ANWAR “88 vs 11”

Three days ago I wrote about the ” aftermath 916″ where I mentioned that from stones the final straw was the kitchen sink thrown at PMs window frames at Putra Jaya. In this Malaysiakini report headlined: PM may step down before 2010 I was apprehensive that certain events might be fast forward to suit the present situation. I have always said in this “high stakes political poker game”  the person that keeps his demeanour and calculated self will come up trumps. If you recall back what did Abdullah said about 916..? How did he react and what was the tone in his voice..?

Abdullah did say a couple of weeks ago that the BN will not just crumble under the onslaught of opposition calls for a change and peoples power to take over during September 16th 2008. A New Dawn yes,yes yes, but its still BN and with todays events especially the “SWAP” of Cabinet posts Badawi today said he would pass his finance portfolio to his deputy Najib Abdul Razak, while he takes over as defence minister. Why then the figure “88 vs 11“.? Hold on to your horses and we will get to that very soon. 

I have been very straighforward to all my readers here that we must never underestimate PM Abdullah. He is “HUMAN” and when he is pushed as I said in my earlier write up he will retaliate. When he retaliates everyone say he is wielding his powers. So allow me to say he has the right as the PM to be seen as the leader that charts the nations path but when he is being over underestimated and hurt he will fight back. This statement to Anwar,”I will not indicate what plan I will take, what I do will be in the best interests of the people and the country. He has become a threat to the economy and possibly (national) security,” he said – a serious allegation which allows the government to invoke the draconian Internal Security Act. Abdullah even said that Anwar has also been “lying to the public and confusing the people”. I’m sure this is meant to say to Anwar please wait for “GE13” “TUNGGU LAH” after all you have always said ,”You are the Prime MInister in Waiting.” PM has decided and it looks he is winning this round especially with 916 which just came and gone. 

Now this political poker table consists of five players and a dealer please use your imagination. I’m just putting a scenario and you have to fill in where I might just miss out. The characters here are fictitious and it is not meant to harm anyone and defame one’s reputation. The dealer is Mahathir. The players are Ku Li,Muhyddin,Najib,Anwar and Abdullah. We are playing cards from No.8 to Aces Only.  Mahathir deals 1st two cards on the table everyone is in with the stakes getting higher. The third card the heat was turned up with calls of “pull out” “no strength” “next round” and the weaker cards had to withdraw. Before the fourth card was dealt Ku Li and Muhyddin was forced to retire. Now the game was between Najib,Anwar and Abdullah. Najib was going for the straight while faced up  Anwar had (88) double eights and Abdullah had double aces. The fourth card was dealt and Najib saw the cards in his favour but decided to leave the game and wait for the next round.He had the card but he was not willing to go the full distance.

The unshown card is with Najib please guess( either 8 or Ace). Anwar came all the way to fight the double ace Abdullah had. Before the last card is dealt there was more heat and Mahathir was becoming impatient as a dealer. There was even calls for “Lets Negotiate” and we can go on to the next round with the money shared in between.Both Anwar and Abdullah were adamant to go for the show hand and the final card. Its either Anwar or Abdullah. Anwar with (88) pushing all the right buttons and trying to win his way for Abdullah to withdraw.He even puts an unsigned cheque but with figures on it 31000 to top up to 100000.

Why the unsigned (??) cheque as it might go missing hehehe.? Abdullah with double Aces is not about to throw in the towel and says “Im willing to “SALANG” and also throw in going “NAKED’ walking down the road. While both of them of them were at each other the three withdrawls started heckling and calling names,” Go with the Nakedness” No running and our cars will Horn loudly too.” Anwar looked at Abdullah’s eyes and told himself Im not going down that road again. Once is enough and I have been laughed at and had sleepless nights. The dare was there but in the end the double ace man Abdullah pulled it off. (I did tell you that the players are fictional right

My lecturer friend said Malaysia if there are no changes in this simple analogy,” Like an ace spade, it will still be a spade and whichever you turn it will still be the same.”  It was all happening today as I was speaking to a BN Youth leader who asks me why I like to use a pack of cards with aces to explain. Four aces,”Two black,two reds’

 I will only show you the ace of HEARTS as this is the most significant and it represents the people who are,will be,with you,by you through the worst possible political conditions when you show LOVE,ATTENTION and “GRATITUDE “  to them.  Don’t tell me all the jargons as those are only for Self Enhancement. In politics there is a certain thing we call “numbers in the game,the leader in you and the amount of “ammunition” you have. The rests on loyalty they always say is actually the aims and objectives which one needs to look forward to. 

I asked the PKR Stampin Divisional Chief today on what he sees himself if Pakatan comes to power one day. Hmmm, tough one I should say as BN is still in government right and you haven’t even think about it. The political situation is so fluid like the 88 and double ace that there would not be too much time to think and let alone implement what you have charted. MALAYSIABOLEHLAND is going through the most tumultous time in its history and the political players needs to get it back on track. We are all asking ourselves everyminute and every passing day,”WHERE IS THIS HEADING…?”