“Sharkman SAPP” hik…hik…hik…~Malaysiakini

Malaysiakini portal carried the full report http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/89641 which carries a very  serious political message for BN as it was headlined:SAPP may pull out of BN on September 17th. Cindy our correspondent covered it through sms to us this afternoon at 12.35pm. Bugi Wijaya seeing that there has been too much “TENSION” in the country said that what and how YTL put it over the mike when questioned had him nearly falling over in stitches.

This one the Sharkman was in his element,” No need to wait seven days.TODAY also can SUE me. TAK payah bagi Bung Mokhtar tunggu tujuh hari untuk menarik balik apa yang saya cakap.” Bugi said that he had asked Datuk Yong on the call by Datuk Bung  giving seven days to apologise for the allegations of each MP was given RM$50000 for the Taiwan trip. He said his statement must have meant for the costs of the airfare,hotel expenses and other expenses for the MPs.

You want to hear more.Don’t worry when they summon me in the Court of Law,we will through the courts exposed the whole fiasco of the “Taiwan” trip.

  • How it’s planned ? 
  • What was the objective?
  • Who went?
  • What have they learned?

That’s good enough don’t you think for appertizers…Bugi..? With all the uncertainties hanging around in MALAYSIABOLEHLAND “Sharkman” Yong still managed to put some smiles in the faces of the journalists who covered the PC today..


5 thoughts on ““Sharkman SAPP” hik…hik…hik…~Malaysiakini

  1. cinta Malaysia says:

    The Mps who went for the Taiwan trip must be asked what have they learnt.I would expect them to brief the Agricultural departments of new agricultural technology to make Malaysia self sufficient with agricultural products.Stupid assholes!

  2. bondoun says:

    I support SAPP position to leave BN. This will then force a by-election and we can show them how unpopular they are now!

    YTL, why share a bungalo with people who mistreat you and regard you as only PTI?

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