“True or False..??” ~ Malaysiakini

When Malaysiakini has this report http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/90218 headlined Pakatan says in handover talks with government I called Cindy my colleague in Sabah. First thing was,” True or False..? She said,” What say you huh…?” My answer,” Let them play their political mind games while we just sit back and laugh at all the political MOVIESTARS making a fool of themselves.

Too many dates by Pakatan 916,2309 and now Tian Chua even say this I quote,” said there had been several meetings since the weekend between “our middleperson and Abdullah’s middleperson”.Our intention in holding them is for a transition of power to the opposition but I cannot speak for the other side,” Believe me Cindy, as even Wong Chun Wai’s blog has this ,” Now, Tian Chua has announced Oct 1 as the new date for for the formation of a new government, saying the Pakatan Rakyat wanted to have a round of negotiation with the PM.

So my fellow Malaysians, the script for MALAYSIABOLEHLAND is also incorporating “True or False” with the spin miesters trying to cover their wrongs to make a right. Let them amaze us further as it will not be long now. Taro Aso is expected to be the new Japanese PM soon. Will Malaysia see a change..? Only a week more. Sit back and WATCH……….

Anwar”D-Day 1310..???”

This Malaysiakini report http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/90212 headlined :Battle royal in UMNO  Will Najib sink or swim has been solved . The ball is on Anwars feet now to see whether the battle of the presidency of UMNO goes the full distance to December 21st 2008. Parliament sitting on 13th of October will be the day when Anwar calls for a no confidence vote against the PM.

Will it even see the light of the day as Anwar will be facing his sodomy trial case on Friday the 26th of September. I have already said that we must not underestimate UMNO and they will not go down without a fight. Though the UMNO party warlords are still reeling from the sharp setbacks in the March general election they will counter all serious threats by Anwar to just walk in and take over the ruling of the country.

Time and time again Anwar has declared that his coalition intends to eject the Umno-led Barisan Nasional coalition in coming weeks through the defections of elected representatives from the government. Can he achieve it..? PM has flatly refused to entertain the requests for an emergency Parliamentary session and the only obvious choice in th Malaysian constitution is October 13th where Parliament resumes sitting.

Anwar has seen what he now calls the “symbolic date” of 916 come and go.Next move after Abdullah refused to entertain their requests is to see the KIng. Abdullah must have also briefed the KIng that he has afterall secured the mandate from his party UMNO to go for the Presidency with a majority agreeing to the transition period with Najib. Anwar will argue he has more than 31 defectors/crossovers/migrations to head a new Government and be duly installed as the next PM. The endgame is very near for both Abdullah and Anwar.

The King will not be brought in if necessary to  resolve this issue once and for all. It is obvious that if Barisan Nasional has the majority Abdullah will continue to rule and Pakatan Rakyat will accept it. But the question remains whether they will be more than 30 MPs willing to march together with Anwar and sit and wait at the gates for an audience with the KIng. If the King even decides to see Anwar they will be still some hurdles to clear. The path will not be easy for Anwar and for that matter 1310 at Parliament is still a better avenue and the place to make it happen. Anwar and Pakatan has indeed stirred up the “HORNETS NEST “ and they must be really prepared to face the consequences.