“Sharkman SAPP” hik…hik…hik…~Malaysiakini

Malaysiakini portal carried the full report http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/89641 which carries a very  serious political message for BN as it was headlined:SAPP may pull out of BN on September 17th. Cindy our correspondent covered it through sms to us this afternoon at 12.35pm. Bugi Wijaya seeing that there has been too much “TENSION” in the country said that what and how YTL put it over the mike when questioned had him nearly falling over in stitches.

This one the Sharkman was in his element,” No need to wait seven days.TODAY also can SUE me. TAK payah bagi Bung Mokhtar tunggu tujuh hari untuk menarik balik apa yang saya cakap.” Bugi said that he had asked Datuk Yong on the call by Datuk Bung  giving seven days to apologise for the allegations of each MP was given RM$50000 for the Taiwan trip. He said his statement must have meant for the costs of the airfare,hotel expenses and other expenses for the MPs.

You want to hear more.Don’t worry when they summon me in the Court of Law,we will through the courts exposed the whole fiasco of the “Taiwan” trip.

  • How it’s planned ? 
  • What was the objective?
  • Who went?
  • What have they learned?

That’s good enough don’t you think for appertizers…Bugi..? With all the uncertainties hanging around in MALAYSIABOLEHLAND “Sharkman” Yong still managed to put some smiles in the faces of the journalists who covered the PC today..

Sin Chew Reporter Released..? ~ Malaysiakini

 ***Updated 4.20pm*** She is RELEASED. Thank GOD…Our prayers are answered. 

Malaysiakini reports that http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/89628 Home Minister Syed Hamid said that Sin Chew Daily senior reporter Tan Hoon Cheng may be released from Internal Security Act detention today. Natasha has received word from some of her ex-colleague correspondents in KL that Tan will be out and there are also reports that she is already released. We are awaiting the confirmation and for now we hope thats it true.

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SAPP Press Conference 12.30 pm Sutera Harbour- Malaysiakini

Malaysiakini correspondent reports http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/89574 Headlined:Rebel Party.

***Updated 12.35 pm*** Cindy is at the Press Conference. 1st sms received. In view of latest political development with major consequences SAPP should meet on September 17th at Hq.Amongst the recent development in recent days are

  1. Abuse of ISA against an MP,reporter and blogger
  2. Is it the start of Lallang II
  3. The disturbing rise in racial animosity is damaging for national unity.
  4. The infamous”Taiwan” trip has caused ridicule and disrepute in the nation.

At the meeting of SAPP SC all doubts on SAPP in BN will be discussed whether to wait for BN or “Self Pullout.”

***Updated 12.45 pm*** 2nd sms. During this window of oppurtunity Yong said Tiong and Bung should have used this chance to redress issues connected with Sarawak,Sabah and Malaysia as a whole instead of going on an agricultural field trip.

End of SAPP Press Conference 12.55pm

“DONT PUSH IT” ~ Malaysiakini

When Tun Mahathir said in this Malaysiakini report http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/89557 he keeps on taking a swipe at his appointed “successor’. He must already know that no two persons are of the same character,ability and have his own ways of dealing with and solving problems. I’m sure, if Tun just take a backseat and have a happy retirement and do not keep on knocking the youths this will not happen. I for one believe in “Unleashing the Potential of Youths” meaning making use of their God Given Intellectual minds to assist us in the “areas’ which we lack.

Management I studied, and passed with flying colours but in the Technological and Information fields I still need my team the younger group of Cindy,Natasha,Bugi Wijaya, Roslan, Khatijah and the rests in audie61. A football team has 11 players and PM has his on team and if one or two of his team falls out of line ‘changes” are needed to gell it back like “clockwork.” 

PM needs his team and if his team is attacked he also defends. Its only natural instincts as we are all “HUMAN” and not robots. This statement,””Everyone knows about the 4th Floor and the role of (Abdullah’s son-in-law and Umno Youth deputy chief) Khairy Jamaluddin’s cronies in determining policies and deciding on the business activities of the country.” “People consider these arrogant young people as contributing to the poor performance of the prime minister.

We have said in our earlier article on September 9th 2008 which reads,” What is this? The PM has already said STOP IT! STOP IT! What more does everyone want until he starts taking the necessary action like” ARRESTING AND PUTTING EVERYONE CONNECTED WITH RACISM INSIDE-MEANING IN JAIL” It’s Malaysia’s choice to “prolong” whereby the country will have to face the consequences or STOP IT !! 

Now even Muhyddin his senior Minister in the cabinet has openly said,”Im willing to face the consequences.” Anwar opposition political leader has constantly threatened to stage a political coup with Barisan MPs crossing over to the opposition alliance Pakatan Rakyat. What does PM do..?  STAND AND JUST FACE THE FIRING SQUAD..I don’t think so and he as a human being has his limits and he has been pushed to the edge.

We are all “livid,angry,burning with emotions” but we all know that there is so much that a person can take. If PM is being attacked from all angles he just cannot sit and watch it fall to pieces. Obviously his team of political strategists and analysist are summoned to check and balance up the ATTACKS and quell it down. Even Zaid Ibrahim and NS Menteri Besar Mohamed Hassan who are very much team players in PMs football team have come up fighting together with their captain and tell their fellow team mates to respect the teams decision.

PM who has been under attack needs to solidify his support and he will know which buttons to push and which soldier to come out fighting for him. The 4th floor boys and the Generals and Liuetenants he has will keep him afloat and Im pretty sure of that…. Thats POLITICAL REALITY and do not push it………….You ask yourself first before you knock others,” IF you are push to the limit like PM what do you do..He is HUMAN TOO..Please..?”

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