My friend of 20 years Jeguk, a Bidayuh who was once in the forefront of all DAP protests is today a successful businessman. He was very happy when he was alerted with news from Malaysiakini portal that Teresa Kok http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/90038 was released. He was exceptionally happy that all will be well soon as the country needs to be back on track and carry on with all the economic reforms and stability. He told the group of Dayak graduates who sat down having coffee and their ‘kolo mee” that we have to fight for our rights but we need it to do the right way by using the right platform.

Don’t just be in the forefront of shouting and hurling the party’s slogan,”DAP,DAP or PRS,PRS” referring to most of us who just join politics. Of course there must be soldiers and also some are lieutenants or Generals.

He showed this to us through his cell phone internet which opened up another avenue for politiking in which Teresa said,” (There is) no reason at all to put me under ISA… What have I done? What have I said?” she asked.” Well,this is exactly what I am driving home as when I was younger I thought by just joining a political party I can change peoples lives. No,no,no its education and gaining more knowledge and having a grip to understand the constitution and your rights which will make you politically matured.

So where is this getting to as our economy is facing inflation and like a doctor will say,”You’re not in the bests of health. I’m prescribing you some medicine” My point he said is that we are all involve in how the economy is heading. We just cannot blame the PM for our country falling in this “quagmire.” we have to blame the whole of Malaysian Parliamentarians. 

That’s why Jeguk always profess that

  • If we are teachers we must make sure that we teach our students to the best of our abilities to prepare them well to handle the future.
  • If we are doctors we must prescribe the patients with the right medicines in order for them to be well and also man hours is not lost.
  • If we are businessman we must ensure that what we do and how we earn are done in the bests interests of ourselves and the country.
  • If we are politicians he said hmmm,hmmm i leave it to them now 

 I tell you one good advice is Do Business,Do Business and leave the politicians to portray their own parties and which I used to shout,”DAP,DAP”  Today  I thank DAP for being a good opposition in which I was part of it 20 years ago and without a good opposition there would not be a good government. For a Bidayuh( Sarawak ethnic origin) to say this it just shows how far Malaysia has progress politically. Teresa Kok’s release is a plus point for the country as it pushes herself forward.  

Take Penang,Pakatan is government and BN has to be a good opposition. Jeguk says he would agree to PM Abdullah running the country and Anwar to be a good opposition leader. But at the moment the country is facing a rather unique position which was different 20 years ago. This statement he says from Malaysiakini says it all,” They said the public, already unhappy with the sinking economic conditions, was losing patience and it was now up to the two camps to put up or shut up.’ Do you agree that MALAYSIABOLEHLAND is heading towards that showdown………at the end of the day we all need to also,”CHO SENG LEE”-(Do business)

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POLITICAL “Re-Alignment for Now 138-81-3” ~ Malaysiakini

“Under Pressure” Don’t you think so.? When this Malaysiakini report headlined: PM under pressure to quit by Oct.9 http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/90034 my first question who is the hidden hand behind all this political manouverings and re-alignments? Who speaks so “loudly and vociferously” against the PM and still gets away with it? Of course, we can speak in the Supreme Council but if concerns the directions of the party,rebranding and how to win back the support from the masses of the people towards the party and whatever is inside the agenda for that particular meeting. Did Abdullah close his eyes..? Im sure not..

I’m sure PM has already said that the transition is already agreed between him and Najib for 2010. There are some who in the party feels that the threat of UMNO being irrelevant will be made worse if Abdullah stays on. Anwar the Pakatan leader is going all out and he has smelt blood. To shake the very institution of UMNO is another way for him to ascend the PM’s throne. Najib who is also PM in waiting needs to grab this oppurtunity or else when he takes over UMNO will be so badly bruised and battered that the masses of people feels that another “Anwars ship” is worth a try.  

This political realignment is so crucial for those who holds the key are the UMNO 193 divisional heads who are all instrumental in ensuring that the party stays with Abdullah or needs to put Najib as the next President in their nominations. We know that under the Umno’s party constitution, aspiring candidate for the No 1post need to obtain at least 58 nominations from these divisions nationwide.

Will Abdullah be able to obtain these? Everyday that passes is a challenge for Abdullah as he not only needs to look at the divisional chiefs but also the threat of Anwar. He needs to neutralised Anwar quick and fast or he will not only be ousted from the race for nomination to be President of UMNO but also losts his Premiership.

The threat of Mahathir has somewhat subsided but he still says,” I need to reapply but wonder whether he will be accepted back as a member.” The issue of Mahathir was not brought back in the Supreme Council yesterday and to me Abdullah has managed to win over some “LOST” ground. If Mahathir’s membership issue was in the agenda there will obviously be another major hurdle for Abdullah to overcome.

Abdullah did not learn his trade yesterday. He was under the tutelage of Mahathir and he knows how his ex-boss works and he is not just going to give up that easily. If UMNO caves in it is not only him, it involves all of them. Like it or hate it all the SC members have to be in one voice and one body to fight the “threats” of Anwar and his Pakatan boys.

Forget all the can happen,will happen and might happen..What is the REALITY..?  This is it 140-82 is the number and mandate given by the people to rule the country. Well,its now 138-81-3 and still Anwar has to convince the migrants/crossovers/defectors to be behind him at a Press conference on October 13th at Parliament. Do you honestly think the King will use his powers to just believe Anwars MPs pledge.? Good man use their intellect and logic for this political mind games to work.

The King will only bow to his subjects that is the people in the country and not the representatives that decides to abandon ship not even half way through this mandate given by the people. Wake up..! Let’s get on with what we are all suppose to do and stop all this speculations and rumours of MPs crossing over the line. 

Mahathir has already said that he will leave the country if Anwar takes over and that he will be rests assured that the people has already heard that he will make the UMNO Application at the right time. Well the Teresa Kok’s release is also another feather in Abdullah’s political realignment in that he has kept to his “word” in looking into it. Of course the opposition camp will conjur all the stories up that Abdullah is under pressure from  foreign intervention.

There are some in UMNO who has been underestimating Abdullahs patience and he will know when to strike them back with his ‘Tai Chi’ ways. Don’t tell me that Abdullah, is not crafty and just a candle burner for Najib. He is there because of (……..)Please fill in the rests as I will be under attack and under pressure from all of you if my analysis is too one sided. MALAYSIABOLEHLAND movie will go on till December 21st as every show is still FULL HOUSE .

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