3 Already “Im going to Sleep”~ Malaysiakini

Malaysiakini correspondent for Sarawak spoke to me briefly and said “Im going to sleep already” He was mentioning to me on the report http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/89608 MP Teresa Kok is the latest to be arrested under Section 73 (1). 

The arrest comes on the same day that Sin Chew Daily News reporter Tan Hoon Cheng and Malaysia Today editor Raja Petra Kamaruddin was detained, also under the ISA. Deputy Inspector-General of Police Ismail Omar confirmed on the Section 73(1) of the Act.

Under section 73(1), the police can detain anyone for a maximum of 60 days for investigations. Based on the outcome of the probe, someone can be detained for two years without trial, and the two-year term can be renewed indefinitely.

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“PICTURES” 2010 and “GILA GILA 2” ~ Malaysiakini

Malaysiakini portal carried this report http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/89594 headlined : Najib seen as backtracking on transition pact. The above picture (courtesy of an internet portal) says it all and Abdullah is really under attack. Natasha says the pressure is not only from the Pakatan led Anwar but also from within the UMNO warlords. Will Abdullah see through this difficult period and come up trumps or fold under the intense “boiling heat” of his party hierarchy with a little “help” from former PM Tun Mahathir. So PM says again to those who still harps on it,” STOP IT..!” with this statement,” There are those who want the tranfer of power to take place as scheduled while others want it to be hastened,”

In another Malaysiakini story by Tony Thien http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/89562 it’s a demand of an apology by the village chiefs which is wanted. The picture shows the reporters scribbling away on what is now in Kuching called “GILA-GILA”statement. They described SPDP YB Nansian’s gila gila allegation as an insult to all village headmen in their area and the villagers who elected them. CM will have to tell them now ,”STOP IT..! 

The clouds are hovering above MALAYSIABOLAHLAND and when it rains its anybodys guess. As the saying goes,”When it rains it pours.” We hope it brings us all good luck and good fortune.Stay focussed says Natasha to all the viewers of audie61.

PKR Sarawak’Retract Gila-Gila” or…..?? ~ Malaysiakini

Over the past few days the Bidayuh community must have heard the words,”Gila-Gila” a thousand times. Even Malaysiakini correspondent Tony was attracted to the news and he came up with this report yesterday http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/89529 . I was on the phone with my father in law and told him that all will be well soon with the Bidayuh folks and community in Singai. Even the SPDP MP Tiki Lafe said in his statement,” The opposition is only trying to capitalise on the alleged termination of seven headmen in Bau-Lundu area because the state election is coming.”

At this mornings PKR Press conference attended by reporters from United Daily,Sin Chew,International Times and See Hua there was an outpouring of feelings and grievances by the affected parties. Even documents were handed out to substantiate proof.Nicholas Bawin (PKR State Deputy Chief) spoke in so many words that,”Peoples Feelings are hurt.” while See Chee How (PKR Legal Advisor in Sarawak cum Stampin Divisional Chairman) was quick to point out that legal actions will be taken.

Lawrence Gamjap ( Protem Chairman of Grogo Polling district PKR Mas Gading) said five things :- 1.Respect 2.Implication 3.Unhappiness 4.Retraction and 5.Apology

  • Please respect Human’s Right of Voting
  • Please do not implicate that all the Bidayuh in his area are against BN
  • Most Unhappy that YB Nansian can come out with “Gila-Gila”
  • We are Offended and Angry and we want a RETRACTION
  • There should be an APOLOGY FROM HIM and published.

Opposition political parties or Independant Candidates can score heavily and win many votes from Statements made by YB Nansian. It is about the nature of this statement and it is “A Very Offending One.” I have done my part in apologising to the people concerned but they are seeking a “legal avenue” for this defamatory words and will pursue their case until the YB in question apologises. 

In a separate personal interview with See Chee How he said this,” We are definately coming after this seat.” The excellent feedback from the ground and the YBs Questional Performance as an elected assemblyman is being brought out in the open.”

The ball is being played in the middle of the park at the moment and whoever scores with “left or right” foot will be sure that N2 Tasik Biru (14983 voters) will be yours come the State elections in 2011. To me,” it should have been rephrased and published as ,”MACAM MACAM ADA”. At least I will not get an earful from my father in law.

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