Anwar,”Who is in Control..?” ~ Malaysiakini

Malaysian political history will not even have a chapter let alone a page which will have a PM who lost his leadership. How is it done..? Simple by just crossovers/migrations/defections and a no confidence vote by the same MPs who were given the TICKET to stand when he SIGNED the papers. This would be unthinkable. Surely,in his wildest dream they will not just let him hang out to dry. They just cannot do that and on top of that 42 were claimed and now more than 32 Parliamentarians. The pressure now is to neutralise the unthinkable.

Political manouverings by Penang UMNO Abdullahs homestate as this Malaysiakini report somehow relates to this rather unique situation. Anwar was missing in Permatang Pauh over the weekend and UMNO Penang engaged Anwar headon. You can go on and try negotiating with BN MPs we make sure our”BOSS” secures the UMNO presidential nomination. Also closely related to all this is BN Backbenchers Club chairperson Tiong King Sing  statement which caught the imagination of the Malaysian public,”Secret Lists Revealed” and who is behind it. Its inter-related and Politics in this day and age you have to move the big wheels faster than you can say.”I GOT YOU” . 

The events of the last few months have tested Malaysia’s Parliamentarians credibility to the fullest.They are putting their honour and trusts on the line as they will telling their constituents that their choice will be a wise one. Will it matter? Anwar keeps on saying that his calvary charge to Putra Jaya is on track. Even PKR strategist Saifuddin Nasution said Pakatan Rakyat had started its “countdown” for the takeover and things were moving according to plan.  Saifuddin said a detailed and comprehensive planning was necessary because the takeover of Government was a process that had never been done before in Malaysia.There is also the possibility of an emergency or snap elections. Is PM in control or is Anwar?

If you read between the lines of this statement by Umno Information Chief Tan Sri MuhammadMuhammad Taib slamming “opportunists” who leaked information on matters discussed in the party’s supreme council meeting its like telling Anwars boys that UMNO is still relevant. We might have our differences inside the meeting rooms which Anwar has experienced himself but we will solve it.

Pakatan needs to read what UMNO is telling the country. We are not about to lose one of ours to a takeover bid. Where is UMNO going to put its face? It’s not about Abdullah but the party which has govern the country since independance. If  UMNO loses it at the polls it is still “questionably acceptable” as the people have spoken. Anwar knows this challenge and he will be advised as Muhyddin has been specifically told to TOE THE LINE. 

The stage is set and Anwar knows that he needs to push his agenda to stay relevant. The pressure from the Penang boys is sending a message to the rests of UMNO states that it will not stop here. The PM will get to the bottom of all this once he has secured his safety net. The oppurtunists and the MP middleman will all feel the heat and its bests that they make their way to a more cooling environment. MALAYSIABOLEHLAND as we say will still see a few more turns and twists and PM will keep on telling Anwar be ready for more “POW-WOWS.!!!


“58”- Battles Lines Clear” ~ Malaysiakini

In this Malaysiakini report this message by Muhyddin Trade Minister and Umno vice president is the clearest message to PM. You get your 58 nominations from the 191 Divisions or you face the an early exit. Indeed the battle lines are crystal clear and it has sparked Abdullah’s supporters anger and determination to protect their “BOSS”.

According to our sources within UMNO, Abdullah’s camp will hit the ground and conduct a no-holds-barred campaign for the next few weeks to ensure that he gets the nominations when Umno divisions begin their divisional meetings which is scheduled to be held from October 9th to November 9th. Umno’s constitution in this instance cannot be bend as too much hinges on this Presidential race and the magical number is 58.

Muhyddin made another scathing attack at Abdullah as he said,” On Abdullah’s plan to hand over to his deputy Najib Abdul Razak. What has been agreed upon is only a convention. There is no such provision in the constitution,” he said. “We don’t elect leaders unconstitutionally, we elect leaders based on procedures.” It is another message that all is not well within the UMNO camp and there are indications that it will be another Team A and Team B affair. Where and Who does Najib go with is still unclear as any wrong move by him will see his handover plan with PM torn and shredded to bits. 

Pak Lah has set the motion and to him according to most political pundits is the fight for the UMNO nominations. Anwar cannot touch him as the constitution of the country does not allow him to do so and as such his battle lines are to keep Najib in check. Najib has the stronger support base but he needs to be reminded that history has a way of coming to counter check someone and its bests that Najib plays the role of “royal jester” for now.  Najib knows he needs a “UNITED UMNO” behind him and any furhter division amongst the rank and file will do more damage to him in the long run. Anwar is just waiting in the wings to capitalise on any wrong moves by the UMNO top boys and he will use this as and oppurtunity to push his own agenda through.

 We say that Najib will support the 58 nominations required by Abdullah as he sees that this is the ONLY way he stays clear of further issues and slanders against him. He can afford to wait and he will use this oppurtunity to single mindedly stay behind the “BOSS’ and avoid being chopped and fed to the “SHARKS”. Abdullah has his battle lines drawn which Muhyddin will be BESTS ADVISED not to confront it and Najib has his war infront of him against Anwar.