It has been a very tumultuous week in Sabah politics and Bugi Wijaya has filed this report.

In the Malaysiakini report The BN doesn’t ‘get’ the Internet by Ong Kian Ming , I discovered that Deputy Minister Of Entrepreneur and Cooperative Development, Dato’ Saifuddin Bin Abdullah has a blog at note “Paparan terbaru di blog“.  What make it interesting is the comments make by some in his notes in Facebook promoting his blog.  You will have to read them….hehehe  to know what I mean.
Sabah..! Oooh my Sabah its disintegrating,the “War Of The Show Power” between SAPP leaders and Datuk Raymond Tan expand to Tan’s CLC Tanjung Papat where 2,000 member from 15 branches quit the party.  See for the full story.  It is ironic that ex-youth chief YB Au Kam Wah members form Elopura CLC has not make any public announncement while there is no news yet on Chief Minister Political Secretary Jimmy Wong’s branches.
The Youth Exco under new Youth Chief Edward Dagul would meet tomorrow.  It is believe dthat in the meeting, they will declare their support for the decision to withdraw from BN.  Definitely missing from the meeting would be the youth chiefs from Tanjung Papat and Elopura.
Received from Cindy
I wonder why when one talk on the handphone in the restaurant, its always so loud.  This was what happen during dinner tonight.
The phone rang and there was this man (I think he must be deaf as he spoke so loud) that was three tables away.  As usual, the conversation is politics.  The topic of the day was …..zeng….zeng…zeng….. SAPP Pullout From BN.  He was said that BN is gone and if the general elections were to be held in the near future, BN would be wipe out.
Anyway back to my dinner table, Kong my MCA friend disagree.  He says that BN has a track record and has been consistent in bringing development to the people.  The only blimp now is the wrong use of ISA recently especially against journalist Tan Hoon Cheng.  Asked on PM, Kong said its up to UMNO themselve to sort it out.  What can DSAI do for the people?  I reminded him on the petrol price hike which has sent everything to increase in price!  He reply, “hey, thats why I am paying for this dinner”.
These short exchange reminded me of a photo I received by email.  Its a electrical post which acts as a lamp post too.  The post is like BN and has been there for a long time.  It do not light up any more at night (no more shinning light for the people).  The post is broken and rusted at the mid point.  What the authority did was some welding to hold the post together.  The core has been eaten by rust (UMNO, MCA, MIC besiege with problems) and the support is from the metal pieces welded in (other component parties are supporting it).
Now wouldn’t it be better to just put in a new pole (Pakatan)?  Then there will be disruption in constant electricity supply.  Would you bear the inconveniences?
So what would you do? Weld some more metal rod to strengthen the post or change a new pole?  The choice is yours.

8 thoughts on “SABAH CONNECTIONS

  1. KadazanDusun says:

    Hey! I recognize the ‘tiang letrik’!

    Its in the old Penampang Road under MCA state constituency.

    Change the to PR! New one better.

  2. bangsa Cina Malaysia says:


    masyarakat cina dah lama menunggu

    hidup DSAI 3x

    hidup PR 3x

    InsyaAllah DSAI akan menjadi PM
    dalam masa yang terdekat.


  3. wandererAUS says:

    There is an old saying, “If a thing is broken, change it.”
    BN is a wounded bull and can be dangerous…as long as it does become a mad bull, it is still tolerable. Be patient, allow it to self destruct.

  4. bondoun says:

    This is trouble times and soon we will see changes to hopefully better our lives. Sabahans has to go back and support party that clearly reflects our future not just a short terms fix. A lot of goodies from BN is a quick fix, we need jobs to reflect we can continue to prosper without grants from BN.

    Sabah needs industries that can generate jobs and not just depend on government services jobs. West malaysia has gotten all of the factories and sabahans are lures to these jobs like flies, this jobs should be made local to sabah. Heck we have the land to build factories, but the factories are only built in the west malaysian states. BN has only concentrated development in the West and East we only gets grants!

  5. yong says:

    I think this is very hard for Pak Lah to change. Imagine a 51 years old car, how to fix all the problem? Even a small screw also rusted! The car ever function good and make urself comfortable in transportation but this is 20 yrs ago story. Now it has few problems as below
    1. Highly rusted (corruption)
    2. high petrol consumption (Bribery, 54% GDP gone)
    3. Noisy (racial issue)
    4. Safety concerns (suka-suka kena ISA)
    5. Cannot speed up (sluggish in economy)

    Do u want to keep this car? I think we should send it to museum.

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