It has been a very tumultuous week in Sabah politics and Bugi Wijaya has filed this report.

In the Malaysiakini report The BN doesn’t ‘get’ the Internet by Ong Kian Ming , I discovered that Deputy Minister Of Entrepreneur and Cooperative Development, Dato’ Saifuddin Bin Abdullah has a blog at note “Paparan terbaru di blog“.  What make it interesting is the comments make by some in his notes in Facebook promoting his blog.  You will have to read them….hehehe  to know what I mean.
Sabah..! Oooh my Sabah its disintegrating,the “War Of The Show Power” between SAPP leaders and Datuk Raymond Tan expand to Tan’s CLC Tanjung Papat where 2,000 member from 15 branches quit the party.  See for the full story.  It is ironic that ex-youth chief YB Au Kam Wah members form Elopura CLC has not make any public announncement while there is no news yet on Chief Minister Political Secretary Jimmy Wong’s branches.
The Youth Exco under new Youth Chief Edward Dagul would meet tomorrow.  It is believe dthat in the meeting, they will declare their support for the decision to withdraw from BN.  Definitely missing from the meeting would be the youth chiefs from Tanjung Papat and Elopura.
Received from Cindy
I wonder why when one talk on the handphone in the restaurant, its always so loud.  This was what happen during dinner tonight.
The phone rang and there was this man (I think he must be deaf as he spoke so loud) that was three tables away.  As usual, the conversation is politics.  The topic of the day was …..zeng….zeng…zeng….. SAPP Pullout From BN.  He was said that BN is gone and if the general elections were to be held in the near future, BN would be wipe out.
Anyway back to my dinner table, Kong my MCA friend disagree.  He says that BN has a track record and has been consistent in bringing development to the people.  The only blimp now is the wrong use of ISA recently especially against journalist Tan Hoon Cheng.  Asked on PM, Kong said its up to UMNO themselve to sort it out.  What can DSAI do for the people?  I reminded him on the petrol price hike which has sent everything to increase in price!  He reply, “hey, thats why I am paying for this dinner”.
These short exchange reminded me of a photo I received by email.  Its a electrical post which acts as a lamp post too.  The post is like BN and has been there for a long time.  It do not light up any more at night (no more shinning light for the people).  The post is broken and rusted at the mid point.  What the authority did was some welding to hold the post together.  The core has been eaten by rust (UMNO, MCA, MIC besiege with problems) and the support is from the metal pieces welded in (other component parties are supporting it).
Now wouldn’t it be better to just put in a new pole (Pakatan)?  Then there will be disruption in constant electricity supply.  Would you bear the inconveniences?
So what would you do? Weld some more metal rod to strengthen the post or change a new pole?  The choice is yours.


This Malaysiakini report :Pakatans next stop which reads as If the king grants an audience, which Pakatan leaders hope will happen soon, Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim would then produce the names of  parliamentarians backing him to convince the monarch that a change in Putrajaya was inevitable. I will read the statement not in totality but this ,”If the king grants an audience” According to sources the word is the “LISTS is SHORT of Malay MPs” and as such more time is needed. How far this has bearing on the KIngs decision is up to speculation by all the “SPIN MIESTERS

What then is Pakatan’s Rakyats next best  options? Even today which has made the headlines in NST :Revealed “Secrets offers’ to woo BN MPs. Even this through road to us is being clipped and I would say its like our earlier report,”SAYAP SUDAH PATAH“. Will the businessman who is involved in all this dealing and wheeling run for cover?  Tiong has not even reveal their names and its a mark of respect to tell them to STOP IT! If the deck of cards are stacked against Tiong and BN there are countless possibilities that they can exploit. The headlines this time will be,” SO and SO are the ones that has made the nation in turmoil”  

Malaysiakini report which says the NST report covers,” It said the businessmen reported to be involved in wooing BN reps to cross over were not among the “top tier” of the corporate world.They include a former politician-turned-businessman who was charged and convicted for a white-collar offence during the economic crisis in the late 90s and another who enjoys a solid reputation for self-promotion and rubbing shoulders with artistes,royalty and investors.

In Sarawak and Sabah, two names figure prominently. One is a Kuching-based businessman-politician, the second, a businessman from Kota Kinabalu who was linked to a major financial scandal which caused the Sabah government to lose several hundred million ringgit in the late 1990s, the report added.

The Sabah businessman was said to have accompanied Datuk Seri Yong Teck Lee to a secret meeting with Anwar in Hong Kong in May where they discussed Yong’s SAPP deserting the BN to join the opposition coalition.

