This Malaysiakini report :Pakatans next stop which reads as If the king grants an audience, which Pakatan leaders hope will happen soon, Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim would then produce the names of  parliamentarians backing him to convince the monarch that a change in Putrajaya was inevitable. I will read the statement not in totality but this ,”If the king grants an audience” According to sources the word is the “LISTS is SHORT of Malay MPs” and as such more time is needed. How far this has bearing on the KIngs decision is up to speculation by all the “SPIN MIESTERS

What then is Pakatan’s Rakyats next best  options? Even today which has made the headlines in NST :Revealed “Secrets offers’ to woo BN MPs. Even this through road to us is being clipped and I would say its like our earlier report,”SAYAP SUDAH PATAH“. Will the businessman who is involved in all this dealing and wheeling run for cover?  Tiong has not even reveal their names and its a mark of respect to tell them to STOP IT! If the deck of cards are stacked against Tiong and BN there are countless possibilities that they can exploit. The headlines this time will be,” SO and SO are the ones that has made the nation in turmoil”  

Malaysiakini report which says the NST report covers,” It said the businessmen reported to be involved in wooing BN reps to cross over were not among the “top tier” of the corporate world.They include a former politician-turned-businessman who was charged and convicted for a white-collar offence during the economic crisis in the late 90s and another who enjoys a solid reputation for self-promotion and rubbing shoulders with artistes,royalty and investors.

In Sarawak and Sabah, two names figure prominently. One is a Kuching-based businessman-politician, the second, a businessman from Kota Kinabalu who was linked to a major financial scandal which caused the Sabah government to lose several hundred million ringgit in the late 1990s, the report added.

The Sabah businessman was said to have accompanied Datuk Seri Yong Teck Lee to a secret meeting with Anwar in Hong Kong in May where they discussed Yong’s SAPP deserting the BN to join the opposition coalition.

Wow..! What headlines by Tiong King Sing..? The phones and sms in Sarawak and Sabah worked overtime trying to find out who these people are.? What was the sum involved? Is it equivalent to the 1st prize jackpot of Toto Mega 6/52 M$20million ask a punter? I got better chance to win even though the equation is many times greater than the person buying the MP for M$20 million. The next obvious question is,”Who is on the lists?” One of them shouted just to have a good laugh,”Robert Mugabe”.Indeed, we had a very good laugh. 

Serious note I wrote earlier on the 11th of September,”Will the King play this card..?” This can be read at

According to Malaysian law, the king has the right to accept and formalise any new government that can show proof of sufficient mandate in Parliament. Alternatively, he could order fresh general elections, provided the prime minister – either outgoing or incoming – recommends it .

The Through Road for Pakatan will have obstacles either “MAN AT WORK SIGNS” or “ROAD BLOCKS’ don’t you think…? The plot is unveiled and the MPs are already running for cover. I know of a better way( ????? ) until the next time………………..MALAYSIANBOLEHLAND does not have “a winner takes all” just yet MP Dr Mujahid…….


9 thoughts on “ANWAR’S THROUGH ROAD ~ Malaysiakini

  1. alibaba says:

    audie61, just checked with my friends in kuching….they said this businessman has got a helicopter parked in front of his house…imagine what money can do for u… doesn’t malaysia have aviation laws…??

  2. Abdullah says:

    I think any sensible person will not listen to what a corrupt and a mad man like Tiong says who was involved in one of Malaysia’s greasly corrupt practices. He is a mad man and I think there is no need to comment on his beyond salvation point case. He is another primate ala Bung Mukhtar. Concerning the No-Confidence Vote, then that shows who is bluffing and who is dragging his feat. No wonder Kit Siang asks:

    Malay MPs or non-Malay MPs is of no value as everyone knows the cabinet will be balanced even if non-Malays MPs were many. For example, between DAP and PAS, which would have more cabinet seats? Of course PAS bcoz they are all Malays while DAP is all non-Malay. Furthermore, PKR has Chinese and Indian MPs, add that to the defectors and you know where we are headed as far as race representation is concerned. It is will be excellent and well balanced.


    Its a interesting story but I think its all crap.

    Ask any people in Sabah and you will find Tiong story even more interesting. How his rags to riches story. What he use to do. How he use to hang around the house of a businessman with the initial WEK in Penampang.

  4. Nonsense says:

    Your comments on “The Sabah businessman was said to have accompanied Datuk Seri Yong Teck Lee to a secret meeting with Anwar in Hong Kong in May where they discussed Yong’s SAPP deserting the BN to join the opposition coalition.”

    Its not true. Accompanying Yong to the meeting, it was’nt even a secret meeting, were senior party leaders. I know. I was there.

  5. BC says:

    If you are one of those who is being paid to kill with the keyboard, then I must give you credit for not hiding it. Though you are too lopsidedly blind and can see only one side of the lane, you do allow comments not in your favour. To a point that tips the scale of fairness to the more favourable side, though not by much.
    But can you also find out more about Tiong’s involvement in the Port Kelang Free Zone scandal? Surely if he is tainted, he should not be making such accusations that may liken him to a pot calling kuali names.

  6. audie61 says:

    Tq for your comments BC. How i wish i am being paid. This is own personal view and opinions and what I feel that needs to be expressed. Many a times a lot of people do not say what they feel eventhough they are from either side. Your comments are REFRESHING.

  7. bondoun says:

    Look, Anwar is not going to be able to convince AAB about calling for emergency parliament sitting. It is not going to happen since it will only bring down the BN government. The king thought non partisan, but am not sure if he is willing to see Anwar.

    The immediate problem is ISA arrests the minute AAB hears of the names. I am sure Anwar is well aware of this. I think a fresh GE is the only solution, but I am not sure if MPs are too keen about this cause they might lose and then what’s for them? Again which party are they going to represent? So, GE is not too good for the crossovers.

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