Malaysiakini portal has the comprehensive report http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/89522 on this subject PKR vice-president R Sivarasa said ,” fresh elections would be held within six months to a year of the alliance gaining control of Parliament. This is done to dispel any worries that the government is unethical or undemocratic and will do a world of good for the new government in question. Fresh Polls .? Who calls the shots..? It really is going to happen by looking at the “mood of the country” as a whole as Abdullah cannot expect to carry on with the crossovers/migrations/hoping and defections of MPs hanging over his administration. What does he do then..? After 916 has gone by,there will still be other dates as an political analyst was quick to point out because of the BN “Taiwan agricutural field trip” 

The following are excerpts  from Malaysiakini which should be sufficient to answer many questions. We ask will the AGUNG as the KINGMAKER used the prerogrative to apply this ruling for the benefit of the country and the rakyat as a whole.? The stage is thus set for a fresh polls GE13 don’t you think..?

According to Malaysian law, the king has the right to accept and formalise any new government that can show proof of sufficient mandate in Parliament. Alternatively, he could order fresh general elections, provided the prime minister – either outgoing or incoming – recommends it .

“We don’t agree it is undemocratic because our federal constitution, under article 48, does not allow an MP to resign. So if they want to shift, the only way is to cross over. This rule is put in by the Barisan itself. But having said that, we also recognise the importance to reaffirm the mandate from the people,” said Sivarasa.

“We don’t mind even if the king calls for dissolution of Parliament, that’s up to him. But we would be the new caretaker government and we will go into fresh elections making sure that it is as fair and clean as possible,” he added.

Under Article 48(6), MPs are barred from taking office for five years if they resign. Because of this technicality, only MPs who wish to retire from office resign, whereas MPs who only wish to change parties would be forced to cross over.  

“What’s UP” in Kuching as Countdown begins..?

Cindy was informed by her source that Malaysiakini has this headlined: PKR off to Taiwan  http://malaysiakini.com/news/89499 which in her sms received was similar,” We are Off to Taiwan”. Eeee.. Tian Chua forgot me, she said as last night she was covering the After Permatang Pauh,is 916 an oppurtunity for change.? Never Mind..! at least audie61 flew us from KK to KL and we are near the action.

Well,Natasha has just received an sms from PKR Stampin Divisional Chairman See Chee How that there will be a “PRESS CONFERENCE” at 10am 12th September 2008 at 3rd Mile PKR Stampin Office. Nicholas Bawin together with See Chee How,Granda aing and some community leaders will be in attendance. From what we gathered it must be the “GILA-GILA” statement and the sacking of the 7 Bidayuh headman. Anyway we will keep you posted.

Sunday 14th 2008 will be Parti Rakyat Sarawak’s 29th Supreme Council Meeting at the PRS headquarters Airport road at 5.00pm as the assistant executive secretary faxed the agenda. Sidi Munan (SG) has informed the members that the meeting will see to the appointments of local government councillors,political secretaries and the filling up of Chairman of Bawan Assan Division and the Treasurer General.  

As the days wind down to minus “5 days to 916″ everyone connected politically with Pakatan or BN are looking over their shoulders. A coffeshop owner this morning commented that he wonders “WHO” will still be around here next week? Hehe, I think some have started packing as uncertainty arises. As a football fan will sing,”HERE WE GO,HERE WE GO,HERE WE GO” we say 916 has really put everyone on the edge and the heart beats faster. MALAYSIABOLEHLAND has it all…………

PM”Saliva Splatters”~ Malaysiakini

Who wouldn’t be? I would if my staff puts it bluntly to me,”Time for you to GO BOSS”. Malaysiakini has this report http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/89485 headlines as PM surprised by Muhyddin’s call. The extracted statement reads as,” I am not staying on just for the pleasure of staying on,” said Abdullah today. He was visibly upset when reporters posed him the question on Muhyiddin’s remarks. One UMNO member said to me at least our PM did not follow like what Mahathir did. The (picture above) should be sufficient to tell you what he means.

The words echoed by Muhyddin on PM Abdullah are that,”he should consider handing over power to his deputy earlier than mid-2010 as planned. He went to say that said 2010 was too far away, and recent political setbacks by the ruling coalition should prompt the Malaysian leader to rethink his timetable. “I’m being very frank and open because I have no qualms about saying what I think is correct.

Wouldn’t anyone be shouting at the top of his voice and the Saliva will splatter all over when he hears this.? Most bosses would and I’m sure Abdullah must be burning with anger inside and will find ways to deal with Muhyddin. No wonder he was visibly upset. How could a Senior Minister in his cabinet say that? I think PM will have to call Muhyddin to his office and say,”I didn’t think you have the guts to do this” Are you with me or against me now..? Can’t you wait for 2010..? Lets fight it out then at the UMNO General Assembly.

Muhyddin must have known for a while now that there are elimination processes in UMNO. I said in my article on July 6th https://audie61.wordpress.com/2008/07/06/muhyiddin-elimination-process-pm-is-boss-malaysiakini/  The ship he has steered is moving away from the stormy waters and moving to berth as he prepares for the UMNO General Assembly in December 16th-20th. They say if ,”Tears were laughter,Nights were day,” Abdullah’s prayers are about to be answered.

You read between the lines and tell me whether we have analyst the whole situation wrongly. I have called it the Battle of Waterloo which is between Tengku and Abdullah. Yong Teck Lee is not wrong when he said that the “Window of Oppurtunity Closes” as he knows everyone will focus on the UMNO. elections. The writing on the wall will be for Muhyddin as most people will tell you do not take on the “BOSS”.

It seems that PM have managed to stop Anwars calvary charge of September 16th to take over the Federal government. The UMNO MPs will still wait for the UMNO elections in December and if it is not in their favour joining Anwar will be the best option just after “December 21st“…Please remember you saw it first here at audie61 in this MALAYSIABOLEHLAND final script..

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