Ah Jen ,”So HAPPY” ~ Malaysiakini

The word was “ECSTATIC” and Chong Chieng Jen was a relieved man. He can now concentrate on serving his constituency without the election petition hanging over his head. This Malaysiakini newsflash http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/90273 The Election Court has dismissed a petition to nullify the election of DAP’s Chong Chieng Jen to the Bandar Kuching parliamentary seat. The scene was a one of joy and happiness and he thanked everyone for helping him in one way or another through this DIFFICULT time.

Meanwhile, PKR Legal advisor See Chee How said to me through the phone that ,”Justice Prevailed” and he was very happy for DAP and Pakatan. Judge Clement Skinner said the petition, filed by voter Kho Whai Piaw, had failed to prove beyond reasonable doubt the allegations that Chong had used undue influence and was involved in corrupt practice during the election campaign.

To us,we will be the judge and evaluate how MP Chong will go on serving his constituency as the people has given him the mandate in the General Elections on March 8th 2008. The Bandar Kuching Parliamentary seat has a habit of throwing out MPs who underperform and replace them sooner than you can “blink the eye” The constituents are happy for him that its all over now and they hope their MP will be back in active action very soon.


3 thoughts on “Ah Jen ,”So HAPPY” ~ Malaysiakini

  1. Eagle has landed says:

    It is good for him and can concentrate on what he needs to do. Can you spread out Bandar kuching its so congested and surely you can do better. Will never forget Kuching city, nostalgic and a place to visit. A gateway to the East–SARAWAK AND SABAH. Sarawakians and Sabahans!!! the birth of KETUANAN RAKYAT.

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