAMES-CALLING” that has really got the whole Bidayuh village in Singai talking about it.

I can easily say this to someone,”I don’t like your face and just punch him.” Is this where we are getting.? This people have children,granchildren,brothers and sisters and for Nansian to stick with his decision as reported in NST  is like writing his “wish” to be out of the reckoning in the next State Elections. Do you know some of their siblings are also lawyers,doctors and captains of industries. 

Jabu also said this,”if they happened to be Nyanyuk-Nyanyuk'(senile) they will also be replaced because they will not be able to discharge their duties.But then it would only be natural if the affected headmenwere not satisfied with their service termination.” He went on to say that they are rules in any appointment or replacement of community leaders,village headmen and longhouse chiefs. If they are still healthy, effective and recommended by the DO or SAO their services will be continued.” This is where Jabu scores PLUS POINTS as he explained it very thoroughly without malice nor causing hurtful remarks to anyone. That is matured politics and when we use wisdom and the correct words we will be above all.

This rather sad episode in name callings has got to be stopped somewhere and it does no one any good when it carries on much longer. There must be a FULL STOP and all should come to their senses and put this “TOUCHINESS” of Name-Callings to a rests. Why is that a simple,”I’m Sorry” is so difficult to say. Ego,as we know “too much” hahaha is always the scourge and the downfall of great man. Let’s just shake and say no more shall we..? I still want to go back to my inlaws kampung knowing very well that all is settled. HOPE SO…

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