Anwar Now I call “1310”

The transition was supposed to be smooth and Anwar was be installed as the 6th PM of Malaysia on the 18th of September. Unfortunately the migrations or defections have started but the passengers on board flight 916 was only 2 who remains as independant and unwilling just yet to be part of the Pakatan group. Malaysiakini report has headlined PM rejects ‘no confidence’ session. Why does the PM need to bow down to Anwar.? If he was afraid he would have they say “early,early kowtow loh” to Anwars requests. That’s why the statement by Mahathir a few weeks ago has got more than a relevance,” If Anwar thinks he has enough resources to topple Abdullah THINK AGAIN.” When I played the fictional story of “88 vs 11” Mahathirs role in this “high stakes poker game” was very significant. Abdullah has said “October 13th” which is the day Parliament is set to resume its sittings.  

Mahathir though dealing the cards still has so much say in how the country should be run and how far it has fallen behind all the economic tigers of South East Asia. He dealt his cards for Abdullah to follow and to tell him that Anwar should be checked. Knowingly and also ignoring Mahathirs overtures or just playing to Anwar’s tune Abdullah has been got himself entangled in Anwars mind games. How does he get out of this.? Turn to the old school of UMNO ways “Warlords“and ‘Godfathers” and solve it accordingly as and what it should do to one of its own who has betrayed the old master and institution that is UMNO. 

The cracks within UMNO is the best way for Anwar to attack but there are forces which Anwar himself did not expect to see until the time if he ever ascends the throne. Dirty you call it but its the “ART of SURVIVAL.” Can you get 2 tigers on mountain..? No,no,no so how does the other tiger get to the top? Use your imagination and that I leave it to you. We want Anwar to play the role of the oppostion leader and show his credibility and let the people judge for themselves.

If there are too much interference and uncalled for statements even the PM WHOEVER it is will be under pressure. I might not be a President of a party but being a Division chief I also get all sorts of threats, jealousies and manouverings to topple you on your pedestal. The pressure is so intense at times that even your close friends are pitted against you. That’s politics and we cannot run away, from it if we intend to keep our positions. Abdullah has served his tutelage under different PMs and he knows how to handle the fire and douse it off when the need arises. 

When Abdullah says,” After the 16th he (Anwar)will say that it will happen on the 20th,and if it does not happen,then he will push it to the 30th, and if it still does not happen,he will say that it will happen next year or the following year. He likes to watch people JUMP.” Is Abdullah making all the right statements to stay in power.? The swap of cabinet positions and the joining of my friend KJ to throw his name in the hat for the UMNO Youth Chief position has all the signals that PM is getting to grips with the whole tumultuous six months after the GE12.

GE 13 should still be a Anwar’s milestone. For now he needs to KEEP alive the prospect of migrations/defections/crossover and collapse of the BN. Sure, some seeds of doubt have taken root in the minds of people since the Sept 16 deadline came and went.  But in a country where hope in the government is a fast fading commodity, the public still want to believe that Anwar – who has fashioned himself as the PM in Waiting.

Abdullah has not taken the bait but Anwar will still pursue. Anwar must know that Mahathir is very much in the game as a dealer and Mahathir does not want to ” LEAVE ” Malaysia just yet. MALAYSIABOLEHLAND will be worse off if Mahathir is out of the script. Public opinion now is divided on what Anwar wants to achieve and many will still want him to go for the SNAP POLLS option. How he is going to achieve this call will be just as interesting as my report of “FLIGHT 916 which Never landed ” 

I received an sms to share with you all to ease the tension that each and everyone of us has experience the last few days. No harm is intended and meant. Berita Terkini. Dato’ Sri Anwar berjaya memperolehi 42 kerusi tambahan..18 kerusi dari IKEA..14 kerusi dari Courts Mammoth..10 kerusi dari Fella Design..Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri,Maaf Zahir dan Batin…….. Hidup Malaysia…!!!!