Teresa”I’m Free” ~Malaysiakini

When Lim Kit Siang received a call from Teresa Kok’s mobile he must be wondering who called him or how did someone managed to smuggle her handphone in. Surprised.! Yeap.. and when she said she is released imagine how “The WHO” would have performed  this song in 1969 “I’m Free” for her. This Malaysiakini report of how she relates her 7 days under ISA http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/90085 is even sweeter when Teresa said this,” with a special note to former law minister Zaid Ibrahim, who quit after protesting the ISA arrests after thanking everyone who has prayed and supported her.

What more could she have asked for and the way she put it,””Zaid is really my friend! Thanks Zaid and you are welcomed to join Pakatan Rakyat anytime,” We wrote 5 days earlier that Zaid would have taken leave but instead he resigned and we accompanied him with this song by Louis Armstrong ” What a Wonderful World.”

Teresa is “Free” and we hope she will have a good nights sleep and enjoy the comforts of her home. However our thoughts are still with those who are still detained under this ISA act. One day not in the too distant future we hope they will also be singing “I’m Free”  

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One thought on “Teresa”I’m Free” ~Malaysiakini

  1. Thank You says:

    And I thank you Audie61 for the wonderful postings you have here.

    Keep it up! If I am your CM I will quickly recruit you and appoint to contribute your experiences to Sarawak!

    Maybe like a prophet who is not welcome in his hometown, you should mve on to national parties!

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