Wow..! What headlines by Tiong King Sing..? The phones and sms in Sarawak and Sabah worked overtime trying to find out who these people are.? What was the sum involved? Is it equivalent to the 1st prize jackpot of Toto Mega 6/52 M$20million ask a punter? I got better chance to win even though the equation is many times greater than the person buying the MP for M$20 million. The next obvious question is,”Who is on the lists?” One of them shouted just to have a good laugh,”Robert Mugabe”.Indeed, we had a very good laugh. 

Serious note I wrote earlier on the 11th of September,”Will the King play this card..?” This can be read at

According to Malaysian law, the king has the right to accept and formalise any new government that can show proof of sufficient mandate in Parliament. Alternatively, he could order fresh general elections, provided the prime minister – either outgoing or incoming – recommends it .

The Through Road for Pakatan will have obstacles either “MAN AT WORK SIGNS” or “ROAD BLOCKS’ don’t you think…? The plot is unveiled and the MPs are already running for cover. I know of a better way( ????? ) until the next time………………..MALAYSIANBOLEHLAND does not have “a winner takes all” just yet MP Dr Mujahid…….


Who makes the Call..? ~ Malaysiakini

Natasha writes,”The past week all we heard early in the morning in our usual coffee rounds were ISA and 916.” One particular Malaysiakini report MP Teresa said,”she will sue the government for her ‘unlawful arrest and detention’.  While Anwar was referred to as a “national threat to security and economy of the country” he still goes on with his agenda of bringing the government down by giving an ultimatum “to convene an emergency parliamentary session”not later than September 24th. Of course the PM will use his powers accorded to him by virtue of being the leader of the country to say,” Parliament sitting resumes on October 13th.” This is PMs call Anwar and when you are “PM one day” you will also face similar problems. Don’t tell me its all plain sailing.

President of Party Rakyat Sarawak James Masing is the only party in Malaysia to echo what the PM has said. He is showing his mettle as a leader which commands 6 MPs and 7 Aduns that the party is standing firm behind the PM Abdullah and the BN Government. There was so much speculations and “Hornbills Flying to Putra Jaya” and PRS was the party joining Pakatan and Anwar. This statement by Masing,” In order to fulfil his ambition, Anwar is willing to sacrifice the welfare of Malaysians and ignore all the tenets and rules of parliamentary democracy,”  and also “one man’s uncontrollable desire to be the Prime Minister” is enough for any political analyst to tell you that in boxing terms this is the ‘heavyweight division’. The punch is DIRECT in its simplicity but its a knockout and not the usual jab,jab,jab. 

So now who makes the call for all these ISA? The Minister in charge Syed Hamid said that the release of MP Teresa in this bernama report that the call was entirely decided by the police without referring to him or requiring his approval. He went on to say that the detention was no longer necessary as the police have made their investigations. I do not want to be dragged into this argument of who Teresa is going to sue and for me its her divine choice and right as a citizen. She makes the call on this instance after the advice from her panel of lawyers.  

There is even a call now by a Penang group calling itself ‘Concern Citizens’ who lodged a police report against the opposition leader for creating “instability, disharmony and disorder” over his Sept 16 plan to seize power. Everyone is getting in the act in this fluid political situation that has gained momentum after the GE12. There will be more dramas in the following days and weeks and MALAYSIABOLEHLAND will be in for many more twists and turns.

For now WHO MAKES THE CALL is on everyones lips and also WHATS NEXT asks Natasha…?


Teresa”I’m Free” ~Malaysiakini

When Lim Kit Siang received a call from Teresa Kok’s mobile he must be wondering who called him or how did someone managed to smuggle her handphone in. Surprised.! Yeap.. and when she said she is released imagine how “The WHO” would have performed  this song in 1969 “I’m Free” for her. This Malaysiakini report of how she relates her 7 days under ISA is even sweeter when Teresa said this,” with a special note to former law minister Zaid Ibrahim, who quit after protesting the ISA arrests after thanking everyone who has prayed and supported her.

What more could she have asked for and the way she put it,””Zaid is really my friend! Thanks Zaid and you are welcomed to join Pakatan Rakyat anytime,” We wrote 5 days earlier that Zaid would have taken leave but instead he resigned and we accompanied him with this song by Louis Armstrong ” What a Wonderful World.”

Teresa is “Free” and we hope she will have a good nights sleep and enjoy the comforts of her home. However our thoughts are still with those who are still detained under this ISA act. One day not in the too distant future we hope they will also be singing “I’m Free”