Anwar,Najib “NAaaah” I Knew It ~ Ref Malaysiakini

Malaysiakini has this report headlined PM under new pressure to quit. To me, this is only natural as in the Supreme Council (SC) meeting there are always groupings and we call it “allies’ The division chiefs are also allied to the SC members and they will listen to their own men.

This statement by the Information Chief of UMNO Muhammad Muhammad Taib,” The four of them spoke and said this to the prime minister… but it was not the majority speaking. There are more than 30 supreme council members and not all are in unison, asking the PM to resign.” Was the PM happy..? Of course not, though visibly upset and saddened but he will ride out the crisis.

Pressure certainly, there is no denial as it comes with the job as the Prime Minister of Malaysia and President of UMNO. The only question is how much can he as a person take? Honestly, that he has to answer himself. He has to believe in his own “TEAM” and they will not just betray him, as too much is riding on him securing the 58 nominations for the posts of President for the transitional period until the handover to Najib.

I remember that before our crisis in Party Rakyat Sarawak there was also this dissatisfaction and we were all divided into two teams. One under the President the other under the Deputy. There was a scheduled meeting in the afternoon for the 9th PRS SC meeting and one group met to discussed how we have losts the confidence of the President. Pre-planned questions were asked and the vocal ones were picked.

The whole of Kuching had heard about this meeting and the press came in full force numbering nearly 30 of them. One was pre-planned and the other was a pre-emptive move taken by the President. The rests is history they say and you know who is still the President of PRS today, What can I say..? Its still Datuk Sri James Masing. It will not be any different for Abdullah as all the chips are in his hands and its up for him to play which number on that roulette table.

Interesting enough my lecturer friend said this,”Isn’t there 2 (Najib) and (Anwar) Prime Ministers in Waiting.?” Both of them are going for the same posts and they will use all possible avenues to capture the throne in the shortest possible time. It is a rather unique and refreshing challenge for a Prime Minister to encounter. One as we know is trying to get enough BN Mps to defect/migrate/crossover while the other is silently plotting to use the people from within to shake the PM into giving up.

 Do you in your honest opinion THINK that Abdullah is still sleeping and does NOT KNOW THIS. I am not apple polishing him here as I do feel the scenario is created  to the extend it benefits his premiership. The economy is bad he puts Najib in charge of Finance. Anwars pursuit he uses the methods that is old but still useful. How he rides out this storm will be his ACHIEVEMENT…”I KNEW IT“….   Say no more…

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